Day 46 [7th Aug 2011] Battle outside SBS + Gwanghwamun + Ichon Museum + Drinks


and so~ the day has come for me to attempt to buy the OFFICIAL beast slogan (fan towel)

How hard is it to get it? they were snapped out at the recent sg’s fan meet. like all gone.

let me teach you how to read their daum cafe when you know nuts about korean.

2011년 08월 07일 (일) SBS 인기가요 (date,sunday,SBS = inkigayo)

방송 시작 시간 – PM 04:00 ~ the later timing is the live show timing 

사전 녹화 시간 – PM 12:30 ~ this is recording time.. this means that there’s pre-recording

인원 체크 시간 – AM 11:30 ~ this is the earliest time, which means that what time the official staff will come. 

공개 방송 장소 – 등촌동 SBS 공개홀

현장에서 BEAST 팬클럽 임원진이 공식 응원 도구 슬로건을 판매할 예정이오니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.
– 슬로건 판매는 AM 11:00 부터 진행되며, 가격은 5,000원 입니다.

(and this was the most important thing!! they will be selling the fan slogan at 5,000W at 11am!!) 

현장에 참석하시는 팬 여러분들께 BEAST 공식 팬클럽 B2UTY 임원진이
B2UTY 마일리지BOOK에 스탬프를 찍어 드립니다.
– 당일 500POINT의 스탬프를 배부해드립니다.

so~ dear me was thinking.. i shall just go like 1.5 hours earlier since the staff was only going to come at 11am.

well well, i was overwhelmed by the crowd that day. since beast was doing a cube family performance.. there were so many so many so many people. and that beast had been inactive in korea during this period, all the beauties can’t wait to see them.

and so, i found the unofficial circle of beauties and i saw someone with the book and wrote my name down~ it was like 10am when it happened. initially i saw no point in writing down since i didn’t plan to enter but i just wrote it down anyway.

so it was the waiting game all over again i don’t know why i was being rather anti social that day. didn’t mange to talk to much people.. but in the end i think i strike up a conversation with 2 or 3 international fans and coincidentally talked to a sg beauty. apparently her friend came at 7am to queue for suju and helped her write her name down on the list~

soon, the roll call started and names of the beauties were called one by one, and lining up 2 by 2.. the girl was not young and looked really fierce but they had to rotate the name calling between a few people.. and by 11am, there was like i think more than 300 beauties all lined up? i assume that therre were about 40-50 rows of pairs, and there were 3 or 4 of such queues.. and after all this roll call.. they haven’t even reach the book where my name was written in.

i had random wifi now and then.. some kind stranger activated it~

and so at 11am the towels finally came. i was expecting like boxes and boxes of it.. but, this was all i saw. maybe even less than 100.. and so i thought there will be a queue for the towels, so i kept hovering around her, and the staff keep telling me later and later and later..

AND WHEN SHE FINALLY STARTED SELLING, she went down the row of the queue and i’m like WHAT? i kept asking her to sell to me, saying i was an international fans and that i came all the way here to buy the towels and she just ignored me and continued the sales.


anyway, in times of desperation, i spotted the international fans i talked to earlier on and one of them wanted to get a towel for herself, and the staff refused to let her buy 2. then i had to asked her to ask her friend, but the ‘seller’ already skipped her and i had to plead her to chase the seller to purchase the towel but omg when i set my hands on it i was like.. i went through so much just to get it.. then later, i remembered the SG girl who was in the queue, and then i asked her to help me, explaining my desperate situation. the same thing happened, the seller already walked past her and i ask her to chase her but maybe she wasn’t too eager or the seller really walked away too fast and there were no more slogans left within a blink of an eye.

i was contemplating on whether i should stay on, there might be a chance i might get in, however i didn’t have their album because i shipped back the limited edition one and i don’t have official beauty membership because they don’t allow people without alien numbers to join. but if i joined it would have been quite wasted as they had no activities when i was in korea..

anyway, it was Suju’s come back stage and they promised to buy ice pops for their fans, and they really bought ALOT! the staff were distributing to those in the suju queue and this was the aftermath.

in the end, i talked to the sg beauty who met her hk beauty friend and she said it was hot and bought ice pop for us.. actually i think she bought it because of the buy 2 get 1 free promotion =p  but i was really grateful. offered to give her my hand fan but she said she had a lot of it already. and so after buying that 1 towel, i decided to leave the place. thankful that i got 1 but it had been a terrifying performance.

i was trying to comfort myself with the fact that i didn’t get to see seob or seductive at all =/ their dance performance was so short and they were just singing the cube family song and it’s gonna be so short at ballads don’t get a lot of re-takes.

blah. but i just left anyway.

went over to gwanghwamun. friend’s penpal from daejeon decided to visit.

so we went for lunch/the museums at the area/ichon museum(the one i visited previously)/drinking at myeongdong.

Lunch > I was  starving from all that drama  earlier in the day.


*ichon museum*


kimchi pancakes and makkoli. how did all begin? we started with one special makkoli and one bottle of soju.

then i wanted one more bottle of the usual makkoli. the white one. and then another one.

and i think there was another 1-2 more bottles after that.

the aftermath

to describe makkoli, i shall quote nichkhun.

“women are like makkoli, good at the beginning, but gives you a headache after that. ”

i really wanted to stop after the 2nd last bottle but my friend’s penpal insisted.

and the conclusion of his insistence -> my friend was gone.

and because my friend was gone -> the drinking stopped.

alright, i agree that i couldn’t walk straight to the toilet but i was still aware of what’s happening. though you get that adrenaline rush and you started to talk louder and louder and laughing like crazy and saying things that don’t make sense. i still know what’s happening. and so this is my second experience with makkoli over dosage, much worse than the previous time.

it was raining when we left.. so it was like raining plus umbrella plus supporting my gone friend =/ all the way back to the guesthouse.

thank goodness i was sober.

the funny thing that happened next is i started sms/whatsapp/msn people to share about this experience and i visited the toilet like the whole night. it kept coming out (not puking) my stomach was freaking pain. i went down to the pantry to eat their free bread and even though it was freaking tasteless, i stuffed it down my mouth. we didn’t really eat a lot before we drink, which explains why it felt so terrible.

i still was able to bathe that night. thankfully and slept properly unlike dear friend who did not moved a inch until the next morning.

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