Pre-Planning for.. First ever Sponsored Trip Overseas


Highlights of the Trip

Gwangjang Market

Directions: Jongno 5-ga station, Line 1, Exit 8 or Euljiro 4-ga station, Line 2 or 5, Exit 4.

This is a market selling mainly traditional products (e.g. Hanboks) and there’s also a wide variety of food!! This is the place to go if you want a taste of korean life!

Samsung d’light

I’m sure everyone knows the brand “SAMSUNG” by now! Random info, in chinese it actually means 3 stars! This is probably a heaven for people who Samsung lovers and there’s also an interactive zone whereby you can hands-on their new products! I’m so gonna try the NX1000 when I’m there.. who knows, I might really love and if they give me a good price.. I might come home $XXX poorer =p

Apgujeong-dong & Garosu-gil

Yangpyeong – Rail Biking

Something that I wanted to try and this was part of my winning entry! This is really going to be exciting~

Greentopia – Farming Experience

I don’t know what type of farming we’re gonna do but I hope we will be able to eat whatever we have farmed =D

Makgeoli Pub

This is my favourite drink =p

Han River Cruise

I’ve cycled along the Han river before.. but I have never taken a cruise along the han river~ kind of excited about this experience..

Shopping @ IFC Mall

Shopping mall in Yeouido which features many international brands! I’m looking forward to see their spanish collection (Zara, Berska, ..) and i’m kind of wondering if the prices will be cheaper..

Heyri & Paju

Directions: Hapjeong Station Exit 2, Bus #200. Frequency: approx 30 mins and journey time is 60~80 mins!

This Place is actually very near to the 38th Parallel and it was a newly created city back in 1997!!

There’s an art village here and probably a lot of artistic shots waiting to be taken!!

At the same place, there’s a book and english village as well but I think for this itinerary, we will only have time for the art village!

SkinAnniversary @ Beautytown

If I am not wrong.. we are going to go through a skincare workshop.. kind of afraid of this because my skin isn’t very good.. but then again, i hope it will be beneficial and i can learn something to make my skin better..

Noraebang @ Hongdae

i hope i won’t be too shy to sing a tune or two.. & what is so (un)awesome about this place is that everyone can see what you’re doing from the outside!! i guess i have to be careful and not get too crazy =/

Korean Air Aviation Facility Tour

no idea what we are going to do here but i guess it would be interesting since i’m rather interested in the aviation industry.. will be an eye-opener for me!!

Where are we staying?

Somewhere near Apgujeong, Sinsa station & Han River =D

Places to sneak out to:

Lotte Mart @ Seoul Station (1oam to 12mn)

Directions: Line 1 or 4, Exit #1

Lotte Mart @ Jamsil Station (1oam to 12mn)

Directions: Line 2 or 8 , Exit #4


Today is -4 days to the trip and the only preparation I have done is to change money, exchange rate 889, and write down the list of things that my friends ask to buy..

Apologies for the lag in updates and I will try my best to do micro blogging from Korea!

I’m so excited.. are you?

Stay tuned :]

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