This is the first time I’m writing about such a category – celebrities – in my (supposed) travel blog. Hopefully this article can find itself a place and standing in my blog.

After attending Jay Chou’s concert last weekend, I had an urge to look back on how (a part of) my life grew up with his music and C-Pop which is pretty much forgotten by me in recent years.

I was not a Jay Chou fan right from his debut. When he debuted back in year 2000, I was still into english music. Then, boybands were the “in” thing with Westlife and Backstreet Boys (A1 was my thing) and S Club 7 was pretty popular too. To me, Jay Chou was a relatively famous as a new singer and all I remembered was his small eyes and the mumbling and rapping songs that he sing.

The first good impression that I had on him was the song “安静 An Jing” which was the perfect song on the piano. I practiced a lot and learned how to play the song on piano (has only 4 repetitive left hand cords). Despite years of practice, I am unable to sing and play at the same time. Multi-tasking is very difficult and I just can’t seem to achieve playing the piano and opening my mouth at the same time. Even if you ask me a question while I’m halfway through my piece, chances are you won’t get a reply from me.

Conclusion => being able to sing and play piano at the same time 自弹自唱 is an amazing feat. I’m very thankful that he always sing this song during his concerts and it is a really sweet memory as it was the first song I like of Jay, yea I know the irony of how such an emo song can leave a good memory in me. hmm.










My favourite phrase in this song: “我会学着放弃你,是因为我太爱你”

I think it was only after “晴天Qing Tian” which I started noticing Jay Chou more, It was 2004 if I’m not wrong. There was a whole wave of his slow and emo songs which keeps ringing in my head. If I’m not wrong, we used to sing it during our school/cca camp (for whatever reason I really can’t remember). There’s this awkward line in his lyrics “ㄖㄨㄟ ㄙㄡ ㄙㄡ ㄒ一 ㄉㄛ ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄙㄡ ㄌㄚ ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄙㄡ ” which I’ve not learned how to read but memorised the pronunciation as “re so so si do si la so la si si si si la si la so” . I concluded that ㄒ一 = si; as to what it means? I have no idea. I like the part in his MV where he plays the Big Cello. It was fascinating to know how 4 strings can produce such melancholy tunes. And the good thing is, it was one of his few raps (back then) which I could actually sing along to as the lyrics were repetitive of the earlier verses and the pace is pretty decent to catch.

颳風這天 我試過握著妳手 但偏偏 雨漸漸 大到我看妳不見
還要多久 我才能夠在妳身邊 等到放晴的那天 也許我會比較好一點
從前從前 有個人愛妳很久 但偏偏 雨漸漸 把距離吹得好遠
好不容易 又能再多愛一天 但故事的最後妳好像還是說了拜(Bye)

So, after I started noticing Jay more, I went on to check out his older songs like 简单爱, 愛在西元前 (OST for 丑女大翻身-郭妃丽),上海一九四三,開不了口,星晴(The song which people use to learn Chinese together with 蜗牛)

No idea why, but I know the lyrics to this song by heart (even though if you’re hearing it for the first time, most probably you can make out his muffle). It’s a light and upbeat song, pretty easy on the ears. He looks really young back then D: 我想就这样牵着你的手不放开~~~

Yes, it’s the OST for the taiwan drama (if you miss it, you can watch it here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/3Qy26fV7WkA but it is super low quality) acted by Guo Fei Li  used to be pretty famous in Singapore but she went over to Taiwan to 发展. Miss this show, miss this song.



I’m usually confused between 难熬 and 烦恼 and not sure which comes first and which is repeated.

Another simple and light and catchy song which is simple to sing along to.

世界末日 – Another of his emo piano song which I can never sing and play at the same time. The lyrics is very catchy. 天会灰,会不会,让我忘了你是谁。夜越黑,梦远背,难追难回味。我的世界将被摧毁~~

Now that I’m watching this MV,I can’t seem to understand the significance of removing his shirt while playing the piano. Awkward but interesting. hahaha.

分裂 – Discovered this song pretty late as I didn’t buy his earlier albums. But once I heard this song and read its lyrics, it was one of my super emo songs to listen to when I want to feel emo for whatever reason.

