Watching Concert in Bangkok – Impact Arena


Decided to write an entry on this topic as I had so much trouble trying to get any useful information online. Hello there, if you find yourself reading this entry, I’m pretty sure you are either planning to watch a concert in Bangkok, already bought tickets for the show or just want to read about my firsthand experience in a moshpit at SHINee World Concert 4 Bangkok.

** Do note that this entry is only written with me having only ONE experience and it may not be a fair representative of all future events. Please take all advice in this entry with caution.

If you are a “loyal” reader, you should know that I attended SHINee’s concert in Tokyo Dome earlier this year, approximately 6 months ago. If you know me, my k-pop “worship” has kind of deflated to 5-10% of what I was few years back.. But.. by a whisk of luck and fate, the dates were matched coincidentally and my boss wasn’t against me taking leave (at the expense of no more leave till the end of the year) and off we  go to the Land of Smiles.

Buying Tickets

If you know that a concert is going to happen, the first thing you need to do is to find out where to buy the concert tickets from! For this case study, the tickets were bought from All Ticket Thailand:; a Thai website with minimal but sufficient English to navigate.

Step One: Check Public Sales Date & Time

If the concert that you are attending is likely to be sold out, you will have to “snatch” to buy your tickets online. For this case, it was fastest fingers first (similar to Korea where tickets can get sold out in minutes or even seconds). You need to be on full standby at that timing.

Step Two: Create an Account

The next thing you do is to create an account by clicking “Register” at the top right corner. Important information like your Passport Number is required. Do note that your passport will be required upon collection of tickets. An account is necessary when purchasing the ticket as they will require you to log in prior to clicking on ”Buy Now”. You do not have anytime to waste when “snatching” for tickets, create an account early and login few minutes prior to the launch time. If you login too early, you might be “Time Out” and you will have to log in again.

Step Three: Be on Full Standby Mode

At least a minute before the release timing, be on Full Standby mode. This means that:
(1) Your internet connection is working well, best if you have a few computers or laptop or handphone on standby in case the page just doesn’t load for whatever reason.
(2) A working credit card is in front of you. Do standby your handphone as well in case there’s One Time Pin (OTP) verification.
(3) You already know which section/zone of the seats you want. For this concert, you are able to select the exact zone or seat (Kind of similar to yes24 in Korea). This may result in a lot of disappointment as seats that you choose may not be available in the next step as other people might have their page loaded faster than yours. If you plan to choose mosh pit, you will not know your queue number at time of purchase. The queue number will be sent to your email only after payment has been made.

Step Four: Actual Purchase

The moment the ticket sales were launched, I was all set on buying a pair of tickets for the mosh pit because after analyzing the ticket prices and availability, we concluded that we did not want a lousy seat in the Arena if it was gonna cost 5,000B. The most premium seats at 6,000B was very limited and we were uncertain on our luck. Balcony seats, though more affordable, was not gonna give us a worthwhile view.. so.. we settled to buy the 4,500B moshpit ticket since we only had that one chance to make a decision right.

So.. I successfully managed to purchase my moshpit ticket without any hiccups (There were 1,300 tickets available for each zone). Initially, I thought that there wasn’t any queue number since I did not see it in the payment page. However, in the email that you will receive after the purchase, you will see the queue number. We received two tickets at 43X, despite me being or believing that I was already very fast but I guess 400+ other people were quicker than me..

The “problem” with this ticketing system, similar to Korea was that it allows their locals to make OFFLINE PAYMENT. This means that they are allowed to “buy” multiple tickets and hold on to them for 1 hour (for Thailand’s case) and 24 hours (in Korea’s case) and decide if they want to fulfill the offline payment. If the offline payment is not fulfilled, their tickets will automatically be canceled and released back.

Why is this a problem?
It creates a lot of unnecessary pseudo scenarios where “sold-out” in seconds/minutes situations are seen. It could possibly block up a lot of good arena seats by insincere buyers who will ”black market” their tickets during the window period for offline payment. Furthermore, you might end up buying a lousier category/zone in fear of not getting anything at all and then come back one hour later and realise that there are a lot of empty seats in the category/zone you originally wanted because of all these insincere buyers.

On the other hand, it is obviously not an issue for the local buyers as they have the advantage of their home country (something which our local sistic/sports hub ticketing will never do) and have more options. The only ones on the losing end are.. the international buyers.

So.. one hour after the start of the ticket sales, I refreshed the page and I saw first row middle arena pair seats available. There were many other good seats available too. It was definitely a huge temptation to resist as I would have bought that first row arena seats ticket and sell off my moshpit ticket. Thankfully, I remembered my friend’s advice on how kpop is no longer as popular in Thailand and it is unlikely that the tickets would be sold out.. My moment of sanity saved me from being 4,500B poorer. There were several people who gave in to temptation and ended up buying extra tickets to secure those perfect arena seats and later on found it very difficult to sell their moshpit tickets as a result. On twitter, there were many moshpit tickets (some were even with good queue number) selling at huge discounts. Although it’s hard, sometimes you need to let your wallet (not your heart) dictate your decisions. I was so close to blowing more money away.

