Shinee World Concert 4 in Bangkok 2015


shinee world 4 bangkok

Click here to read about the tips and advice with regards to the pre-concert experience. Everything below is about the concert experience itself which may be very boring to non-fans.

The photos below were all taken by an iPhone5S.

Took this photo when the lights are dimmed. It’s heartwarming to see so many light sticks being lighted up even though it is not free with the concert ticket.

shinee world 4 bangkok 7

First outfit – similar to the one in Tokyo Dome. Started off with Clue/Note, Shine & Stranger and Picasso. Followed by their talking – where I sneakily took out my phone for a shot.

shinee world 4 bangkok 8

After that it was costume change (Onew and Minho went off first), followed by Key Taemin and Jjong and there was a lot of talking which I obviously did not understand much since it was translated to Thai. Wasn’t brave enough to find a translator for myself this time round.

New Change of clothes = Love Like Oxygen, Love Sick.

Love Sick is my favourite song in the ODD album. The songs grows on you each time you listen to it..

Change Clothes: Telephone Box Dance – Alarm Clock + Excuse me Miss + One Minute Back

Alarm Clock was in Sherlock album and if I’m not wrong, it hasn’t been performed beyond SWC4 before. It was really really nice to hear a nice song sang live. Hopefully fans who didn’t follow SHINee during the Sherlock phase will re-look at that album.

Excuse me Miss + One Minute Back were songs that didn’t really register much in my head but I was so wrong after watching their performance live. The telephone box dance was quite cool as they were isolated and left to dance within that small area and face up to the camera within the box. So it was kind of a solo performance. The pair dance for excuse me miss was engaging too. I was on the side of Jongtae though I wish I could be on Onew side. Nevertheless, the dance really rocked the song.

Sang with the big hat (which I was always tempted to buy but resisted against): One + Selene 6.23 + An Ode to You

I really really really like the slow songs of SHINee because it is less likely to be lipsync and I can hear each and every of their voices (and how they improve over the years). Furthermore, slow songs means it is a lot easier for me to attempt to sing along. I am super happy to be able to hear “An Ode to You” live. Onew’s voice in that song is like heavenly. One (Hana) was also a song that I was really into back when it was first released.

Found an insanely clear fancam for Selene 6.23 which is Jongkey focus. Very brave fan who risked getting caught for the benefit of others..

shinee world 4 bangkok 9

shinee world 4 bangkok 12

Colourful – fan project where everyone lighted up their LED finger lights and they went on the moving trolley, reaching out to the arena fans where they were on eye-level.

Woof Woof – very cute performance with dog ears and shaking their “tail”. The part that keeps ringing in my head is.. “Skip the boring bits”.

shinee world 4 bangkok 13

Came down to the extended stage and performed a medley Dream Girl. For Runaway, they got onto the moving platform and went around the boundary being on eye-level with the arena fans. Ready or Not is this crazy song that they just keep spinning around in circles. I think I watched the performance in previous concerts before. It’s a really “Get High” song. It’s kind of funny because back then I was wondering how come they don’t get dizzy despite spinning around so much. Then my friend pointed out to me – they spin in opposite directions to unspin the dizziness.. right. They only sang the chorus of “Beautiful” which was not enough for me as I recall that I like their comeback stage back then. They were running around like crazy during 321, another of their Jap song being performed. Half the song, they were just shouting “Jump Jump Jump” and you just had to listen to them and.. Jump.

shinee world 4 bangkok 15

shinee world 4 bangkok 14

Lucifer + Dynamite – new change of clothes and the adrenaline level peaked when Minho showed his bod which I didn’t realise and was puzzled on the constant screaming. My eyes were looking at the back of their extended stage, mainly focusing on key who was facing us. Then, I saw my friend’s head turn to the screen and so I turned my head, only to realize that Minho was teasing the fans with his unbuttoned top – resulting in the deafening screens. I guess one of the bad point of moshpit is you can’t really see what’s happening all the time as your eyes will not be on the screens.

Everybody – Can you believe it. It was only right now in this stage and performance did I realise that Onew lifted Jjong up twice and Key and Taem switched positions and lifted each other up. And I saw that smile from Taem to Jjong when they were both up. These are small things that screens don’t show you – only the mosh pit view shows you.

SHINee went backstage for a long while and fans are supposed to shout “ENCORE” but most people just start shouting few minutes later because they are obviously changing and drinking water.. LOL.

Came back up on stage and sang View in their MV clothes! I guess it’s really special as the MV was filmed in Bangkok too. It was followed by Replay – I really enjoyed this performance as this was their debut song (though I wasn’t into them back when they first started) and at the screens, they were playing back their old stages for the song replay. It was similar to the one in Japan which brought back some memories. There was even an extra acoustic version led by Jjong. They made their last round on the moving platform with Lucky Star (Jap Song but sang with Korean lyrics) and even went up this super high elevated stage which brought them up to the 3rd level!! If I don’t recall wrongly, they were throwing marshmallows? I remember repeatedly telling my friend to not snatch for the items as it will be a stampede. I was a bit sad that they didn’t sing “Your Number”, “1000 years” and “Fire” which are my favourite Jap tracks but I shan’t complain since there was Tokyo Dome.

An Encore – The moment you hear this song, you should know that the concert was coming to an end. I guess they wrote this song for the purpose of singing it last in the concert. It is an emotional heart-wrenching live track with soothing melodies and we did a fan project, holding up a sign with a set of korean words which I cannot remember the exact phrase.

Then there was a fan project for Key (everyone held a paper banner with a heart and Key in hangul) and they sang a Happy Birthday song to him (supposed to be korean according to the project) but it ended up in English as SHINee led the song.. There was very cute interaction towards the end where Minho poured water over Key and Jjong’s contact lens came out and they did that heart shape thing with your fingers to a blushing/embarrassed key. It’s the small interactions which shows the bond between the five of them and I’m pretty sure somewhere in our heart, we pray and wish day that their friendship/partnership and bond will stay forever. (So many breakups/member leaving within SM and it seems like SHINee is the longest withstanding band remaining in tact..) Hopefully despite all their individual engagements, they still find time to remain together as a band, as colleagues, as friends who share the same dream.

Ending off with my pathetic 3 and 4 seconds video which I attempted taking. Conclusion – don’t bother taking. There will always be people who are more expert than you with better quality on Youtube. You just got to be patient and wait.

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  • You’re so lucky to have attended 4 of their concerts. Before I die, I really want to attend, scream and cry with the members. When SHINee visited Philippines on March 2017, I grabbed the chance cause I might not be able to see them as 5 again considering their military enlistment. Thank you for letting me experience their solo con thru your blog 🙂 I’m planning to attend a Dome concert and your inputs helped a lot.

    • Thanks for your kind comment! Yes I feel really thankful that I have the chance to attend shinee concerts. Actually I think I might have attended more than 4 over the many years. Each and every time is a unique experience. Hope you get to watch a dome concert some day with OT5~~~

  • Hi, i was searching on google “does kpop concert in bangkok use english or thai translation for their ment” and i came accross your page. So, may i ask do they use english translation or thai translation? I’m thinking of going to bangkok for seventeen follow tour this year so i was wondering about that. Thank you and I love ur story!