Part 3: Raining in London with Harry Potter


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Day 6

Greetings from London!

(but the truth is I’m on the train ride to Versailles right now)

By the way, i don’t really have much photos for London as it was so gloomy that i just didn’t feel like taking out my camera at all >_<

After the 4 hours train ride from Edinburgh, we arrived in London slightly after 14:45pm. Train arrived early and that was a good thing as timeliness is something they emphasis a lot as the opposite always happens.

Arrived at kings cross station (yes the Harry potter one) via platform 9 3/4 (just kidding) and dragged our luggage to the YHA St Pancras hostel which was a short 5 mins walk away, opposite the british public library which we didn’t set foot in at all. Checked into the hostel, which was a 4-bed female dorm with attached toilet. Looks pretty decent i guess. we stayed for 3 nights and the people in the hostel changed every night.

Unpack and pack up and went off to leceister square.Roamed around and there was actually the movie premier for the snow white show! It stars the girl from twilight I think? There were a lot of people and they were building the stage with a lot of media staff present as it got later.

Piccadilly Circus. the fountain scene where harry potter suddenly appeared in London.

 photo 317934_10151073314521209_1734832348_n.jpg

We were thinking of watching a musical since we had a long train ride. Shortlisted Lion King and Les Mis and decided on Les Mis since Lion King doesn’t run on a Monday. Went around to source for the cheapest and reasonable tickets and we finally settled for a t les Miserables restricted view tickets for $26.50. We kind of missed 5~10 mins of the show as we couldn’t see the whole stage. We didn’t exactly get half price tickets too since the face value was only 35 pounds! But it was reasonable.

Day 6 in London: Les Miserables! photo 197732_10150991339916209_1674434814_n.jpg

Went for dinner at four seasons (roasted pork, char siew and chicken) with beef hor fan and soup dumplings and gosh we were so bloated = it wasnt too expensive actually!

Day 6 Chinese food in London @ four seasons photo 177535_10151010293751209_18691902_o.jpg

After dinner, we wondered around and digested the food till our musical.

 photo 285692_10151073315766209_467396250_n.jpg

The theatre was really grand, though small it was a lot smaller than esplanade but it means that we were really close to the stage. Anyway, we got stalls seats which means that we were on the lowest ground of the theatre but it was the 3rd last row and we missed the performances which had really high props.

Watched Les Miserable: One of the oldest or the longest running musical in London about French Revolution. photo 206111_10151073316441209_1678732190_n.jpg

To be honest, I did not really under Les Miserables as I did 0 research beforehand so it was a little hard to grasp the story line. Their voices are really awesome and for the fact that they do not use any microphones at all. Nevertheless, there were some accents or some phrases I couldn’t catch so I couldn’t really hear some parts properly.

Anyways, the picture of the girl actually represents Cosette, the lead girl in the whole musical.

To summarize the story (I had to watch a 52-episode anime to fully grasp the whole idea), Les Miserables, a book written in 1862,  is a story about poverty, monarchy, unrequited love, love, trust, betrayal, hope, charity, faith, …

It starts of with this prisoner, 24601, Jean Val-Jean (pronounced as John), who was in prison because he stole bread for his starving family members. And his jail term was supposed to be two years but it extended to 19 years after his numerous attempts at escaping. Then he finally got released out of jail after 19 years, (probably 30-40+) where he continued to steal/rob or whatever just to stay alive. Prisoners were given yellow identification card (different from others) and that they will forever be marked with the label of “criminal”. So one fine day, Bishop Myriel took him in and fed him with food and instead of repenting, he decided to steal the silverware and escape! Betraying the trust the bishop had in him, he escaped in the night and got caught by the police for stealing the silverware! However, Bishop Myriel came and told the police that the silveware were presents and that he forgot to bring the silver candlesticks too. Before he left, Bishop told him that he hope that he would use the silver to make an honest man of himself. Just when he decided to turn over a new leaf, he accidentally got accused of stealing a coin from a young boy and he was forced into hiding from the police. He eventually survived using an alias of Monsieur Madeleine.

Separate from the first part, there as this young mother, Fantine with her daughter Cosette. It was very hard to find a job since she had a daughter so she eventually left her daughter with a corrupted and evil inn keeper while she went to another town to look for a job in the factory. She offered to pay the innkeeper money to take care of her daughter. However, after she left, her daughter Cosette was ill-treated and used as a maid/slave for the family, without Fantine’s knowledge and years went by..