Anyway, as “predicted” by my friend, the tickets for SWC4 were not sold out. There were almost 600 leftover tickets for each side of the mosh and there was one very tempting center pair arena seats still available (I checked one night before the concert). I guess Kpop really ain’t so popular anymore.. which explains why more acts are dropping Singapore out of their world tours..


Most shows in Bangkok should be at IMPACT Arena, Pak Kret which seems far away from all the usual action in downtown Bangkok. The only place that this arena is near is the “budget” Airport in Bangkok – Don Mueang International Airport – which is only a short drive away.

If watching the concert is the only thing you plan to do for your bangkok trip, it is highly recommended to book a room at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, the only 4 Star Hotel within walking distance of the concert venue. Rates are approximately $120-200 a night and most likely fully booked very early on concert days. It is highly possible that the stars rest at that hotel since it is the most convenient accommodation but we don’t know for sure.

For the other people who stay in downtown Bangkok, you will be upset to find out that it is a huge headache to get there. First you can read the info on their website:

Initially, we wanted to try the mini van or shuttle bus with the IMPACT logo which would bring us from Mo Chit BTS (Chatuchak Market) to the arena for 30B (now increase to 32B). We ended up taking a taxi (price of 150B – we failed to flag a metered taxi) from Mo Chit BTS as there were four of us. I’m sorry to say that I do not have any experience on taking public transport to IMPACT arena. Neither have I found anyone blogging about their experience on a mini van to IMPACT arena. I guess most non-locals just end up taking the taxi which was only SGD 6 ($1.50 each) for the 40+ mins ride. According to google maps, the journey should only take 23 minutes but the traffic jam in Bangkok is famous for a reason and the 150B we paid could possibly be cheaper than a meter taxi as there were a lot of waiting during the jam.

Contribution from Reader (Kay): ImpactLink Van located between Chatuchak MRT exit 3 & Mochit BTS exit 4. Search for an entrance to the parking lot between those exit, the van (with ImpactLink sticker in front) will be parked on your right (there’s also a banner). If you see a van parked there & no queue, just get inside & wait, fee will collected before you go.

Okay the hardest part of the entire concert experience was to.. get a taxi to return back to downtown Bangkok. Alright, the initial plan was to sit and wait until the crowd disperse before finding a (hopefully not too expensive) taxi and that there would be lesser traffic. However, the concert ended early (before 9) and we decided to not waste the night and rush down to Artbox, our favourite night market in Bangkok.

Thus, we had no choice but to flag for a taxi. It is very annoying as not all empty taxis will stop for you. I suppose some of them are on call and some don’t think I look easy to cheat. Anyway, after about 15 minutes of flagging and price haggling (which fails and the driver just drives away), we settled for a 600B driver which brought us to ArtBox (Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre) which was 27km and 35 mins away according to Google Maps. The driver said the price would be inclusive of Tolls (which I saw him paying 60B). As there was a crazy jam, our journey took about 45 minutes. 600B is expensive but we were desperate and to make ourselves feel better, we only paid SGD 6 each for a 45 minutes car ride.. *thank you thailand for cheap taxis*


shinee world 4 bangkok

Trying my best to write this entry within 7 days as I don’t want to forget or leave out any minor details from my memory.

We reached the venue slightly before 2PM even though the concert only started at 6PM. According to the concert info provided by the organizer, people in the moshpit had to be in queue before 3PM or risk losing their queue slot. This was.. so untrue. I’ll share about it later.

Upon reaching the venue, first thing we went was to the merchandise sales booth. Merchandise sales started at 10am but all the light sticks were sold out by the time we reached.. I ended up buying a replica from some auntie outside the concert venue and surprisingly the light stick only cost 100B (Original one cost 350B)? It comes with a similar box with the SM sticker at the back. Only difference is that it doesn’t have the string to hang around your neck. The replica light stick work just as fine as the original one.

shinee world 4 bangkok 1

Next, we went to collect the tickets at the ticketing booth. I showed the print screen of my transaction email together with my passport to the staff at the counter and they gave me the tickets in return. Yes, this is what the tickets look like in Thailand. Credit card size and it fits perfectly into your wallet. The seat details are printed at the back of the card which I have forgotten to take a photo off. It does not have any name or personal details on the card so there is no identification check (unlike Korea and Japan which has your name of the buyer on the ticket, and Japan may check identification at times).

shinee world 4 bangkok 6

Next step, look for the SM Passport counter and got my friend’s passport stamped (I did not buy the passport T_T). You are not allowed to stamp the chop yourself. The staff will do it for you. SM is pretty strict on this as they do not want non-passport holders to chop this stamp anywhere else. They were also distributing the 2012 SM music nation stickers to the people who have the SM Passport.

