Day 48 [9th Aug 2011] last day + Edae (hair) + Hongik + AREX to airport


and so it was finally our last day in korea. i mean, i do love this awesome place but everything which starts will end =(

Packed up all our luggage, and then rushed down to edae to do our hair.

ate the tasty belgium waffle. I coloured and cut my hair for 50,000W. because i said that the colour couldn’t stay on for my hair, the person left the hair dye for like 40 mins and i seriously felt i was dying. my scalp was uber pain =/ my friend did dye and perm for 150,000W? i think.

and i started counting how many times i khun would bid farewell to me today >_<

I saw this really cute socks, but.. how to wear?

no yoseob though. probably the most popular thats why sold out =p

Went over to hongik for some nonsense which are not worth mentioning.

dashed back to namsan guesthouse. called for cab.

i can’t believe the cab initially refused to fetch us because we had too many luggage.

but in the end we managed to get to hongdae station, arex stop and went all the way to airport.

reached airport, check in, (do no deposit luggage if claiming taxes), go to taxes counter, ask them to chop the sign. they may or may not ask for verification. i had like 6-7 claims so he didn’t really look at it much and chopped everything. hold on to the shopped receipts.

enter immigration gates, bring receipts to the counters. there’s actually 2 different counters for tax refunds depending on which envelops you were holding on to.. i managed to claim more than 20,000W worth of taxes.

Having so much money left, decided to splurge on good food at paris baguette

and after buying this, i spotted my lotteria. how could i give my shaker fries a miss =/

and then board the plane and back to SG.

*** home sweet home *** on national day ***

it’s 4:07am 23rd Sept 2011 as I finished typing my whole entire 48 days of my stay in korea~ i hope you have enjoyed it though it tends to be very long winded. sorry that it was kind of messy and i’m looking at how to make it more organized.

I’ll be working on my k-pop related guides as i want everyone else to feel as happy as I did when i was in korea =p

Feel free to make any requests or questions and I’ll try my best to answer them!

<3 honeystars

`where should i go for my next trip? any sponsors?

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  • Hi there, I stumbled onto your blog whilst searching budget to survive in Seoul for 5 weeks. Saw your Pre-Korea trip entry on your budgeting, just wondering if SGD2500 is sufficient for 5 weeks in Seoul? I am going for SKKU Summer ISS this June, now planning to start budgeting for my stay there 🙂

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hello~

      If 2500 excludes air tickets and lodging, it should be more than enough!

      Food isn’t too expensive in korea~ i spend about 2,000 during my time there and i still have money so shop and travel around.. you can take a look at my links for the free shuttle bus services provided by KTO.

      But I’m quite a budget person actually.. stayed hostels and took bus instead of the express train.

      but then again 2500 is a lot!

      have a great trip to seoul =) you’ll love it there!

      • Hey thanks for your reply and your links! 🙂 I didn’t know there’s free bus shuttle services to Busan. Was initially planning to go Jeju but it’s kinda expensive especially during Aug.

        • hmm~ i heard jeju is really nice but i haven’t been there before.. would be good if you find a nice tour. otherwise i think might have to walk alot.

          enjoy your trip =)