趁時間沒發覺 讓我帶著你離開 沒有了証明 沒有了空虛 基於兩種立場我會罩著你; 趁時間沒發覺 讓我帶著你離開 這不是頑固 這不是逃避 沒人綁著你走才快樂

Used to scribble song lyrics all over my book, notebooks, lyrics book, notes, textbooks when I was in school. When there was time to day dream and stone and slack. Those were the days.

回到過去 – Another of my favourite piano songs which I can play on piano. Once again, it is an emo song about wanting to return to the past and sometimes when I am reminiscing the past, this song comes in handy to fill in the emotion. To be honest, I couldn’t really make out the lyrics the first time I heard it and I heavily depended on the lyrics book (Do u still remember that CDs come with lyrics book in the past? It used to be like the most precious thing apart from the physical CD and when it goes missing, I would flip everywhere until I find it.) When listening to singers like Jay Chou, you need to look at the lyrics to understand what he is singing and sing along with him once you’ve gotten the words.

暗號 – Most people knew about Jay because of this song which was #1 in 2002 Hit FM charts. Sadly, this song never really struck my interest to any huge extent but nevertheless, it’s a nice song.

以父之名 – This song is worth mentioning because it brought back memories in school. Being the first track and having those irritating screeches, it was definitely a song to remember. Back in school, we would connect the CD player or iPod to our classroom speakers and blast his songs out loud. It’s mainly a Rap song which I always struggle to meet the tempo. Usually, I’ll pass on this song during KTV as I would most probably sing in a voice more muffled than him.

愛情懸崖 – Was attracted to this song pretty late. Like the piano introduction and the constant repetition of lyrics which reinforces the meaning.

(Random) I suddenly remember a conversation with my friends and we were listing out our expectations for Mr Right and my friend said she wanted someone who can look dashing while playing the piano and then look damn cool when playing sports (like basketball). I wasn’t too greedy. I just wanted someone that can play the piano and sing at the same time (and of course look good while doing it). Looking back.. we are no where near that goal we had n years ago..

In 2003, Jay Chou was getting increasingly popular and there was a movie named after him called 尋找周杰倫 (Hidden Track). I didn’t watch the movie back than as the reviews weren’t really good and they said that Jay had very very little airtime. However, the songs produced for this movie – 軌跡 & 斷了的弦 were amazing.

I really love the song 軌跡 but he didn’t film any MV for this song =( I like the bridge lyrics the most..

“如果說分手是苦痛的起點 那在終點之前我願意再愛一遍 想要對你說的不敢說的愛 會不會有人可以明白”

Ultimate emo song especially for breakup if you analyse the lyrics closely..

七里香 (Common Jasmine Orange) is his 5th album and this was the album that I started buying original albums. This album had like 4 easy-listening ballads, which happen to be my favourite genre from Jay. This song was the last song for Jay Chou Opus 2 Concert which happened exactly at the perfect moment.

The rain got heavier and heavier as he sang “雨下整夜 我的愛溢出就像雨水。窗台蝴蝶 像詩裡紛飛的美麗章節。我接著寫 把永遠愛妳寫進詩的結尾”。right.

藉口-Another wonderful ballad from his 七里香album. I love the piano introduction to this song and the lyrics is pretty easy to remember. It was one of the favourite KTV songs back then because the lyrics were really easy. (Difference between 方文山 and 周杰伦 writing the lyrics). “如果要走 請妳記得我”

我的地盤 – This song brings back quite awkward memories of my secondary school days as we actually had a dance performance of this song during chinese new year! I’m not usually a big fan of such tracks as the rapping and mumbling makes it hard for me to understand the gist of the song but oh wells, i think i had to hear this song on replay for close to a few months.. memories oh memories.. nevertheless, it’s very catchy.