Fantine got a job in Monsieur Madeleine factory. By then Madeleine was a really rich man who opened a black glass button factory? He is very generous and he helps the poor in any and every way possible. Unlucky Fantine lied that she did not have a daughter hoping that it was a higher chance of obtaining a job and eventually when the other factory workers found out, they made a big fuss out of it and eventually she got fired from the factory. Then she roamed the streets, did odd jobs until one day she got bullied by two man and got caught by the police and Madeleine’s assistant saved her. By then, Fantine was already suffering from a terminally ill disease and her last wish was to see her daughter, Cosette.

After a series of complications, Madeleine failed to bring Cosette to Fantine before she dies but she promised her to take care of her daughter. Madeleine’s true identity was suspected by Javert (this policeman who believes that criminals can never turn over a new leaf), and he was on the run again.  Nevertheless, he managed to find Cosette, saved her from her torture back at the innkeeper and they started a new life in Paris.

Under Javert’s constant search, Val Jean had to seek refuge in a convent as a gardener while Cosette could attend school. Many years past and they decided to live outside (assuming the Javert has given up on his search). Val Jean still had his piles of money and they led a moderately good life. Cosette and Marius fell in love with each other at Luxembourg Park. *gheez* Anyway, the innkeeper and their family happened to went broke and they went to Paris and live on by begging and cheating and robbing. By then, their eldest daughter, Eponine, fell in love with Marius too. and they happened to be neighbours because Marius fell out with his rich grandfather and was self-supporting himself.

At that time, Paris was in a pathetic situation because of corruption and the poor and the rich divide is very big. Val Jean continued with his charitable acts and constantly fear the Javert (who seems to be everywhere near him). So the students were planning a revolution to go against the government. Initially they wanted to seek for a less violent approach but this general which was their “bridge” died and the situation was getting really bad so they planned a revolution on the day after his funeral.

The revolution was a failure because almost everyone is inexperienced and obviously lost out when the french army had the big cannons and more artillery. So, very sadly, everyone died with the exception of Val Jean and Marius. One very touching part was the Eponine sacrificed her life for Marius despite knowing that Marius only has his eyes for Cosette. (unrequited love). Also, Val Jean went to take part in the revolution because he wanted to protect Marius as he believed that Marius could be the one taking after Cosette in future. So because of his promise to Fantine, he risked his life and saved Marius. Then he was caught by Javert but he eventually spared Val Jean because Val Jean spared his life previously during the revolution.

It was really sad to see everyone die in the revolution (the anime played really sad music). Most of the participants are intellectual students who hope to fight for a good cause but they died feeling that they sacrificed their lives for the greater future. Anyway, that revolution was a failure because they did not gain the support of the masses, like seriously everyone, to support them. Probably due to a lack of proper planning and it was done quite hastily. They would have needed the support of the army too.

Anyway, it was a happy ending eventually and Cosette and Marius got married. Val Jean died years later from a terminal disease.

Apologies for my long summary >_< i just had to get all these out of my head since i watched the anime two days ago. It was really a good story which left me thinking for a long time.

(At this moment (on my way to Versailles)  there’s some really interesting busking in the train. I hear trumpet sounds and everyone in the train seems really excited)

(and omg, the sounds were from the blow piano thing and a saxophone. I really fail at recognizing music; ha)

Went back to hostel after the musical and I was praying really hard that there will be no one else in the room; which means that we will get a “private room”. However, to our disappointment, there was someone else in the room. But things didn’t turned out too bad either!

We met this really nice Japanese girl who stopped working to come to Britain to work on an organic farm. (and she was from the financial sector) we hit off quite well and we even exchanged emails and had breakfast together the next day! So far, she’s the only one I have added on Facebook after meeting randomly at the hostel. Hmm.

The toilet was okay but shower was weird because the spray was going everywhere. Oh wells. The bed was comfortable and we slept soundly.

Day 7

Went for breakfast together with our new friend at the metro station!

Breakfast was belgian waffles with greek yogurt! i think it was 5 pounds D:

Day 7 breakfast! Belgian waffle with Greek yoghurt and strawberries~ photo 457533_10151018241186209_790476380_o.jpg

Oh! And we took photo with the 9 3/4 platform (which was FAKE because they didn’t want people to disrupt their usual operations). It was just a memorable photo. Oh wells. Land of Harry potter!!

This isn't the original 9 3/4 sign in King Cross Station. They actually shifted it so that tourist won't have to go to the actual platform and disturb everyone else.. the original sign is purple in colour. photo 576780_10151073316671209_588893062_n.jpg

Very pretty king cross station.

