Farms Chiyoda (Biei) – Must Try Beef Stew


The Beef Stew at Farms Chiyoda is a highly recommended dish as I researched the Biei/Furano area.

Farms Chiyoda  (Opening Hours 11:00 to 20:00)
(Japanese site with more info)

(English site)
(株)ファームズ千代田 ファームレストラン千代田
Japan 〒071-0200 Hokkaido Prefecture, Kamikawa District, Biei, 春日台4221

Initially, I was afraid that we were unable to find the place as I am unable to find the building using google maps street view. However, we managed to get there by just trusting the directions of google maps. Along the way, you should be able to spot some cows grazing the fields.

Contrary to the “long queue” feedback online, or perhaps we were really lucky, we did not have to wait for a table despite arriving at lunchtime. (According to their website, they have revamped and increased their seating capacity to 240 seats as at 1st June 2015.)

*Loves high ceiling places*


As recommended, all of us ordered the Beef Stew (1,680Y+tax), and it was a decision that none of us regretted.

FYI: Online reviews don’t recommend eating the beef steak, labeling it as “okay-only”.

The dish came with this thick sauce, together with thick pieces of beef and vegetables. For me, it was a little on the salty side, but eating it together with the rice makes it fine. I recall the beef being very tender and it felt kind of sad when I finished my last mouth.

It was a very satisfying meal and to complete it, I had their milk soft-serve ice cream next door. I also bought a box of beef stew/curry but I haven’t found any occasion to cook it..

Apart from being a dining place, this place is a farm. There are many grazing animals at the grassland (aka touch/petting farm) near the carpark. You are free to roam around and/or purchase snacks to feed the animals. We spotted Ponies, miniature horses (no idea what’s the difference), Goats and sheep that day. There were a lot of “meh-ing” around if I didn’t recall wrongly. Also, if you wish to see the cows, I think there’s another road you can walk up to but we didn’t have time for exploration.

If you can afford to spend more time in this place, don’t forget to look for the observation platform at Chiyoda hill. You should be able to spot the beautiful Daisetsuzan mountain range.


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