My first plane ride alone~


Currently sitting in the airplane flying towards Dublin from Dubai.
It’s been a pleasant journey so far. After 21 years of my life, I finally got the chance to fly alone. I always wanted to know how it feels like. Not having the burden of looking after someone, nor having someone to look out for you.

You can travel how slow or fast you desire. Stopping by at anything you fancy, making mistakes on the directions and not having to feel bad or anything.

Managed to talk to a Thai mother at the boarding area bound from SG to Dubai. Interesting life she has but oh wells~ nothing much but small talk.

Only problem in fact the major problem is that you can’t exactly visit the washroom in the airplane since my bag would be left unattended. I guess 7/8 hours wouldn’t be a problem (I hope!)

On my first flight, there wasn’t anyone beside me. But beside beside me. And I happened to fell asleep somehow and skipped the first meal!

Now on my second flight, i have the luxury of 2 seats to myself because the person beside me took another empty row! And all these happened while I was asleep. Woke up and she was gone. Lol. And my bag has the luxury of one seat. I even out on a seatbelt for it =p

Well, hope this adventure of mine would be a pleasant one and that I would stay safe and not lose anything and of course enjoy my rewards of graduation.

I HAVE GRADUATED & officially unemployed in 30 days when I return to SG.

Wish me luck ~

I’ll be back!







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