Sutera Harbour – Sunset Cruise on Puteri Sutera Yacht


This yachting experience was one of my favourite part of the trip – watching sunset on a yacht in the middle on the sea. We started our adventure at about 4:30pm from the Sutera Marina Harbour. We sailed on the beautiful Puteri Sutera, which was 13m * 6.5m* 1.2m deep. It has an air-conditioned interior with two ensuite double cabins. Included in the package would be a 4-men crew and this yacht can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 guests. The activities that you can engage includes fishing, snorkeling, diving or just chilling out in the sun. From couples to families to groups of friends or even for corporate events, this yachting activity is perfect for a luxurious outing.

The Puteri Sutera is available for term, full day, half day or hourly charter with a selection of menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and an open bar.
Here’s the video I have edited from my GoPro footages. Forgive me for the shakiness – It’s my first time and I have no idea how to remain still on a moving boat.
Please watch the video early because I’m not sure how long this link might stay valid as I have added in some music which may have Copyright issues but it was the best music that can fit this video.
Before we board the yacht, we had to remove our shoes and place it in a box as no footwear is allowed on board. It was a good move as it ensured that the yacht is kept sparkling clean. Despite the cushion and seats and floor being white, I was pretty impress with the cleanliness of the yacht.

I love the choice of the stripe and dots cushion covers. Love the shade of blue too as it looks really inviting.

For the first part of the journey, they sailed the boat close to the shore to give us a “city tour” from the water. As seen below, these are the fishing boats which supplies Kota Kinabalu with its abundant seafood.

There were many still-in-construction establishments which could be hotels, malls, apartments or even office space. In recent years, Kota Kinabalu has been receiving a lot of foreign investments and more and more developments have been sprouting all over the city centre. It is likely to have a booming economy.

Along the waterfront, there is a fish market (a place which I would have to visit on my next trip), a waterfront dining/clubbing/pub-ing area and many other interesting sights.

After the “city tour”, we proceeded towards the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. There are several beautiful resorts (think Maldives style but half price) at the back of Gaya Island, the largest island in this area.

On Gaya Island (the largest island in the marine park), there are 3 resorts – Gaya Island Resort, Gayana Eco Resort and Bunga Raya Resort. If I’m not wrong, the one below is Gayana.

It’s really glad to know that the state government of Sabah has placed a huge emphasis on conservation. Even for the construction of such resorts, they have ensured that minimal damages are done to the environment. As a result, there’s a resort featuring villas which camouflages within the trees. This had been done as in order to cut the least amount of trees.

One of the best places to chill in this yacht is at the front where there  is a pointed out portion with a wooden bench. If you sit at this area and look right in front of you, the view and wind is the most amazing thing ever. I think I sat there for a really long time.

As the sun slowly crawls down the somewhat cloudy sky (I do know that the earth moves around the sun, not the other way around), we crossed our fingers and prayed hard that we will be able to see the sun setting down into the horizon.

At about 6pm, the crew brought out the tapas snacks which had been prepared specially for us. I like it that the dishes were neatly plated.Plus points for the luxurious feel.

We were semi-lucky to be able to see a circular sun slithering its way into the horizon 😉

(What would it have been if the sunset was perfect) Oh wells, maybe next time I’ll try again!

Photo Cr:

It’s funny how we Singaporeans love to go overseas to see an ocean or sea which is totally empty and tourists come to our nation and feels impressed with the never-ending container ships we see from the coastline of east coast park all the way to sentosa and beyond. Hmm. Anyway, the picture on the right with the arc shadow in the middle is the famous 4,095m Mt Kinabalu.

The sky is even more beautiful after the sunset. The colours of the sky reminds me of paddlepop. Perhaps Paddlepop ice cream got is impression from the sky after the sunset.

Any resemblance? Blue, pink/purple + yellow.


It had been a fantastic 2 hours + experience and I am really thankful for the opportunity.

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