Day 45 [6th Aug 2011] 4 more days in Seoul + Sinchon/Edae


I was late! supposed to pack up our luggage by 11am and changed room. but i was late, at the funny thing was i was listening to my mp3 on my phone, and my friend actually called but i didn’t realise because my ringtone was a song. LOL. so i thought that song was part of my mp3. alright lame.

so my friend was like struggling to throw everything into my luggage and then at 11am i went down to the counter to get the other room key, and then i open the other room, it was unpacked, so i went down again, and they said i could stay in my current room for one more night, but move out the next day. *faints*

ya so we had to unpack everything again. while my friend was resting from her drinks the night before, i went out in search for jinwoonie’s album. my friend said her friends all wanted it. LOL. the limited 1,000 copies.

the best thing about staying there, is you walk to the mrt, go down the underpass, and walk out it’s myeongdong shopping district already. i went to a lot of cd shops, some said they don’t have it, sold out.. blah blah blah. then i asked if there were other CD shops around, so she directed one to me.

it was at the basement of miglorie.. and OMG SHE HAD SO MANY COPIES AVAILABLE. AT LEAST 10. i ended up buying 4. chose the polaroids which can see his face..

so if you are a jinwonnie fan and wondering why you tried so hard to find the albums, i’m sorry. i bought 7 of it. apparently you need the polaroid photo to exchange tickets for some event of his in september.. and i just wasted 7 tickets of that event =/

The ajuma was super cute. she came over cause i was squealing when she told me there were more and took out the whole stack for me to choose. so she saw those with his face and said something like pretty for those with his face. HAHAHAH.

guess what, i didn’t keep any of it for myself. all sold.

had to drag dear friend out of bed because i refuse to waste time during my last moments in korea.

ate two-two fried chicken as a consolation. i couldn’t remember shinee’s endorsed chicken brand =/

went to sinchon to collect maypole stuff~ but we went over to hyundai departmental store and i bought macaroons!

maypole items~ and the sales person remembered my friend and not me. faints.


sighs, sold everything away in the end =/ i suffered so much debt in korea.

then went over to look optical to see nichkhun and realise that i could get his spects at 12,500W so obviously i got a pair, and i got the most ex lens, which was only 50,000W and the whole glasses was ready in 20 mins. and my friend had to follow suit.

(however, i lost this pair of my spects, within a week of my return to singapore, but my friend bought me another pair when she went to korea in sept.. and i fitted lens for it in singapore. what luck =/)

then while we were walking, we saw this really long queue for pakbingsu so we queued for it too! matcha red bean. OMG i feel like drinking jollibean tomorrow.

we walked over from sinchon to edae and we bought the synders from olive young. heh. 2 boxes each.

and guess who we saw at the metro station.

and guess who we saw back in the hostel?

my first time watching 2pm show, unsubbed but i laughed like crazy. it was so freaking funny.

*ONLINE TILL LATE* did i even sleep? why? i need to fight the battle outside SBS tomorrow.

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