[Filming Location, Tongyeong ] You who came from the Stars @ Jangsado Sea Park


I have just finished watching episode 19 o   f You who came from the Stars and I am glad that I’ve managed to find the filming location for the mysterious island which Do Min Joon had teleported Cheon Song Yi to.

It was a place filled with trees with red Camellia flowers and there were some iconic structures which allowed me to confirm this filming location. It is pretty scenic too, with breathtaking views that overlooks the sea and other islands.

FYI: While researching, it seems like running man episode 127 has been to this place before. Also, tongyeong has also been featured in KBS’s variety show: The Dreaming Sea.

After sharing with you the goodness of this place, i’m gonna have to burst the bubble of the accessibility of this place. It is very far. 

FYI: Tongdo Fantasia is the filming location in Episode 6 where Hwi Kyung brought Song Yi to this theme park and they sat the ferris wheel. Following which, Min Joon freeze the time which changed Song Yi’s mind about agreeing to be Hwi Kyung’s girlfriend. You can read more about this location in this entry.

Official Photos:

Kr Official website: http://jangsado.co.kr/

How to get to this lovely island: Camellia Jangsa-do

  1. Nambu bus terminal in Seoul -> 4.5 hours bus ride to Tongyeong
    The travel distance is 372km  and it cost 21,800W (normal service).
  2. Go to Tongyeong Ferry Terminal
  3. Ferry – 15,000W (adult) (UPDATE! As at 1st July 2014, price has been increased to 20,000W)
  4. Entrance to Jangsa-do, 8,500W (adult)

Cr: http://tikntok.tistory.com/182 & http://bamnwind.tistory.com/547 (Korean)

By the way, this is a result of my guess-timation as a lot of the information I am reading about has been translated to english via google translate. As of now, I haven’t found any english blogs which provide any details about getting to this island. In the near future, it should happen as this drama has been really really popular!

(UPDATE) english blog with directions and pictures:

As I read on (with a poor grasp of korean) I think there are probably some kind of packages available which could possibly bring you along some island hoping thing? I’m really not certain about this but you can surf the korean links: 


The highlight of the island would be the Camellia Flowers which blooms from November till April, with its peak in Jan-Feb, which I believe was near the time of filming too. This island is a popular place for hiking (koreans favourite past time) and there are many routes that you can explore.
If the translation doesn’t fail me, this island was kind of officially launched in January 2012. Back then, there was a quite a big publicity done on this island which attracted tv stations to film there. From the photos, the architecture does look very new.

Photos: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%EC%9E%A5%EC%82%AC%EB%8F%84%ED%95%B4%EC%83%81%EA%B3%B5%EC%9B%90/210229492409084

Accommodation is available too:

If you happen to be in the area, you can explore the other gems of Tongyeong too. This is their official tourism page in ENGLISH: http://eng.tongyeong.go.kr/main/ However, there is 0 information of this beautiful island as at Feb 2014. I believe it would be updated in the near future =)

Sorry for the somewhat disorganized and incomplete travel guide for this filming location. I will do an update when I am able to google for more information, or perhaps even visiting this place for real!

Hope you find this useful anyway. If you have visited this place, I would love to hear from you too. Thanks!

Update (Friends visited in Summer 2014):

If you plan to visit Jangsa-do, you should explore the gems of Tongyeong. There’s a very beautiful mural village – Dongpirang Mural Village

tongyong1 tongyong2 tongyong3 tongyong4 tongyong5 tongyong6

Photos taken at Jangsa-do, Camellia


camellia4 camellia3  This is the exact place they teleported to!



** Photos credit: Tammy

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