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Seems like I’m back to blog about Korea once again! (I’m sure most of my readers are interested in my Korea entries more than anything else =p)

My friend showed me this advertisement on the Korea Tourism Organization Facebook page that day and the moment I saw it, I knew that I was so going to take part in it!

I’ve been thinking of visiting eastern korea by train and I guess it’s time to set the foundation stones for my thoughts! It has been more than a year since I last went to Korea and I kind of miss it somehow. I really love to travel and I’ve satisfied most of my kpop cravings back in my previous trip and I guess it’s time to take on the road less traveled.

Last summer when I visited Korea, despite spending 48 days, I did not take any train rides. (Excluding the metro) Back then, I had the luxury of time and we decided to keep cost low and add a little excitement and travel to random cities which people won’t usually visit in Korea.

So, we did minimal planning, not even booking our accommodation before hand! At the point in time, worse come to worse was that we could stay over in the spa. Nevertheless, during our “anyhow-whack” trip, we started off with Andong, famous for its masks, and had dinner with a random Korean we met at the bus stop because we were lost. The next day, we ended up joining a Korean speaking tour but it was worth it because it transported us to the sightseeing attractions which would have otherwise been extremely troublesome with the less frequent public transport.

Another gem city we discovered was Pohang. We know of this city from a lonely planet book and since we were almost done with Gyeongju, we decided to just take a bus to Pohang. (That’s the flexibility you get without any reservation for accommodation) We ended up by the beach, having an awesome seafood dinner with the sea breeze blowing through your hair. and after dinner, you walk to a convenience store to buy a can of makkoli and you drink it while walking along the beach. Awesome?

 photo 282567_10150341023221209_2914127_n.jpg

I even managed to play some traditional Korean game and I even won a prize!

 photo 263367_10150341023856209_8091591_n.jpg

The next day, we decided to visit their iconic attraction which was the place where you can see the (first) sunrise of Korea. I put it as (first) because I have read other articles where other cities claim that they are the first too.. If only I woke up earlier & if only.. we could have seen something like this:

 photo 254652_10150341031446209_2783026_n.jpg

But we only saw this:

 photo 283942_10150341026551209_4733418_n.jpg

(This is the prelude of my entry post for the contest.. )

I miss this part of Korea so much that I told myself that I will visit the eastern coast of Korea one day, by train (a transport which I failed to try).

Which is why.. my topic for my entry post will be: I want to take a train ride along the eastern coast of South Korea.

To be continued..

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