Back to Singapore – 2nd Plane ride alone~


Just got cheated by the person at the boarding. He told me that I was not allowed to bring my duty free items of chocolates and one sparkling liquor into the aircraft and of course I went mad. I was like how can it be and blah blah.

So finally I said, couldn’t I at least take the chocolates out and he said no you can’t and that I should have checked beforehand. And I insisted that I have checked and blah blah blah and then with a straight face he said he was just kidding and seriously I was like WTH inside me and left with a forced thank you. Zzz. Since when do I have the look that I dont mind getting cheated? It was 35 euros worth of food!!

Now that I’m sitting down in the plane, praying that the seat beside me would be empty!

It has been a long 30 days in this Europe trip. One of my most, or rather my most tiring trip my whole life. 30 days of hardcore travel and covering 10 major cities, 6 countries, taking 5 domestic flights, countless train rides. It had been a long while. I think I tried all airlines once. Ryan air, British airways, easy jet, vueling and aer lingus. Including my to and for flights, I’ve taken 9 airplane rides this year. Gosh >_<

In the weeks ahead, I will be reflecting about my trip, providing tips and updates and my own experiences and recommendations. I hope that I will be able to do a good job or an excellent one and fulfill the aims of my travel blog!

And now it’s off to the movies in the in flight entertainment before I fall asleep.

Welcome back to Singapore (:

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