shinee world 4 bangkok 2

Alright so after that, we spotted a JJong lookalike aka Jjong’s twin who happens to be a SHINee fan too! It’s a HE by the way (in case you are wondering). They look so alike that my friends were able to scam half of their friends that they actually took a selfie with the real Jonghyun from SHINee =p Here’s his instagram profile and you can judge yourself: I guess it helps that he dresses up in his style and pays attention to the minor details and well.. he has ended up being a mini celebrity himself! There was a queue of people lining up to take photo with him and he is more than happy to take your phone and capture a selfie moment. Furthermore, you will receive one of his DIY pepero stick as a present from him. In case you are wondering.. nope I did not take any photo with him.. shinee world 4 bangkok 3

He was standing near the SHINee Thailand fanbase booth. It was nice to see them preparing a lifesize standee just for photo taking!

shinee world 4 bangkok 4 shinee world 4 bangkok 5


Next thing you should be doing will be to walk around and look for things to collect. If you’re an active user of twitter, you would have receive updates that various fansites/individuals are distributing goodies ranging from photos to cards to fans to stickers and almost anything in the world. Fans are as close as families and most of them are really nice to one another and these goodies are.. FREE! I’ve attended a couple of concerts and collected a series of items which ranges from postcards to photographs and the most popular item would be a very useful hand-fan which helps to keep you cool.

Now here’s the queuing process. (Take my experience with a pinch of salt as I am really unsure if this is a representative of all other concerts.)

When we reached the venue at about 2pm, we could see that obvious lines are marked out on duct tape on the floor. According to the organizer, it indicated that you can start queuing from 1 to 3PM and if you were leaving the queue, you had to come back by 3PM otherwise you might end up being right at the end.

shinee world 4 bangkok 10

shinee world 4 bangkok 11

Obviously being “afraid” of forfeiting my queue number, I sat down in line slightly before 3PM. Since there were gonna be 50 people each line and my number was somewhere in between, I asked around the queue number of the people in my line and sat down in between the smaller and larger numbers. Even though it was already 3PM, the line was perhaps only 60% filled. The next thing that happened next – my greatest fear – was having to be in the sun while waiting :X It was the afternoon sun and the sun was coming down, shining right at the people queuing for the Left side of the stage. I believe the Right side did not have the afternoon sun. My row was the third or fourth row from the outside and in a matter of minutes after I sat down, the entire sun ray was in full view. I took out my umbrella which wasn’t of much help to defend the heat and sat back-faced the sun. Despite having an electronic fan with me, it was still a sweaty and hot wait. The only consolation I had was.. at least I was waiting while sitting down and wearing shorts (had planned to wear jeans earlier on.)

*Don’t forget to visit the washroom too as there will be no toilets inside the venue.*

Couldn’t take the heat and bought myself a refreshing lemonade from Auntie Anne in view of the amount of sweat that came out of my body.. (Thankfully I did not have to visit the washroom during the concert.) Also, you do not have to worry about food as there were plentiful fast food options from McDonalds (which opened after 4PM), KFC, Donuts etc.

Finally at approximately 4PM, the staff were finally ready to let the moshpit people in. This was when everyone stood up and the remaining 40% of people were not waiting in the queue line suddenly came. People will start going down the line asking for your queue number and decide if they were to stand in front or behind you.

Anyway, there was also a fan project folder given to everyone in a moshpit. We were also given a finger light for the song Colourful. Everyone was given different colours (White, Blue, Red, Green) if I don’t recall wrongly.

The checking of queue number was only done by a staff prior to the security scan. It took about 30 minutes from the moment we stand up till we entered (we were number 4XX). I believe that the staff was not extremely strict in ensuring that everyone lined up accordingly to the number. I guess as long as your queue number belongs to the group of 50 people for that line it should be fine? I did not see anyone getting re-arranged by the staff and I guess it all boils down to integrity of the fans..

Let me emphasis.. BAG CHECKS ARE EXTREMELY STRICT AND THERE WAS A METAL DETECTOR FRAME (though I’m not sure how effective it is). Different concerts have different rules and regulations and for this case, you are NOT allowed to bring

  • CAMERAS OF ALL SORTS (Including Polaroids)
  • ANY FOOD & BEVERAGE (including bottled plain water – nope they don’t sell anything inside.. I was super thirsty towards the end. Would recommend to hide and bring some mints in.)

For me, I was lucky and managed to bring in my GoPro Camera and canon digital camera (which was not for the purpose of recording as I was just using it to take photos before reaching the concert venue at Chatuchak). I should have left my items at the baggage counter but I decided to take the risk as the baggage thing is too much of a hassle and I was lazy to queue T_T

Thankfully, I managed to scrap pass the tight bag check because the backpack and (smaller than A4) paper bag that I was carrying was full of my shopping loots from Chatuchak. It was almost impossible to see my camera/gopro as my bag was full to the brim. If I was unlucky, the staff could have requested me to empty my entire bag (similar to what is done at the airport). However, I guess I was lucky and she smiled and let me through after I told her the half-truth that all that crap in my bag was “Chatuchak Shopping”.

