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3D Printing has been in the news for quite some time and I’m glad to learn more about this cool technology.

3D Printing is as cool as it sounds. In simple words, it means that you can print out whatever your mind (and the designer) can imagine. It can be a customized pen holder, it can be a fanciful paperweight you’ve been doodling about, it can be a simple customized name tag which you’ve been dreaming for. This new technology which drives down the cost of 3D Printers, makes such customized items readily available and affordable to the masses.


1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre #02-18, Singapore
Monday to Friday: 1000-1900
Saturday: 1000-1500
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/printstone.com.sg

I dropped by my friend’s shop few months back to check out this awesome technology.

 photo IMG_2823_zps4d8551e3.jpg

This was the 3D Printer and it feeds the plastic resin from long thin strips as seen from the huge coil of green thing at the right side.

 photo IMG_2822_zps1490252e.jpg

I observed my own customized lego keychain being printed, layer by layer via the tiny and burning tip of the printer. It can be a little therapeutic to just stare at the soft buzzing of the machine, watching your product grow by the millimeter.

 photo IMG_2825_zpscc491494.jpg

If you can watch, here’s the video:

This was the final product and yes the word is FLYHONEYSTARS. It is approximately 8cm long and it is of rather high quality. I have been attempting to bend it but to no avail.

IMG_6229 IMG_6236

Since this was such a cool and ‘in’ thing right now, I decided to make a customized clique identity for my clique of 10-11 years. Now we all have the same thing – but in different colours!

IMG_2821  IMG_6227

Another popular design for key rings – just printing the two initials of your name.



Other cool designs (Cr: Printstone Facebook Page)

Photo: Revolver Gun in Black and Brown

Whatever product your mind can imagine, 3D printing will make your imagination into a real product 😀

Website: http://geargina.wix.com/printstone

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