[Filming Location, Incheon] Wolmi My Land at Wolmi-do


Finally decided to start this series on filming locations!

I’ve decided to separate out the posts as my previous post seems to be a little lengthy and hard to read.

Hopefully such individual entries would be easier for people to google and find what they want!

My obsession was triggered again when I watched K.will’s Love Blossom MV

A huge sense of familiarity came within me as I pondered on
(1) why the song sounds so familiar, have I heard it before? and
(2) where have I seen this amusement park before..

The cute carriages on the Ferris wheel attracted me greatly.

Photo Cr: http://blog.korea.net/?p=15101

Yes. The amusement park (Wolmi My Land) in Wolmido has been featured in K.will’s Love Blossom MV and We got Married feat. SHINee’s Taemin & Naeun + Key & Eunji on their double date!

Found the videos for the WGM episodes which feature this place. You can look at the wonderful rides that you can take while you’re there in the videos!

Wolmido Island (월미도) seems to be a hidden gem in Incheon.

Apart from the amusement park, it is a good place to go to
(1) watch the sunset since it lies on the western coast.
(2) eat fresh seafood or BBQ seafood
(3) walk to Wolmido Park and climb up the mountain for a breathtaking view
(4) take the ferry ride around the island
(5) visit incheon’s chinatown which is opposite the subway station

How to get there:
From Incheon Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) take Bus 2, 15, 23 or 45 or take a 10-minute taxi ride to the island.

English blogs that have visited Wolmido
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(4) http://pilgrimwithapassport.blogspot.sg/2013/07/incheon-chinatown-and-wolmi-island.html


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