There were some unlucky fans in front of me, which is why I emphasis on the strictness.. One fan sacrificed her entire bag of tourist food (at least 3 boxes) as she did not want to go to the bag deposit area (and risk her queue number). Another fan (Japanese) couldn’t enter because her SUPER PRETTY HAND FAN (You know those japanese type which has a lot of BLING) was bigger than A4. She tried pleading but to no avail. Unable to abandon her precious Hand Fan (which have probably accompanied her to many concerts) she left the queue and went to the bag deposit.

Anyway, my next advise is.. TRY NOT TO BRING ANY BAG FOR THE CONCERT IF YOU ARE ENTERING THE MOSHPIT. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO RUN AROUND WITH A HEAVY BACKPACK & PAPER BAG. The best bag to bring would be a small sling bag. Forget about the cameras and gopro devices, there is high risk of getting caught and the penalty is being sent out. Even if you don’t get caught, the quality is gonna suck anyway with the tight security. Your phone camera should suffice for taking the few photos for memories.

Within my moshpit, I kind of witness at least 5 people getting escorted out of the venue because they have been caught. The guards are usually more strict on videos as compared to photos. One girl was sent out pretty early in the concert. It was a bit upsetting and made me a lot more cautious against taking my camera out.

However, as time went by, more and more people started raising their mobile phones up (which made it harder for the guards to catch) and soon it became a heng/suay thing and people were still getting caught.

I only brought out my GoPro during their moving platform performance as it has this blinking red light. During their moving platform performance (Colourful/Runaway), I went close to the sides and help my palm (blocking the screen) up high together with my lightstick. The video turned out to be a disaster as I was shaking too much.. I don’t think I will do it again.

If you wish to continue reading on my fan account/experience, you can click to continue reading. Otherwise, GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR CONCERT TICKET PURCHASE OR FOR THE ACTUAL DAY and do share with me your experiences as I LOVE TO HEAR FROM ALL MY READERS! It is nice to know that people find my tips useful which is the reason why I keep writing (It’s 4am right now).

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  • hai! nice to read your posting.
    I am an overseas fan who would like to watch CNBlue concert in thai.
    I wanna ask, did the security do the queue check?

    • Yes the security checked our tickets before we entered but I didn’t see them rearranging anyone. But usually the fans will just arrange among themselves before the checks.

    • Heii..thank GOD i found your blog..i already bought Taeyeon’s ticket concert in bangkok..i wanna ask you,if we (international fans) want to collect the ticket..should we go to 7/11 store to change our email payment to physical ticket or we can collect at the venue?i want to call the contact service but it’s all on thai language..thank you so much

      • Hi there.. thanks for leaving a comment but I am really not sure about the process of changing the email payment to physical ticket. The only option I had back then (2015) when I booked my ticket was collection at venue.. Would love to help but I do not understand thai either.. So sorry about it.

  • hey!

    nice tips man. lucky i found your blog.
    i am trying to buy ticket to see girls generation this jan.
    is it possible if we book the tickets using debit card?

  • Hi! glad I came across your blog, so helpful! May I ask, do you stand according to the Q number once inside the venue or like some concert once the people are in they just rush/run to the front to get near the stage? I do not like to be squashed, is it ok if I stayed at the back eventhough my Q number is somewhere in the middle? Thanks in advance!

    • Once you are inside the venue (meaning after you clear the security check), you can stand anywhere you want within the moshpit. Some people may choose to remain at one area the whole concert while others like myself prefer to run to the action when it happens. Good Luck and enjoy your concert 🙂

  • I’ll go there this Sat. Planning to rent a car plus driver to leave the arena but have no idea whereabout the driver can park and wait. Any chance you spotted some nearby collection points when you went there? Thanks!!

    • Hi there, I can’t remember any significant landmark or pickup point. There’s a hotel diagonally opposite the arena. Maybe the driver can wait there?

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! It’s been a pleasure reading your post. Hopefully my upcoming trip can go smoothly too. I was a little worried about needing a credit card but after reading your post + reply to the other reader, I feel relieved haha.

    Thank you again for this extremely detailed post <3

    • You’re welcome! Wish you success on your upcoming trip and do share with me your experience when you are back 🙂

  • So glad I found your site. This is the first time I’m planning to get concert tixs at Impact arena. I’m planning to go online since I don’t live in Thailand. I may have to find scalpers site to get their inflated price because it really want to fly in to this show.. Does anyone know a reliable scalper site?

    • Hi there, I am not familiar with scalpers in thailand. I have heard of one online platform – but tickets are known to be quite pricey over there.
      I suggest you try to buy them online first. Do take note on my tips about that “pseudo sold-out” situation whereby thai people can book the tickets but not pay for them. These tickets will be released back into the system once their grace period is over. good luck!

