Looking forward to my Bali trip which is actually less than X weeks away! Pretty excited about this trip as there will be someone to bring us and tour around and hopefully cover the less touristy places which is always the aim of my every vacation. Oh yeah! I guess it’s time for me to throw in all the random places that I want to visit.

1. Conrad Bali Resort & Spa

Yes this is just too beautiful to be true. I need to be there to verify if it is not just pretty in photos only. This Infinity Chapel reminds me of the Guam chapel (St. Laguna Chapel) which I really love too. The first thing that my friend said when I showed her this image was that this is for weddings! =( I’m no where near that phase in life. But who cares, I want to go there =p I’ve already thought of a plan. If people are questioning us on trespassing or whatsoever, i’ll inform them that i’m currently looking for a solemnization venue and take their name card and tell them that i’ll drop an email asking for quotation.

2. Waterbom Bali

Forget about Fantasy Island, forget about Caribbean Bay, this water theme park is way cooler than any of the previous water parks I’ve visited. Looking at the photos and videos alone gives me an adrenaline rush. It’s been a long while since I’ve last taken thrilling rides. I don’t know what my courage level would be that day but if I’m going *fingers crossed* I’ll try my best on all the rides, except for the one which I tried in korea. In Waterbom, it is called “CLIMAX” and it features a trapdoor which opens up and gives u the feeling of free fall for a moment or two D: The worse part of this ride is that people do actually get stuck if their body is not positioned correctly and there is not enough force to make the loop… no, no, no, i’m not trying this again. The video that I found doesn’t look that scary but in reality i’m sure it is!!!

3. Lake Bratan

It is ranked as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful lake. Situated between two volcanoes, people often visit this beautiful Balinese-styled temple, Pura Ulun Danu. Apparently, the lake offers a wide variety of water activities like parasailing and water-skiing. Haven’t decided what time in the day as the best feel. Misty morning, bright and sunny afternoon or orangey sunset. Even though it is gonna be an approximately 2 hours drive from Denpasar, I hope I will be able to make the trip there =)

4. Surfing at Kuta/Sanur Beach

I don’t know why I even think that I could surf. Budgeting about $30 to 80 for this activity. I guess it would be more like a discovery surf program for 1-2 hours. I have no idea how surfing is like, just that it is known to be a difficult sport to master, or even learn =/ Who knows, I might just lie on a rental board and just chill.. Well. apart from surfing in Bali, I guess we can try out the other water sports such as kayaking, white water rafting or snorkeling. There are many water sports waiting for myself and I to try it out!

5. Uluwatu

This place looks so beautiful but for most visitors, their memories are filled with playful monkeys ruining everything possible. According to wikitravel, “Behind the cuddly facade, lies a cunning thief.”
The key attraction here is the Uluwatu temple, situated at the edge of the cliff. Seems like the sunset view is highly recommended as well. Looking forward to standing at the edge of the cliff, watching the waves crash into shore. It’s gonna be pretty awesome I hope. Hopefully we can make it there at the right time!

How I wish I could extend my Bali trip to a week or more. While doing my research, I’ve realised that there are so many more places and islands that I could visit. One of which would be Komodo island to see Komodo Dragons. They look so huge and ugly yet adorable at the same time. (Thinking of the movie Land before Time)

Then, I also stumbled upon this island, north-east of south kuta, Lembongan Island, 25 mins boat ride away from Sanur Beach. From its name alone, I’m sure it is a nice place! Being quietly tucked at a corner, you do not have to worry about multiple tourist traps or traffic. With its seclude surroundings, it is a heaven for marine life, especially if you’re a fan of diving or snorkeling. There’s even a place called “Dream Beach” too.

It is likely that I will return to Bali again (oh my why am I saying this when I have not even went on my first trip)

By the way, I booked my Bali tickets at approx $120 (without baggage) via Tiger Airlines. Will be staying at  Amadea Resort & Villas which has 4.5 stars rating on Trip Advisor! According to the reviews, the service there has been really good!

Do drop by again some time later for my review, after I’ve visited that place in XX days time 🙂

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