[Filming Location, Yangsan ] My Love from the Star @ Tongdo Fantasia


Alright this Kim Soo Hyun + Jun Ji Hyun drama, My love from the Stars 별에서온그대 has been really popular these days and it is currently airing in Korea!

As always, I was attracted to a particular scene in the drama and I went mad trying to find the filming location.

(It took me two unsuccessful nights of searching through key words in google images. I found it on a Instagram hashtag eventually.)

The location was featured at the end of episode 6 & the start of episode 7 where the second lead brought the girl to an amusement park, just to ride the Ferris wheel.

No it was not as pretty as the one on Wolmi-do but the round and colourful  carriage attracted me.

Also, the backdrop of the castle was memorable too.

Img Cr: http://forums2.popcornfor2.com/index.php?showtopic=64856&st=5040

Where is this beautiful place located?

Address: 68 Tongdo 7-Gil, Habuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

It is located between Yangsan and Ulsan (Southwest of Seoul) and it is very inaccessible. From the only korean website: http://www.fantasia.co.kr/main.htm,  it seems like they are only catering to the local korean market for now. However, thanks to google translate, I manage to navigate rather decently on the website. 

There are public buses to this place from Busan, Ulsan and Yangsan:

Transportation Departure Arrivals Allocation time Time Remarks
Long-distance non-stop (three won) Busan Bus Terminal (Nopo-dong) Sinpyeong (Tongdosa) 20 minutes 40 minutes Finish the
10-20 minutes
Ulsan Intercity Bus Terminal (Samsan) Sinpyeong (Tongdosa) 5th (one day) 40 minutes
Yangsan my bus (number 12) Myeongryundong metro station Sinpyeong (Tongdosa) 10 minutes 80 minutes
Yangsan my bus (63) Eonyang Intercity Bus Terminal Sinpyeong (Tongdosa) 10 minutes 40 minutes
Yangsan my bus (67 times) Dreaming of the subway station Sinpyeong (Tongdosa) 14th (one day) 80 minutes

They have also done a feature of the drama in their website:

It is only 26,000W for an adult ticket. A really reasonable price compared to Everland and Lotte World. They have rides that looks really exciting and thrilling but there are kiddy rides as well.

I also chanced upon this interesting sky bike too. I really want to try such a ride some day.

FYI: They were  in a green cabin.

Beautiful place 🙂

Not very certain that I will visit this place in future due to its inaccessibility but who knows? I might just make it happen somehow =p

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