  • Did All Ticket Thailand notify you through text message or email about the ticket? Because I read on the website that it says they will send us payment confirmation through text message. Problem is, that I can’t input all the digits in my mobile phone number on the info box they provided. I’m afraid that I can’t exchange the ticket if I can’t show them the text message saying that I have paid for it.

    • Hi there, I don’t remember them sending me a text message too. I think all I did was to show them the confirmation email together with my passport (as validation of the booking).
      Please note that I last visited in Sep 2015 and this information may not be that accurate. Hope this helps!

  • Hi,I bought the ticket on all ticket Thailand.The ticket pick up date for my exo concert date is between August 25th to September 5th, and the concert is September 10th. I will be in Thailand only on the same day as the concert on the 10th. Will I able to pick up my ticket at the concert. When you watch SHINee is there a pick up period too. I am fear that I can’t pick up my ticket at the same day as the concert.

    • Hi there, I managed to pick up my ticket on the concert day itself. There’s a counter which you can collect it from. Do note that you will have to bring your identification documents (it was passport for me) for the exchange of tickets. Do note that my experience is as accurate as of September 2015. If there are any further changes since then, I wouldn’t be aware. Hope the information helps and enjoy your concert!

  • Hi~thank you for your information for concert!!It’s very clear and helpful!!
    Could I ask you a question? I wonder that how many people get in the standing area?(each zone) I want to know the last Q number! Thank you very much!

    • Hi there, I’m really not sure about the standing area. If I’m not wrong, each zone should be able to hold up to 1000 to 1500 people.

  • I have recently purchased a standing ticket for concert in Nov. In the email they sent to me there is no line saying queue number, there is only 1 line called seat(s) number. What is it, and how can I know what my queue number is? I bought ticket via thaiticketmajor.

    • Hi there, for the seat number line, is there any number?
      If there isn’t number, it could mean that your free standing ticket does not have a queue number. This means that they will let people in base on the queue on that day itself. Meaning, if you go earlier to queue, you will be in front.

      • My seat number is 1. I doubt that it means the queue number, because I really do not think I was the first one purchasing the ticket. That’s why I find it really confusing. On the information about buying tickets on thaiticketmajor website, they stated that there is a number identifying my order of buying standing tickets. But there is nothing like that in my confirmation email, just the so-called seat(s) number.

  • Hi! You mentioned that your Q no. was around 400+, so I was wondering how close you were to the front?? I’m going to EXO’s concert in April and I have a Q number nearing 500 and quite worried that I won’t be able to see since I’m quite short :”)

    • Hi there, it will depend on the amount of people and the design of the mosh pit. For us, we couldn’t squeeze to the front so we were running to and fro within the mosh pit (there was enough space). You won’t be close enough to like reach out for them (not sure if exo gives fan service). Probably about 3rd to 4th row, assuming there’s space to run around. If you want to inch closer to the stage, you got to choose a spot and not move and slowly squeeze your way ahead. But usually, those people in the front two rows wouldn’t budge at all. Hope this information helps!

  • Thank you for the very helpful post! I have a few questions that I hope you can help me answer.
    – We plan to stay within walking distance of Impact Arena, the show should start at 5PM and we still need to collect the tickets at venue (and our queue numbers are around 4xxx, eek). At what time would you advise to be present at Impact? Since my friend still would like to drop by Chatuchak Weekend Market (at Mochit station) in the morning – but I’m not sure if it’s a wise thing to do?
    – We will be in moshpit for around 4 hours but as far as I understand no drink/ food is allowed in the concert hall. Do we have absolutely no drink option in there? That seems pretty tough for 4 hours standing with full adrenaline pumping :’D

    • Hi there, If I’m not wrong, the queue will start about 2 hours before the concert however in my experience, there was the queue but they didn’t check until like 30 to 45 mins before the concert. I’m not sure if it will be the same because 4xxx seems like a lot of people! Mine just had about 1500 each entrance so the floors was marked and taped with the sequence we had to wait in. I’m not sure for such a huge crowd, would it be the same.

      I also visited chatuchak in the morning before the concert! just so you know, chatuchak is a very hot and humid market so it might be a little tiring especially if the sun is super hot. do drink lots of water!

      As for the food, I don’t think it is allowed in the concert hall. However, outside the concert venue, there’s quite a variety of choices so you can eat before you enter. Alternatively, if you feel hungry during the concert, you may be allowed to exit and come back in again. I’m not sure if this is allowed for all concerts but my friend did went to the toilet halfway through and the toilet is situated outside the concert hall. There isn’t any inside.

      Hope this helps!

  • Hi^^ I loved your post!
    I just have a question, I’m going to a concert in a month and I’m just not sure what the queuing number represents… is it like the order in which we can enter the pits? I have AR tickets A 64xx What does it mean?

    • Hi there, AR represents the right side of the stage (if I am not wrong) and the 64XX number represents the queue number. If there are really 6000+ people in your moshpit, you will be the 64XX person that will get to enter the pits.