外婆 – After naming the album after his mother 叶惠美,jay chou wrote a song for his maternal grandmother (who made a special appearance in the MV if I don’t recall wrongly). If I’m not wrong, the grandma even came for one of his singapore’s concert and dance along with him on stage! (see link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVxZZGlC5SA) Yes I’m right and it was for 迷迭香。This song has really meaningful lyrics “她要的是陪伴 而不是六百塊 比你給的還簡單” and i also enjoyed the rapping parts of this song especially the bridge part:

結果卻拿不到半個獎 不知道該笑不笑 我對著鏡頭傻笑 只覺得自己可笑.. and this part on how he wants to remain making music in his style (though he did attempt to change his style in his newer albums which I didn’t purchase…)

否定我的作品 決定在於心情 想堅持風格他們卻覺得還歐顆 沒驚喜沒有改變 我已經聽了三年 我告訴外婆 我沒輸 不需要改變.. (没关系,你不需要改变)

擱淺 – Another emo track which is a must here when you’re feeling emo. Although I don’t understand why you should listen to emo songs when you are feeling emo.. shouldn’t you listen to happier and fast songs to make you feel happy? When you’re feeling emo, you’ll usually find yourself absorbing every single word of the lyrics and relating it to your life in the slightest possibility ever.

我只能永遠讀著對白 讀著我給妳的傷害
我原諒不了我 就請妳當作我已不在
我睜開雙眼看著空白 忘記妳對我的期待
讀完了依賴 我很快就離開

園遊會- I’m always a fan of theme parks and fun fairs and it’s so amazing how a simple theme can be written into a beautiful song and a wonderful MV. “百听不厌” sums up this song.

I didn’t know what initial D (a japanese magna) was until Jay Chou acted as the car racing who delivers tofu. right. I can’t even remember the story line except that Edison Chen was in the movie and that the songs were very nice. right. I think I even got the DVD or VCD for my birthday together with the magnet on the metal box. now.. where did i put it… 一路向北 is once again an emo song which you will need to tide through that tough period in your life where you would just want to soak into the emo-ness and melancholy music.

十一月的萧邦- So in 2005, I learned that Chopin‘s Chinese name was 萧邦 and that Jay Chou really love his music and gathered inspiration from a lot of his pieces for his songs, especially “The Secret” soundtrack. One of my favourite would be “chopin nocturne op. 9 no. 2” (I didn’t know about its existence before Jay and I remember one cheesy line in his movie which said “连萧邦都不知道有着一段” for a portion of the song that he played) Sometimes I really wonder if it was a pity for me to give up piano at such an early age T_T

夜曲 was the 主打in his November’s Chopin album which he did release it in November (exam period). (As I’m writing this.. I’m listening to Chopin’s music as background music and it is currently Spring Waltz which sounds like a complicated version of Marriage D’Armour).

This album was awesome because it had 楓 and the all time favourite but impossible to hit the keys and harmonization song 珊瑚海. Although Coral Sea is an awesome song, it is hardly ever sang “live” as it is very difficult. I remember the days we used to spend in (mainly Teoheng) KTV whereby we attempt to record ourselves using the Nokia phone recorder function. The trick and difficulty about this song is that the girl’s high voice sings downwards, while the guy’s lower voice sings upwards. Hard to achieve but once successfully, the harmonization is awesome!

霍元甲 – I watched his movie because of his song. but it wasn’t too bad.. His 假音in this song was also quite imba..

依然范特西 was his seventh album (staying true to his promise of releasing 1 album every year) and I think it was the best album for me (out of all 11/12 albums)

聽媽媽的話 was a great hit as mums would want the kids to start listening to Jay Chou as it was a meaningful song with positive virtues and values. heh. Great marketing involved in this song but at the same time it was probably a song of gratitude from him to his mum. Simple and catchy and easy to sing a long song.

聽媽媽的話 別讓她受傷 想快快長大 才能保護她 美麗的白髮 幸福中發芽 天使的魔法 溫暖中慈祥..

千里之外 – I love and hate this song. It feels awkward to know that he is having a duet with a singer that caters to our parents generation. I couldn’t feel the connection initially and I remember my mum suddenly asking me to download her first Jay Chou song into her MP3. and from this album onwards, she started noticing his 中国风 song and I’ll be tasked to upload all the 中国风 songs whenever I buy his new album. 迷迭香 was another 中国风song which I think it’s quite nice.