The station is quite well-furnished as seen from the interesting ceiling structure. photo 601167_10151073318386209_1405421517_n.jpg

After that, we headed straight to the buckingham palace and managed to catch the changing guards parade at 1130am. However, there were so much construction around there because they were building the stage for the diamond jubilee concert and we couldn’t really get a good view of the palace and fountain together.

Outside Buckingham's palace. photo 552802_10151073319291209_442613573_n.jpg

When the flag is up, it means that the Queen is inside the palace. photo 421549_10151073320221209_1903901034_n.jpg

 photo 295059_10151073321261209_1277996836_n.jpg

 photo 181798_10151073323976209_920123346_n.jpg

 photo 599568_10151073326851209_680388359_n.jpg

When the flag is up, it means that the Queen is in the palace!

Took a long walk to Hyde park (the largest park) and took photos along the lake.

Entrance to Hyde Park photo 599974_10151073329471209_1908050180_n.jpg

 photo 581092_10151073330146209_1459304624_n.jpg

It was really super windy and cold despite the (short) sunshine.

 photo 556417_10151073331196209_684990799_n.jpg

 photo 577488_10151073332031209_654231444_n.jpg

Then we proceeded to harrods (I think it started drizzling) and we had to run an errand where my friend’s mum requested for a burberry bag and it was a whole mess before we managed to get the bag.

Harrods Departmental Store! photo 301801_10151073332261209_806007768_n.jpg

Bought take out at a sushi place because dine in was 20% more expensive!!! I bought those fan tuan thingy and salmon sashimi. Not bad and price was expensive but it was okay.

Day 7 lunch - sushi @ Hyde park! photo 413423_10151018245431209_1938907694_o.jpg

And suddenly, it started raining like cats and dogs like non stop and omg it was terrifying.

Then we went to the national portrait gallery and saw many interesting paintings! Including one of the four sunflowers of Van Gogh! We left went the museum close at 6.

National Portraits Gallery!FYI: all museums in London is Free!!! photo 575872_10151073332716209_1052151267_n.jpg

 photo 556453_10151073332956209_544055365_n.jpg

 photo 522736_10151073333776209_1245173212_n.jpg

You see the gloomy sky~

 photo 577473_10151073333506209_384715827_n.jpg

Walked back to the shopping area and stepped into prime mart!! Gosh it was extremely crowded and I stepped our with shorts.

(Okay reached the Versailles train station)

(now im like queuing for Versailles tickets; been standing for 15 mins and seems like another 15-20 more mins to go)

Left shortly before prime mart closed at 10 and went to pret and mangle to get a soup and it was dinner so late! Argh starving but the hot soup saved the day.

Day 7 dinner: mushroom soup~ photo 177716_10151018249436209_1761325628_o.jpg

We ended up bathing at the shared toilet outside our room as the shower was much better.

The person in the room was kind of irritated because she was asleep when we came back at 10. Well we tried to keep our voices and noise low but she still tossed and turned whenever we open the door. She probably hated us.

Day 8

Left early next day for Harry potter tour!


Walked to euston station and bought metro tickets for their overground train to wartford station. Reaching there, turn left on the exit and that should be a queue or someone in a yellow vest with the words Harry potter studio tours. You will have to prepare 2 pounds and pay the driver when you enter for a return ticket. The bus that you will be riding is Harry potter themed on the outside so it should be quite recognizable.

After alighting from the train, we had to pay 2 pounds each for this special bus to bring us there. photo 599977_10151056656061209_1680023905_n.jpg

The bus ride is about 15 mins. It’s such a sunny day but we were going indoors >_<

Finally reached the studios~ seems like you don't need a uniform to attend Hogwarts anymore =p photo 580059_10151056657091209_1556032727_n.jpg

Upon arriving, you will have to exchange your email voucher for the physical ticket. It’s 28 pounds. no joke.

Tickets had to be reserved online prior to the visit. Please take note that they do not allow walk-in sales. photo 382409_10151056657321209_595173053_n.jpgThen you enter in the hall. By the way, I didn’t get the audio guide cause it was more expensive but I feel it should be a good buy because listening is always better than reading and I’m sure they will tell you some interesting details u never knew! Also, do remember to grab a “passport” which can be stamped at several stations throughout the exhibition. also, you can try the snitch hunt. There’s apparently 88 snitches hidden throughout the whole exhibition. I didn’t pay much attention to it but I manage to see 2.