  • So they are really strict on cameras? 🙁 I wanted to record the whole thing TT Im seeing BTS this month and wanted memories. I’m going to be in the mosh pit too!!!! Do we have to get there really early or is 1 PM ok? Bc of the queue number, 1 PM is fine right?

    • If you have a queue number, you don’t have to go there really early. If I am not wrong, it is recommended to reach 2 hours before the concert.
      With regards to the strictness on cameras, the rules might differ since it is a different concert. However, I think it is not advised to bring DSLR cameras as there may be a bag check. We had a bag check for shinee concert. They were very strict and did not allow anything bigger than A4-size, even if it was a fanboard.

  • Hi! I was wondering when you buy your ticket before, is there any OTP verification? I’m planning to use my mom credit card but she have a flight at the time ticketing open and I’m afraid tickets will be sold out while waiting for her. Thank you!

    • Hi there, I really can’t recall on whether there was OTP or not.
      If I’m not wrong, OTP depends on the bank and not the booking system itself but I am not 100% sure of this information.
      Sorry that I am unable to help.

      • Hi, thank you for answering. All this time I thought it was the company/website/booking system the one who ask for OTP.
        I almost didn’t get the ticket at that time since my mom hasn’t landed yet but thankfully after keep trying for 2 hrs finally I got it!
        Anyway your blog really help me to give a picture what to expect since it’s also my 1st time watching concert in Bangkok.
        Once again thank you!

        • Congratulations on getting your ticket!! So happy for you! Did you have to key in the OTP eventually? I blogged about my experience because I couldn’t find much information in English myself. I’m glad that you found it useful and I hope that you will have a blast at the upcoming concert =)

          • Yes I need to enter the OTP, that’s why I lost my ticket the 1st time. Definitely will have a blast knowing how people always told me Bangkok is one of the place with great concert experience aside from Korea, Japan & Taiwan.

          • I’m sure you will enjoy it! The only thing that might be hard is the language barrier since the translators will translate only to Thai.. but oh wells, i’m sure you can find some people giving live updates on twitter too!

          • Fortunately I quite understand Korean so language barrier during vcr/talk is not a really big deal. Also just like you’ve said, I can always backtrack what I’ve missed from live updates later.

          • wow if you know korean then it would be perfect! hope you will have a great concert!

          • Hi! I just got back from BKK and want to give info about Impact Van for anyone visiting this blog.
            ImpactLink Van located between Chatuchak MRT exit 3 & Mochit BTS exit 4. Search for an entrance to the parking lot between those exit, the van (with ImpactLink sticker in front) will be parked on your right (there’s also a banner). If you see a van parked there & no queue, just get inside & wait, fee will collected before you go.

          • Thank you for your contribution! I hope you enjoyed the concert and your trip ^_^

  • Hi! Thanks for your informative post!
    I’m thinking of attending GOT7’s concert at Impact Arena this coming June. I’m quite scared to go alone – since I don’t have any available friends who can join me. Do you think is it OK to travel to Bangkok alone and attend a concert alone? 🙁

    • Hi there, I think it is fine to travel alone in Bangkok as long as you pay attention to the usual details – putting your bags in front you, do not leave your belongings unattended and not going to quiet places. I guess it is fine if you attend a concert alone too. The waiting process may be a little boring but once the concert start, you will be having so much fun and forget that you are alone~~ Hope you will have a great time and do come back to share your experience.

  • Thanks you for sharing your experience! It’s been a pleasure reading your post.
    Would like to know if you have any idea what time the ticketing booth opens?
    Or what time can we collect the tickets? Thanks!

    • Hi there, I am not sure about your enquiry. I think the ticketing booth should open around 9 to 10am? I don’t think there’s a rush to collect the tickets. Maybe 2-3 hours before the concert should be fine.

  • Hi, if take videos with phone, they will also escort you out of venue in bkk??? I wanna take video for Super junior bkk… so after reading your fanaccount, kinda scared…

    • Hi there, I guess it really depends on the security that day. For my case, I didn’t get caught with my mobile phone, but I did it very discreetly and I try to be always aware of my surroundings. I did see people getting dragged out, but usually it will be those with those super lens dslr. Do be extra careful as once you get dragged out, I don’t think it is possible to re-enter the venue again. Good Luck!

  • Hello! So happy to find a fanaccount of a BKK concert experience and fellow Sporean! I am planning to go for Elyxion BKK, and the ticketing is available on (which I am guessing is the same as the platform you bought online). However when signing up, there was a requirement for a Thai phone number… Do you know if this is something we can just get a random Thai number for, or will they be contacting us via the Thai phone number?

    I am hoping to get the ticket without having to go through other fans/scalpers T.T fingers crossed the website is international-fan friendly!

    • Hello! Yep i bought my ticket from allticket. Is the thai phone number a compulsory field? I didn’t remember having that field back then. Are you not possible to fill in a singapore number? For me, I didn’t get any contact via my mobile number. It was quite straightforward, I think we need to present the booking ID + passport (I used passport as my form of identification) at the point of collection. Please note that my experience was back in 2015 and I’m unsure if anything changed since then. Hope you manage to get the tickets!!