本草綱目 – not exactly my favourite but I was impressed and amused with the (cute and young) chinese vampires and it’s one song that I bet he can’t even remember the lyrics.

退後 – an emo song but oh wells, Hebe’s the main focus of this song as she starred as the 女主角 in his MV. Back then, me and my friend were like hoping they would get together.. right. no luck now because he’s getting married like in a few days time.

“我知道我們都沒有錯 只是放手會比較好過 最美的愛情 回憶裡待續”

白色風車 – I’m always a fan of windmills and going to Taipei and finding these white windmills still remain on my “To Go List” Contrary to my memory, these white windmill did not appear at all in his entire MV, I watched 3 times to re-confirm. The whole MV was all about this huge ring. So.. where do my memories of white windmills come from?  All that I can recall is this Yoga MV from 感同身受..

 photo windmillyoga_zpsca8443e2.jpg

滿城盡帶黃金甲 – Yes he acted in this movie alongside with Gong Li. He was the son if i’m not wrong.

I remember watching this movie with my mother.. and after the show, 菊花台 became her favourite song. This song was one of the most 咬字很清楚 song. Every single word can be heard clearly but some words are too cheme for me to understand.. I’m pretty sure it has a deeper meaning to the song, more than what I can understand on the surface.. Maybe when I grow older, I’ll get it.

2007 was an awesome year because of the movie 不能說的祕密. It was his first time directing his own movie with his own soundtrack with a good storyline (till today, i still have conflicted opinions on the ending, something like inception’s level which would make you spend the next hour or more discussing and debating with your friends what should be the correct interpretation) No it’s not like interstellar. it’s a lot simpler to understand. I remember watching this movie at least 3 times already.

I really like the 主打 song and the introduction part is kind of iconic. And I remember how we always question how did the handphone (which he was endorsing) enter the glass bottle. Kope this interpretation from youtube:


“或許命運的籤 只讓我們遇見”

淡水海邊 (Acoustic Guitar Piece)

湘倫小雨四手聯彈 – attempted to learn but never succeeded beyond the first page of the music scores, but then again that was back in 2007..

First Kiss – this guitar acoustic version sets the music for his 主打 in his next album, 彩虹。

路小雨 – One of the easier piano pieces that I can play at least half on the piano. It somehow requires 3 hands to pay without sounding choppy or maybe I’m not good enough..

Secret – this was the official piano track in the movie. The song which can bring you 20 (or was it 30) years ahead or back into the past depending on how fast/slow you play this song. Since it was the official song, I kind of pressured myself to learn how to play. I can’t remember the outcome but I’m pretty sure I can play at least half of the song (back in 2007/08) when I had time to cope with my studies, CCA, piano.. Back in the days whereby the computer is not located in my room..

小雨寫立可白Ⅰ – Theme song for 小雨#1 (Was it a title that he couldn’t think of a name for?) Anyway, it became a real song with lyrics in his next album – 蒲公英的約定

I really like his OST from the movie and it’s really good music to listen when you’re “on the way” or in the train ride traveling to somewhere. Don’t know how on earth I had this feeling but it feels legit.

Many people has been “criticising” Jay for having songs with the same style, he decided to introduce this style which I thought was rather refreshing (though some people still think it is the same style). The hit song was on cowboy 牛仔很忙 which was also a reflection of his life at that moment with his release of his album titled 我很忙. It was released on the same year as his movie which he directed and acted in. Seems like a pretty busy year but the songs did not disappoint. I like it that he always try to share some positive values in his song

“我雖然是個牛仔 在酒吧只點牛奶 為什麼不喝啤酒 因為啤酒傷身體”

彩虹 was inspired from a musical soundtrack in his movie album. It was one of my favourite melody and it’s nice to know that lyrics were written! Sweet and simple lyrics, written by Jay himself. “看不見妳的笑 我怎麼睡得著 妳的聲音這麼近我卻抱不到”

陽光宅男 – This song didn’t grab too much of my attention when I first heard it but after I attended his concerts, it became a really “high” song for me. If I did not recall wrongly, it was his last song for the 2008 concert. This song never fails to get the fans up on their feet and jump.. After listening to the song after the concert, I began to appreciate the guitar and drums in this song. This song also became a “must sing” song for most of his concerts.

