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Following the success of “You are the Apple of My Eye 那些年我们一起追的女孩”, the director is back with his second love movie – “Cafe. Waiting. Love.等待一个人的咖啡”

Watched this movie a few hours ago and I am at currently doing my CSI research on this awesome filming location – yes, the cafe.

Just a little background info on the cafe, it was built solely for the movie and the original plan was that the set would be destroyed after the filming but someone awesome (or rather a company) decided to buy the place and run the place as a real cafe.

In recent weeks/months (after the release of the movie on 15th August 2014), this cafe got really popular. (Seems like taiwan is not spared from the cafe hopping craze/hobby.) After reading some reviews online, sadly, the food and coffee is pretty average. Then again, it’s usually the case for such popular places as the crowd totally kills off the idea of a cafe. Ideally, Cafes are supposed to be a laid back and chill out place which is not too crowded. Agree?

Prices at Cafe Waiting Love are also on the steep side. $120NT (approx $5+SGD) for cheesecake, $250NT for some breakfast dishes and from the photos, there seem to be this really cool DIY coffee (called ‘阿不思特調($190NT) Abusi Specialty – named after the Barista in the show’) whereby you can customize your coffee with the amount of milk, chocolate, sugar and so on.

I bet that this DIY coffee concept will be replicated in Singapore shortly. (though I’m not sure if there is any in the market right now; cafe hopping fanatics – do advise!)

Now, for the most important information of this entire entry – Address and directions to this place:

營業時間:平日 AM 11:00 ~ PM 21:00、假日 平日 AM 11:00 ~ PM 21:00

Address: Taipei, Wen Shan District, No.1, Level 1, Yishou Street, Lane 44
Opening Hours: 11AM to 9PM

Facebook Page:

Directions (with help of Google Map):

(1) Take the train to Qizhang Station 七张站 (松山新店线 Song Shan Xin Dian Line)
(2) Exit the station, cross the road to the other side and take bus 793. Bus should be traveling in the south direction. Bus should be traveling towards Taipei Zoo Station.
(3) Alight after 5 stops, approximately 7 mins bus ride at Jingmei Girls School. 景美女中
(4) Follow my map below and you will reach this lovely cafe 😀

The image below is screenshot from google map street view on Jan 2014. Seems like the filming was done earlier this year as if you zoom in closer, you can see that the furniture is already inside the cafe.

Some Taiwanese bloggers who have been to this place:

Well, seems like I’ve been neglecting Taiwan travel tips for a pretty long time. The last trip I had there was back in 2009.. wow it’s been five years.. Maybe next year, during a stopover for my potential okinawa trip.. i’m still figuring out the difference between “day dream” and “it’s my dream”. hmm..

Is the movie worth watching in cinemas?

I would agree with most movie reviewers – it is pretty average (since “you are the apple of my eye was the benchmark”) with quite a number of laughter points 笑点. Then again, Taiwanese movies usually appear online really quickly but I guess we should support the new cast and the director.

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