  • Hi and many thanks for sharing your experience.

    I’ll go with my daughter in March to Bangkok, to watch Exo’s concerts. We had luck and bought a global package for the 1st day of concert (only for her, it wasn’t impossible to have a twin package, it was a really adventure with these packages, as they had only 38 seats for each my daughter is one of the lucky 38), but for the other 2 days we want to buy tickets (she is a big fan of Exo, we visited Seoul last year and she started to learn Coreean). We made 2 accounts on my name, with 2 different e-mail addresses, so each of us will buy tickets for a different day. My question is : do you think that this should be a problem ?

    We’ll stay at Novotel on the days of the last 2 concerts (for the first 2 nights, we’ll have rooms at the hotel included in the package), I think this is the best. And of course, we’ll visit Bangkok, as we fly from so far away (Switzerland).

    Many thanks and I’ll share my experience after we (hopefully) book the tickets on 4 February.

    • Hello! I don’t think it will be a problem if you create 2 accounts to buy the ticket. At the end of the day, you got to make sure that the details are correct (i.e. passport number) so that there won’t be any issues while collecting the ticket. You’re lucky to book the nearby hotel! I heard it gets sold out very early whenever there’s a concert. Good luck on your purchase and I hope you will be able to get the tickets successfully! It must be pretty amazing to fly so far to see them and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing your success! Good Luck!

      • Many thanks, I’ll keep you posted.

        The details on the accounts are ok, I put my name and the passport number.

        And yes, it’s crazy to fly 10 hours for a concert. But my daughter (soon 15) deserves it :-))

  • Hello again

    It was really crazy with the tickets yesterday, we were not able to buy anything. I’m sure that they only sold tickets to the Thai people who waited at the tickets counters. But we were lucky, because my daughter made some friends there and they could buy tickets for her (of course, we pay a little bit more, but that’s it). We could choose the tickets 4-5 times, but at the end we received the message : please try again. And even if there were seats available, when we clicked on the zone, it was nothing free. So I really don’t understand the system (here if you choose a ticket, you have it and you have 15 minutes time to choose the payment type).

    My daughter told me that a lot of people bought tickets only to sell them more expensive, that they are not fans of Exo. We saw afterwards tickets at the prices between 18 and 20000 THB (normal price was 5 or 6000). That’s really pity, as the real fans remain without tickets.
    I decided to write to Allticket about this practice, maybe they can reduce the number of tickets at 2. And I’ll also write to SM. I don’t find this practice nice, especially that the real fans have to lose.

    More details about concerts in March, after we come back.

    • Hi Ela! Thanks for coming back to share your experience. I guess the concert ticket buying experience is as painful as it can be in bangkok. The only way to prevent black market is to practice the Japan method whereby it will be a balloting process. Even the seats in japan can’t be selected. It can only be assigned. I guess it is unfortunate to see people buying concert tickets for the purpose of black market sales but sometimes, it is also a way to allow people (especially foreign fans) to at least buy something! Anyway, I’m still happy for you to have secured tickets to the show. have a great time and wishing you all the best for your trip! don’t forget to spend some time exploring the city of bangkok too!

      • Many thanks for your reply.

        I also think that this is the best solution, as in Japan. I’m curious if they will answer to my email :-))

        Yes, I booked a tour in Bangkok (temples and palace) and we want also to book a 2nd one, but it depends on SM schedule, which will be provided 1-2 weeks before the concerts.

  • Hi Dear,
    I’m going to GOT7 concert next month in Bangkok and still wondering if I should buy a standing ticket( that closed to the stage) or a seating ticket. Can you give me an advise? Thank you!

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply. It really depends on how close you want to get to the stage and what’s your budget for the concert. For me, I couldn’t get good seating tickets which was why I ended up getting the standing tickets.

  • Hello! I’m from another country and I’m planning to go to Singapore for Wanna One’s concert. I read that you’re from SG and would like to ask your opinion if you think the tickets will get sold out fast D: My parents want to book our flight already but it’s not close to ticketing yet 🙁

    • Hello! WANNAONE is quite popular in Singapore. The previous time they came, it was at a smaller venue and the tickets were sold out! That being said, the ticket sales are usually done online. If you’re really keen on the tickets, you should standby your internet on the first day of sales and try your luck on the tickets. This time round, the concert will be held at a bigger venue so hopefully there will be enough tickets for the fans. Good Luck!