While queuing up, you can see the bedroom under the stairs which harry potter stayed in.

Harry's bedroom back in Privet Drive. photo 250612_10151056657541209_1119909971_n.jpg

Entering a room, we were greeted and they shortly move us to a small theatre where we watched snippets from the film introduced by the 3 lead characters and the final part was just “wow” it ended with the image of them entering the grand hall and then the screens were lifted up and what we see was the door to to grand hall itself!! Kind of impressive.

The door to the Grand Hall!! Open Sesame! photo 533278_10151056657831209_713558658_n.jpg

The guide was quite funny and he gave a short introduction about the grand hall and the clothes, furnishing blah blah. From that point onwards, you were on your own.

*Showing Selective Photos if not this entry will be extremely long*

I took this for Cedric Diggory.

Hufflepuff House FYI: what cedric diggory wore =p photo 575820_10151056658426209_1621437371_n.jpg


Gryffindor House photo 380195_10151056659006209_499236874_n.jpg

Slytherin HouseDraco Malfoy? photo 526883_10151056659611209_1548417250_n.jpg

Ravenclaw House Cho Chang? photo 487047_10151056658766209_91165984_n.jpg

The Great Hall

 photo 577112_10151056660141209_1154203354_n.jpg

Furnishing and artifacts I bet you didn't notice in the film. photo 544701_10151056661101209_650350164_n.jpg

The great hall! (It is not easy to get a photo without having anyone in your view =/) photo 306968_10151056661811209_1491806850_n.jpg


costumes! photo 600026_10151056664586209_1780965960_n.jpg

Gryffindor Bedroom

Anyway, the beds are actually very short because it was built during the first film where they were still kids. If they were to lie on the beds now, their legs would probably be dangling.. photo 182160_10151056665621209_923480363_n.jpg

 photo 578057_10151056665841209_2094179447_n.jpg

Inside Gryffindor Common Room~ photo 166526_10151056669856209_1243712598_n.jpg

The whole wand collection (could be real, could be replica.. who knows?) photo 542085_10151056666011209_1756581411_n.jpg

The fat lady. photo 598355_10151056666256209_1262091645_n.jpg

Inside the potions classroom.. photo 292529_10151056668161209_840946933_n.jpg

 photo 600672_10151056668526209_1365573928_n.jpg

Professor Snape. photo 292525_10151056668786209_136484991_n.jpg

This is some clock which is in the background of some scenes in Hogwarts. I think there was a scene where Dumbledore is talking to harry. photo 182862_10151056670576209_283153586_n.jpg

Dubledore’s Office – It is actually made of 3 circles and this architecture can be observed in the Hogwarts Castle later on.

 photo 182732_10151056671686209_1786286378_n.jpg

the place where he retrieves his memories~ photo 428405_10151056672096209_1120703030_n.jpg

How they filmed Quidditch

this is how they filmed quidditch.. they were just sitting on stationary brooms. photo 598955_10151056682466209_286257775_n.jpg

Well, you actually get to experience sitting on a broomstick! You kind of have to queue up for it and they will take your photograph at the end and sell it to you at ridiculous prices but you can just don’t buy.

I used sneaky camera app and took a picture of a random stranger doing it. Hopefully its alright =/

Day 8: Inside HP studios, sneaky camera of some random stranger. You can experience flying in the broomstick or flying car w/ visual effects! photo 416289_10151001830331209_342905832_o.jpg

 photo 181251_10151056684971209_1527639814_n.jpg

Dolores Umbridge office. photo 166564_10151056688786209_329454855_n.jpg

Can you believe it? This statue is for real!! and it was so huge.. photo 601834_10151056687936209_552820320_n.jpg

the fireplace which was the entrance for ministry of magic! photo 532689_10151056691881209_1115363169_n.jpg

You pay 2.95 pounds for butter cream and root beer. and someone actually asked if it was alcoholic. right. 3 pounds for a cup of beer. right.