蒲公英的約定 brings back many memories of the movie as the melody was taken from 小雨寫立可白Ⅰ. Sadly, it doesn’t qualify as one of my favourites as I like the melody more than the lyrics. Somehow, the lyrics can’t fit the extremely slow and flat introduction of the song and it could sound a little boring at times.

I was a lot more attracted to 最長的電影 as it has a very nice but sad MV..

Alright 魔杰座 (Capricon) was the second last album I bought. I didn’t like the hit song 龍戰騎士which was the first song of the soundtrack. Always had to skip the song but everything was forgiven when I heard 稻香. It was a countryside song, once again, easy listening and meaningful lyrics. It’s somewhat similar to 聽媽媽的話 where I like it so much that I can remember most of the rap. It was released very timely as it was close to the economic meltdown in 2008 with the collapse of Lehmen Brothers. It depicts the story of an unemployed man going back to his hometown after losing his job and learning to appreciate the simplest things in life.

為什麼人要這麼的脆弱 墮落
珍惜一切 就算沒有擁有

說好的幸福呢 – A beautifully written song, perfect for the piano. It has such an obvious starting that whenever he plays the first few notes, you can totally expect that it is that song but.. jay always like to troll his fans during concerts and say things like “you think you know what song I’m going to play next?” he plays the first few notes of this song and then he plays a different song..

This song is a killer at KTV. the bridge forces you to hold your breathe or take a quick breathe of air without letting go on your vocals :/

跨時代 (The Era) was the last album I bought of him.. It was 2010 and somehow I got magnet-ed away by the K-wave. 超人不會飛 was my favourite song int he album because it has the same style as 稻香 and 聽媽媽的話. The slow talk/rap and simple melody. This song really talk about his 心声 whereby there’s so much pressure for him to be a superman because of all his achievements and so many people has so much expectations from him.

“我到底是一個創作歌手還是好人好事代表” 不要問我哭過了沒 因為超人不能流眼淚~~

說了再見 is similar to 說好的幸福呢 because of its piano vibes but it is a same same but different song.
說了再見 才發現再也見不到~~ 再见 is such a mysterious word for goodbye in chinese context. it’s supposed to mean goodbye but if you break up the word it becomes “See you Again”. cheme-ology 101.

驚嘆號 – I stopped buying his abums at this eleventh album which was the sailor concept. Apparently this alien science fic song was the first song to his concert..

So.. there had to be at least a song which I would like in the entire album right? I chose the 抒情歌 – Mine Mine (which was pretty average, honestly speaking). Nevertheless, I get very amused with the MV because he incorporated an umbrella dance because he has the word 撑伞. Interesting but kind of lame.. I don’t know why but him and slow dance doesn’t really attract me :/

世界未末日 is also quite a decent song and I like that he plays with his old titles. 世界末日 was one of his earlier songs. and how he had an album 范特西 and years later his album become 依然范特西 and probably years later it would be 依旧范特西 or 还是范特西 or 永远范特西 or something cheesy.

十二新作 – Twelfth album – Opus 12 marks the end of his 13 years, 12 albums, 1 album per year promise to his fans (He missed out an album in 2009 – due to his busy filming schedule which includes his first hollywood movie – The Green Hornet).

As usual, I pick up the slow songs first and 明明就 was that song, with the all so familiar piano melody. The best thing about this album is that he has an MV for all his songs and most of them were filmed in somewhat familiar looking gloomy London which fits his emo songs very well.

愛你沒差 is quite a nice song too.

哪裡都是你 was a movie soundtrack from his second self directed chinese musical movie “Rooftop” 天台/屋顶 – similar title as the famous song which we hated to see 吴宗宪 in the MV everything we choose the song on KTV and we will attempt to “cover his face”. The movie was not too bad. Maybe a score of 7.5 against a 10 of “The Secret”. This song was from the movie and it’s quite nice.

在有眼淚的雨裡 哪裡都是你 抱緊你是我逃離的距離
太擁擠 我在你的世界裡 看不清楚的是你還是自己 我們都在等雨停

大笨鐘 – Chirpy song which fits to the liking of 稻香 and 听妈妈的话..

