Shibuya Pop-Up Cafe – Kiki & Lala, My Melody


Few months ago, I was really excited to chance upon information about the KIKI & LALA, MY MELODY 40TH ANNIVERSARY CAFE (4th June to 28th July 2015) happening at Shibuya Parco Part 1 which falls within the dates when I was in Japan.

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Despite my almost sleepless night in the plane, I made my way to this cafe immediately after I landed, deposited my luggage at airbnb apartment and bathed.

Walked past Shibuya Crossing as I was crossing an overhead passageway to the other side of Shibuya. Didn’t want to waste any time and dropped visiting the Hachiko Statue =(

It is about a 10 minutes walk to SHIBUYA PARCO PART 1 and I was totally starving in anticipation of the cutesy food waiting for me.

If I’m not wrong, it’s on the 7th floor. I entered the building, took the lift and..

the crowd and wait time was way beyond my expectations.

The queue went on an L shape around the cafe and 2 floors down the stairs.

The queue wasn’t even at a length which I can “consider” queueing. I estimate that it would take no less than 3 hours given that the capacity of the cafe was probably less than 30. Even the staff couldn’t give me an answer when I asked how long the wait would be..

Everyone in line deserves a better chance than me to enter the cafe. Almost everyone in line was all dressed up for the occasion (with make-up, heels/platform shoes), wearing Sanrio accessories,clothes and carrying their bags. Some even brought their luggage (can’t decipher the reason) Most were not alone either and had friend(s) to accompany them in the God-knows-how-long wait.

I should have known better to not visit on a SATURDAY but I didn’t have a choice as it was the only Free slot I had.

Thankfully I had the less-desired Plan B in mind: entering the gift shop and bought the only take-away item in the menu – overpriced Donuts (980Y + tax) and a cup labeled 40th anniversary to commemorate my visit.

I ate one donut for breakfast the next day and concluded that eating the second one would cause an extreme sugar overload for my first meal. As I couldn’t decide who to eat.. I ate “My Melody” as I felt bad choosing between Kiki and Lala as I like them both..

Donated 2 donuts to my airbnb host children hoping to accumulate good Karma but I ended up having to return to meet the host because I left without returning the keys PLUS leaving my shampoo behind. life >_<

Good luck to all those trying to visit the Cafe. Do not attempt to visit on a weekend.

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Argh! Rilakkuma cafe is back at Tower Records Cafe from 22nd Jul to 10 Aug 2015 but I’m no longer in Japan

=( =( =( =( =(

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