Alright, it is was just root beer and weird tasting butter.. and i paid 2.95 pounds for it =/ photo 303400_10151056695751209_1454719270_n.jpg

Finally a chance to drink butter beer!! photo 564317_10151056695491209_811302161_n.jpg

can't remember which movie this appeared in. photo 389762_10151056696221209_1465740204_n.jpg

ah! the famous purple bus. photo 538639_10151056696331209_1296556078_n.jpg

Anyway, if i didn't remember wrongly, for the first two movies, the house was real (belonging to dunno which estate), after that they recreated the house since they had to use it for other HP films.. photo 539878_10151056697456209_832917593_n.jpg

entering the creatures studio! photo 403449_10151056703571209_978207064_n.jpg

 photo 601854_10151056704556209_1612758872_n.jpg

 photo 547386_10151056704676209_1540904377_n.jpg

 photo 270954_10151056705371209_861002119_n.jpg

 photo 168516_10151056707006209_533878611_n.jpg

and finally the grand masterpiece which was the whole hogwart's castle.. *gasp* extremely detailed oriented. photo 301835_10151056711846209_1994526099_n.jpg

and this was the final room.. wand boxes which had names of all the people who participated in the making of harry potter. from the writer, to the actors, to the director, to the make up artists, to the scriptwriters, to the architects, everyone.. fe photo 543208_10151056713006209_1616696880_n.jpg

 photo 601202_10151056713976209_1947933462_n.jpg

 photo 553368_10151056714461209_160857240_n.jpg

I feel that the tour is really worth it if u have watched all films of Harry potter. I’m not exactly a fan like totally in love with it but I still enjoyed myself thoroughly. Spent like almost 20 pounds at the gift shop. Bought the Hogwarts badge, Harry potter Spects and the chocolate frog which is probably flattened in my luggage by now.

(currently waiting for my easyjet plane from Paris to Milan)

I think the tour was worth the full 28 pounds. You still have to add like almost 10 pounds for the transportation too. If u are a Harry potter fan, you can never give this a miss. However, if you are not, u would enjoy it too I think. That’s only if you have watched the movie.

(currently in the train from Milan to Venice; waiting for the train to move)

After Harry potter, we took the train back to euston station and took a bus to buckingham palace. We wanted to take a better photo of the palace but it wasn’t anything awesome anyway. In fact, it was worse as there was more construction going on for the Jubilee concert T_T

Buckingham's Palace revisited! This time round, they were constructing the stage for the Diamond Jubilee Festival which was going to be held on 2nd June. photo 525765_10151073334341209_22230675_n.jpg

 photo 251979_10151073335456209_352396984_n.jpg

 photo 252698_10151073335856209_1206495802_n.jpg

 photo 550370_10151073336051209_1908509108_n.jpg

you know the chairs are actually for rental!

 photo 600797_10151073337566209_419040575_n.jpg

 photo 205396_10151073337971209_383787191_n.jpg

Horse Guards Parade (The horses are gone since it was quite late)

Horse Guards Parade photo 197625_10151073338526209_2070593964_n.jpg

random scenery along the way

 photo 600029_10151073339046209_2051489922_n.jpg

and the famous #10 @ downing street and this was all we could take.

 photo 538259_10151073339276209_2118681099_n.jpg

Do you think that the Big Ben is a little slanted? I call it the leaning tower of London.

Big Ben photo 599167_10151073339856209_145536713_n.jpg


Winston Churchill Statue photo 479708_10151073340236209_1167380960_n.jpg

After taking the photos, we proceeded towards regency cafe – where my friend had breakfast there the previous time she was in London. I guess it could be the closest you can ever get to see what the locals really eat since this place was super un-touristy. we took a really long walk to get to this place.

All-day-english-breakfast & Regency Cafe photo 545364_10151073340511209_452270183_n.jpg

She had a full English breakfast with super fantastic hashbrown! while I had a not so awesome steak and fries. Then again, the garlic chili I brought was so good. I think it was a quiet cafe along regency street, not regency road. I remember drinking Fanta Lemon and fell in love with it =p

Day 8 dinner at regency cafe~ photo 468352_10151018256741209_1928556968_o.jpg

Walked towards the big Ben and house of parliament to take photos. Apparently we forgot about the Westminster abbey chapel. Saw the London eye from across the bridge. We were around that area for quite some time and even though it was like 9 but it wasn’t dark.

Thames River & the London Eye photo 282983_10151073340761209_388563621_n.jpg

House of Parliaments photo 389291_10151073341686209_1055927919_n.jpg

 photo 542503_10151073342496209_1876897371_n.jpg

 photo 545182_10151073343101209_977331598_n.jpg

evidence #2. THE BIG BEN IS SLANTED!!

 photo 522536_10151073343351209_2104198645_n.jpg

 photo 581158_10151073343926209_1150929762_n.jpg

Dropped by a convenience store to grab a drink and realized that sparkling water meant carbonated water. I chose peach flavor assuming that it was a light taste but it ended up as a carbonated sweet drink. (when I wanted plain water *fail*)

Took the bus back and when we entered the hostel room we were kind of shocked because there was this lady with white hair sleeping = we were shocked because we thought that YHA was a youth hostel with age limit but seems like it wasn’t. Then later into the night, another lady (about the same age as the previous one – probably 50-60+) came in. Apparently both of them were stick thin and cyclists. They were riding up to dunno where = what a challenging retiree past time.