2013 – No album year. Probably busy with his Rooftop movie promotions and dating and planning for his proposal and marriage in 2015 before his 36th birthday (which is in a few days time).

2014 – his Singapore’s concert was postponed from november to december and we were quite lucky that his album (哎呦,不錯哦) was released on 25th December, in time for him to sing new songs for his concert and yes he did indeed sing his new songs!

算什麼男人 features Ariel Lin (her acting is awesome) in the MV (yes she just got married not long ago) and it was filmed in Florence, Italy (Yes I’ve been to that exact bridge, okay maybe its just the same river) too.. maybe he was taking his wedding photos back then.

Maybe these were the mountains Leonardo saw that day. photo 545092_10151093368461209_275959825_n.jpg  photo 269220_10151093368616209_451621302_n.jpg

His guitar acoustic song – Handwritten past 手寫的從前 – though I think he looks a little bit too old for school romance yea? hmm.. but the girl in the MV is really pretty.

His 中国风 song MV without his face (he is most probably too busy with his wedding preparations)

So now that I’m done reminiscing about his songs that mattered to me all these years, it’s time to re-live the concert which happened on 27th December 2014. Really thankful to be able to get first row seats for my category via a seller on carousell. Also managed to sell my original tickets (which was not too bad, middle facing) off carousell too. Although many people have many criticisms about the Sports Hub venue, I am pretty satisfied with it (my seats were not affected by the rain and because I was middle facing, the audio was pretty decent). I also like the fact that 30,000 people can watch his concert together. It is definitely more 壮观 compared to having 3 nights at indoor stadium. The free pink lightstick by M1 was also a brilliant addition to lighten up the atmosphere..

 photo IMG_5115_zps6cca904b.jpg

 photo IMG_5114_zpsc203928a.jpg

 photo IMG_5132_zps2ad2703e.jpg

This is the VIP seating whereby some of the parents of his band members sat. I guess since this concert was his last concert before he gets married (or rather holds his ceremony) since he registered his marraige last year..

 photo IMG_5129_zpsd701e029.jpg

 photo IMG_5124_zpsf14e3e27.jpg

I like the stage setup too. I felt that the screen resolutions were really good. I also enjoyed the lyrics flashing of the songs. It definitely helps a lot in singing along.

 photo IMG_5123_zps009df05d.jpg

 photo IMG_5121_zpsb1949a12.jpg

 photo IMG_5118_zps123e9871.jpg

Don’t know when will be his next concert and I don’t know if I can ever fork out so much time and energy to write such a detailed entry dedicating it to him but oh wells, today is his Birthday (18th January 2015).


—— Continued on 4 Sep 2016 ——

Alright, so yesterday was his 地表最强 concert in Singapore and I guess I can continue with the story on this page instead of creating a new entry. I guess at the end of the day, the only one reading this entry is just.. me alone. Heh.

He did not release any album in 2015. He must have been really busy preparing for the weddings in 3 locations (London, Australia and Taiwan) and the arrival of his daughter in July 2015. The name “Hathaway” (apart from being the last name of Anne Hathway) has a more elaborate story of like Hannah Thaw Jay. So Hannah warming Jay up or something. By the way, Hananh is the wife’s name.

Anyway, there was a really nice song that Jay wrote for a 2013 movie and he re-sang the song in 2015 for himself. It’s a really nice song. So sad that we didn’t get to hear it live during the concert.

Also in 2015, Jay announced that he has taken in a Disciple, 16 year old Patrick Brasca (Taiwanese Canadian mixed), under his company. I though that he could have a huge potential to be successful as his voice is pretty good and he has the looks and height. Moreover, he is still so young and has a long way ahead of him. Hopefully he might be the breakthrough success for artiste signed under JVR. I was pretty glad to see him performing a solo stage during the concert last night. It shows that Jay is really spending a lot of effort to path the road for him and although his performance may not be perfect, it was already amazing for him to perform in front of 40,000 people. Anyway, the song below is the theme song for the Kungfu Panda 3 movie which was a duet between the two.

