6 Hours Hired Driver Hua Hin and Cha‘am


Unlike bangkok, the “public transportation” in the outskirt cities/towns tend to be rather expensive. My previous trip to krabi was one example and transportation took up a huge bulk of my expenditure.

After reading reviews and websites about about the lack of taxis (don’t even think of metered taxis) in Hua Hin, I started to get worried about being able to find a good driver who won’t scam too much of our money. Hua Hin to Cha am was an approximately 20 to 30 minutes ride and in Krabi standards, it was about 500Y each way. Furthermore, I was also unsure about the availability of taxis and tuk tuks at the places as Hua Hin & Cha Am are places that are not regularly blogged about..

As a result, I decided to do things the easier way out – just hire a reputable driver online. I am not sure where I found the recommendation from but it was a pleasant 5-star experience with them. Hua Hin Taxi Airport (We paid 1,800B for 6 hours) Firstly, the driver arrived like 20 minutes early but waited patiently for us while we had our breakfast. He could speak basic but sufficient english and there was no language barrier at all. When we entered our vehicle, there were 2 bottles of ice cold water (with individually wrapped straws) at the centre armrest. Although the water was Chang brand (which has a certain taste), the gesture was a pleasant and thoughtful one.

We did not have to tell him our itinerary beforehand. He just asked us where we wanted to go after we are done with a certain place. I guess if you are unsure about where to go, you can take a look at the booklet in his car which contains pictures of several attractions in Hua Hin area. If I don’t recall wrongly, the Cha-am attractions were not listed in his booklet.

First stop – we visited Hua Hin Railway Station.

Initially, we did thought of taking a train to or from Hua Hin but we dropped the idea after learning that it was a 6 hours ride. Maybe next time..

We spent about 20 minutes taking photographs at this station. There were a lot more tourists than real train passengers.. I’ve visited various railway tracks in the world and it’s nice to see the differences and similarities between each country/city/town. Walking along the rail tracks kind of remind me of our Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Here are the photos:


IMG_3104 copy   IMG_3105 IMG_3109 copyIMG_3118



Now..  the real passengers for the train – backpacking Caucasians. I don’t think the train tickets are cheaper than the mini van though. IMG_3112

After we are done, we walked back to the car and before we knew it, the driver appeared. He was probably standing around somewhere watching our whereabouts and being prepared to appear whenever needed.. Like a professional chauffeur! Very happy with that level of service!

After which, we visited Santorini Park & Camel Republic. Did a separate blog entry for those 2 places as I did not want my post to be images heavy.

After our visit to Cha-am, we went to Plearn Wan Vintage Market – an attraction catered obviously for tourists. Its entrance is designed to be woody and vintage


There’s a shop selling nostalgic childhood items and snacks. Though it may be in Thailand, some items do look familiar to me.IMG_3316

Really beautiful place for photo taking. I can imagine this place being a drama set for the 60s/70s. IMG_3317 IMG_3319 IMG_3320 IMG_3323

They have a small games carnival area too! Great place for young kids who can explore what were the traditional fun fair games we had back in the past.IMG_3325

If you’re wondering, the signs don’t mean anything at all. There is no shop relating to “Girl on a Bicycle”. IMG_3326 IMG_3329


We had lunch here and the food was just average. The drink is crazily expensive. I think I paid the same price for the rice and the drink.. and half of the cup was just ice. IMG_4103


After leaving the vintage market, we still had some time left. We chose to visit the Hua Hin Beach since Hua Hin is kind of a beach town. The driver dropped us at the entrance near Hilton Hotel. I’m not sure if there’s an official entrance to the beach but there was kind of like a tourist police office at that area. There was even a row of shops which sold items at very affordable prices! That’s if you are looking for souvenirs and beach hats etc.

Anyway, so we were standing on the beach for about 30 seconds an I was so happy to see the rainbow in the distance.. and the next moment it started raining like cats and dogs. The poor horses were quickly rallied to a shelter while I refused to budge as I was taking a video.. Heh. IMG_3334

I think it was the first time I have ever seen a full rainbow at the horizon. It’s not exactly arched up but you can kind o see the ends touching the horizon and it’s a really pretty sight!

Thankfully, we didn’t really plan on hanging out at the beach so our plans were not exactly spoiled by the rain. It would have been lovely to hang out for an afternoon or so. Maybe next time.. IMG_3341


With Hua Hin Beach being our last attraction for the 6 hour hire driver “tour”, we went back to our accommodation for some rest.. (ended up falling asleep) Oh wells, vacations (especially so for beach holidays) are meant to be a break, not an itinerary-packed schedule =p

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