And we decided we needed that boost again. Bulmers (made in UK) and organic beer =p i’m drinking it to support the GREEN cause.

Day 8 supper~ photo 464732_10151018259256209_247010024_o.jpg

Day 9
Woke up and started packing our luggage since we were checking out today. We managed to squeeze both our luggage into the largest locker available – 3 pounds for 24 hours.

By recommendation of the reception, we took a supposedly 20 mins walk to Camden market (3-4 metro stops away) which was supposed to be very big and have a lot of things.

Sighs, we were kind of disappointed when we reached because the things were like night market style and the things they were selling are things that you can probably buy in Bangkok.. It was kind of disappointing. Oh wells.

Well, on the other hand, we found this food place where there was like a mini international festival which sells international food. From Kebab to sushi to south african to mexican to indian to australian to vietnamese to thai food. we were spoilt for choices!  I bought this absolutely sour orange or lemonade for 2 pounds! i wanted to get an orangeade but he didn’t understand me. And we got pad Thai for 5? But it was not bad!

Day 9 lunch: Pad Thai at Camden Market. 5 Pounds = photo 458123_10151018263151209_247768038_o.jpg

Then we took a bus to National Museum to see the mummies collection and oh gosh it was so freaking crowded with school children =/

Day 9: National Museum of London! To see the Egyptian collection and Olympic medals! photo 461177_10151001857191209_1467529935_o.jpg

Then we walked to the shopping area along Oxford street. Bought a jersey from sports direct for my friend and shopped along the streets and I bought a top shop wallet! My first big buy. Bought a knited cardigan from DP which was on offer.

I also managed to buy my beloved paddignton bear. I’ve been eyeing it since I was a kid but.. I couldn’t really bring myself to buy the bigger size since there was the luggage issue and the price issue. I settled for a tiny weeny one.

A very bad picture of the display window:

Paddington Bear! If I had enough money in my wallet, or that if London was my last stop, it would have been lying on bed right now beside my rilakkuma.. photo 598405_10151073344221209_1497019063_n.jpg

 photo 547115_10151073344481209_219875147_n.jpg

Went for high-tea at this atas place where everyone just stopped and took photos of the outside. gosh it was ridiculously expensive but omg the african nectar tea was so nice that i’ve been searching for it and im still searching. Anyway there was the awkward moment when 2 of us only ordered 1 cake and 1 tea. However, they were kind enough to give us 2 cups.

 photo 456455_10151018268636209_221137300_o.jpg

Day 9 high tea at atas place along Oxford street. photo 414347_10151018266506209_1419828328_o.jpg

Went over to fortum & mason the most prestigious grocery shopping in London (I think). Had dinner at Ed’s rocker, aka Eddie rocket from USA with very awesome milkshake, burgers and cheese fries! The food was so awesome and sinful but oh wells it had to last us through the night.

Day 9 at Eddie rocket! photo 459383_10151018272896209_1851320027_o.jpg

Cheesy fries at Eddie rocket~ photo 465292_10151018275886209_471537607_o.jpg

Went back to the hostel to get our luggage, took the bus to Victoria station for our Gatwick express train to Gatwick airport. Oh gosh, the train is freaking expensive. It was like 18 pounds for a 50 mins train ride.

After that, had to dash to the metro station to get our refund for our metro card. Initially, the person did not let me into the queue because they were closing but I was like desperately saying that I’m leaving London tonight and that I won’t be back in a really long time and finally he passed and I got in the queue.

After the refund, dashed back to the platform and chiong to the train bounded for the airport. It was a 50 mins ride if I did not remember wrongly but we were like catching 40 winks throughout the whole journey.

We reached the station at about 1am plus and the airport was almost empty. Had to take the sky train to the other terminal. Upon reaching, it was rather isolated but there seemed to be people everywhere on the seats. Decide to go to marks and spencer to get some snacks and lastly ended up in a cafe. Was struggling to stay awake through the graveyard shift.

Soon it was 4-5 plus and we went to the check in counter. We were taking British airways!

Soon it was bye bye london (: and hello Amsterdam

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