  • hi, thank you very much for this comprehensive guide to a SHINee concert in Bangkok, God bless your beautiful soul! I went to see SWC V in Bangkok on June 2017, and you helped me every step of the way, from purchasing the ticket, getting the right hostel, queueing manner.. EVERYTHING! I knew exactly what to do and was able to enjoy the concert to a full extent all thanks to you. I really appreciate what you do with your blog here, it helps a lot of people. you are doing an amazing job! 수고했어요~! 정말 정말 감사해요! 😀

    btw, I apologize, this post is so long overdue –I promised myself I would send you a thank you message right after the concert, but here I am, showing up (more than) a year later.. again, thank you very very much! 🙂

    • Hi there, firstly, thanks for coming back to leave a comment on my post. It is somewhat extra meaningful for me because oh wells, it was a concert that I truly regretted not going (I guess you should know why). Nevertheless, I’m glad that you enjoyed the concert and that you successfully attended it because of my blog post. I guess I can feel somewhat happier cause a reader of my blog attended! All the best ^^

  • Hello! Thank you so much for this post. I am from Malaysia and im planning to go to Bangkok for BTS concert in the future. I heard that it was hard and complicated to buy the ticket online but after I read your post, it seems much simpler. I have a question, for international fans do we need ONLY credit card to purcase the ticket?

    • Hello! During my experience, you need to have your passport number and i was able to make payment with foreign credit card. I am not sure about the situation now though but I believe it should be more or less the same..

    • hey! glad that you enjoyed my post.
      for me, i would make sure that i secure the tickets first before the flights.. i mean that’s if my only purpose in that country was for that concert..

  • Hello!!! First off I wanted to comment that your post is an absolute godsend for an international fan like me!!! So thank you so much for that!!! I want to finally attend a Kpop concert before I get stuck in my perpetual slog through my Masters studies. Fortunately, it will be held in the IMPACT Arena, this upcoming Jan!!! Granted your blog is very informative, but still would it be possible maintain a correspondence with you, to help me with the nitty gritty of buying tickets and etc. It would be much appreciated!!! Either way, thank you for parting with your wisdom regarding Kpop concerts!!!

    • hello! glad that you found my blog post useful. You can contact me via FB/IG/email. all modes are fine. However, just to let you know, the only experience I have with buying concert tickets was back in 2016. I am not aware of the latest information so I’m not really sure if I will be of much help.

  • Heii..Thank GOD i found your blog!!it’s really helpful for International fans like me..anyway,im already bought Taeyeon’s ticket for S’ concert this december on Dome Muang Thong Thai stadium,so far i only received one email about my payment and ticket category,there is no queuing i will recieve an email about queuing number later?and when i shall exchange the email payment to physical ticket?is it ok to exchange at the concert day?the ticket booth is located at the venue right?im sorry for my broken from Indonesia btw..thank you so much 😊

    • Hello, Just checking, you mean you haven’t paid for your tickets yet? Is there a deadline for the payment to be made? You will have to make the payment as soon as possible if I’m not wrong to secure your ticket. There is a window period for you to make the payment. If I don’t recall wrongly (back in 2015), I only found out about my queue number after I made payment. I don’t think you can pay for your tickets only on the concert day. After making payment, you can collect your ticket at the concert venue. I remember that I had to show my passport and reservation number to get the physical ticket.

  • Heii..Thank GOD i found your blog!! it’s really helpful for International fans like me.anyway,im already bought Taeyeon’s ticket for S’ concert this december on Dome Muang Thong Thai stadium,so far i only received one email about my payment and ticket category,there is no queuing i will recieve an email about queuing number later?and when i shall exchange the email payment to physical ticket?is it ok to exchange at the concert day?the ticket booth is located at the venue right?im sorry for my broken from Indonesia btw..thank you so much 😊

  • Hi honeystars,

    This post’s really helpful since it’s my first time going to a KPOP concert in Thailand. I went to BEST_OF_BEST_BKK concert on 1st Oct 2022. All the information stated in this article is still relevant in 2022.

    I took the advices and thank god I took them. I bought a sling bag, ate just right and made sure to drink enough water before going inside the venue since food and water are strictly forbidden. The light stick is optional, but I can’t imagine myself going without one. The energy from the chanting of the fans is insane. It gave me chills. Performance is super! Sadly, it went by pretty quickly. The show lasted about 2 hours. Started at 6PM sharp and ended around 8PM.

    Going back from the concert is a major challenge. I tried to follow the crowd and check the vans. I have some ideas about those vans going somewhere, but I have no idea where. When I tried to ask around, no one could answer (I don’t speak Thais). Someone I asked sort of mentioned the word V.I.P and I figured that those vans are for V.I.Ps only, but then there can’t be too many V.I.P at a concert since there are quite a lot of vans in front of the Impact Arena.

    So, I ended up taking a Grab to the nearest BTS station (costs 150B) and from there, rode my way back home.

    With Thanks,

    • Hey, glad that you enjoyed your first concert experience at impact arena! Happy that the information I provided is still relevant and really thanks for leaving a comment as well. I’m not so sure about the mini vans but I guess Grab is a more convenient option for non-thai speaking people. Safe travels ahead!

    • Hi there thank you for this update! Just wanted to know if the Thai number was important in any way during your ticket purchasing for the event last October? Thank you!

      Thank you also to the original author!! This is such a helpful post for our plans to watch a show in Bangkok this year!!

      Best regards,