Jay had another chance to be part of another Hollywood movie – Now You See Me 2 and he sang a pretty cool song for it. I really enjoyed the movie and his part in the movie was quite nice as he is a fan of magic as well. Though the english parts still sound a bit funny but it’s still a delight. He sang this song last night too. I can’t help but laugh at the “one two three four” part which feels like awkward most of the time. Heh.

Anyway, his long anticipated 14th album (the first one since he became a father) was launched in June 2016 which was follow shortly by his concert tour. The most special song of all would be the song he wrote after his four month old daughter fumbled upon some keys on a toy piano which inspired the melody for a song which he ended up writing for her. Well, this is a real talent.

Jay Chou don’t always do duets but when he does, most of it becomes really popular like 屋顶 and 珊瑚海. This duet with A*Mei is really nice too. Have yet to try out singing at KTV though. Anyway, there was a special part during the concert where Jay Chou said he was going to sing 屋顶 and me and my friend was like wow, is there going to be a special guest and it turned out that the “special guest” was us, the audience. It was like a massive KTV session for all of us as we all hope to sing loud enough for him to hear. Sadly, the stadium isn’t build for surround sound and the impact was a lot lesser. To be honest, I’m still torn between having a massive concert for like 40,000 vs a small and cozy concert for 7 to 8k people (at the indoor stadium).

Another song that I enjoyed during his concert was this 说走就走 song. It gives me the 阳光宅男 feel and it was really apt when he went down the stage to touch some hands. One of my favourite songs in his latest album. I like 告白气球 too but there isn’t any MV for it yet.

This is another nice 抒情歌 but I still prefer 告白气球。Well, at least there’s an MV for this. With MV = likelihood of appearing in KTV is higher.

Overall, I enjoyed the concert and I thought my seats were really good but now that I look back on the photos that I’ve taken in 2014, it seems like my 2014 tickets were better. I didn’t have to tilt my head to one side permanently as I was center facing. Another somewhat annoying thing was that the my foam lightstick couldn’t work at all. I guess such things happen but the thing that made me more upset was there was this random guy in front of me who didn’t even bother waving the light stick the entire concert. When the concert ended, I noticed that the paper (which you are suppose to pull out to make it work) was still left at the lightstick! What a waste! I should have just asked him for the lightstick right? Oh wells.. I guess some people are watching the concert for accompaniment while others might just be there as recipients of sponsored tickets.

Really love the pink ocean. I think that all concerts should just provide free lightsticks for the fans. I don’t think the foam stick thing is too expensive to produce.. They should just include it in the cost of the concert tickets! It’s so touching to see so many people gathered together for a performance and to scream for the same person. I guess this is the dream of all singers and performers.


I guess this year I’m somewhat nearer to the stage but when he goes in all the way, I am unable to see him because the stage is quite deep.


I’m so glad that he brought Patrick with him. Anyway, was reading some status update on Facebook and pressed on the ‘Translate button” and his 小派 name became Small Pie after translation. Random but I thought it was a little funny. It was a pity that concert go-ers can’t pay a bit more attention to guest acts. When he was performing, most people just stopped cheering and a lot of people took this time to go to the toilet. I was practically the only one cheering in my area and I had to tone down cause I was the only one =/

Give him more time.. when he gets famous.. all these people will regret not appreciating him earlier! At 16 years old, he is already very talented as he composes his own songs.


Random photo I took but this is taken during 白色风车 performance.


The closest my camera can get.


For the 粉丝点歌 section, he sang 屋顶 (no idea why the girl chose a repeated song T_T), 甜甜的, 你听得到, 前世情人 and Happy Birthday to a guy who came to the concert with his wife. Can I take it that the song was meant for me too since my birthday was like few days back? Aww. I hope he comes every September then!

Took a video of his final song 七里香 which was in fact the finale song for his 2014 concert too! Love the crowd of tens of thousands of fans gathered together for one single purpose.

Anyway, I was suddenly feeling nostalgic last night and I found the video I took of Jay during his 2008 concert. Back the, I was using a Sony Ericcson phone and the quality.. is as such =p

I guess I’ll be back to update this post again in about 2 years time? He kind of promised to be back every 2 years. See you!

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