Day 47 [8th Aug 2011] 2nd last day + Apujung + Gangnam + DDM


hangover morning, it was seriously headache =/got out of guesthouse really late. maybe 1 plus 2 pm. but the headache wasn’t very long. i guess everything that was supposed to get out got out of my body already.

had meat for lunch. awesome.

went over to apujung to buy suju’s album from everysing and sang 1 hour noraebang and i wouldn’t recommend there. u know there’s supposed to be real mvs in everysing but they told me that my room couldn’t have the real mv thing? hello i paid more expensive prices and you tell me that i can’t work? and the system was different so out noraebook couldn’t work. so it was a rather unenjoyable sing that day. well~ my 4th noraebang in the past 10 days?

it was drizzling, went to gangnam to meet my parents and brought them over to se7en’s shop to eat the spicy tanghyun but seems like my dad didn’t really enjoy it despite it being very spicy.

then we went back to myeongdong for last batch of cosmetic shopping, went back to guesthouse to pack and pack, then dash out to go to dongdaemun for ‘overnight’ shopping, but we lasted only till 2-3am and it was packing and more packing.

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