Day 44 [5th Aug 2011] Back to Seoul + Move Luggage + Nice Dinner


Went over to the station early but had to wait a while for the cheaper buses. it was only now that we realise that we actually pay more for the 3-seater buses. since we were broke, we rather wait till we get the 4-seater buses.

grabbed cheap breakfast =/ i had to double triple count the money before buying.

I was quite lucky that my parents came over to korea~ Dad was on business and mum just followed. bought tickets during the SQ promotion which was quite reasonable. 500-700 i think, all inclusive. however couldn’t get the same flight back to singapore.

Met my mum at the metro of the bus terminal. couldn’t contact her at first cause she was underground.. but oh wells, the first thing she did when she saw me was to pass me money. LOL. i was totally bankrupt and even in debt.

Mum accompanied us as we took the train + bus back to school’s dorm to collect our luggage AND collect our gmarket orders. LOL. had lunch in school at the usual place and my mum could finally know what she was eating. HAHA. since there was a translator around.

the pack up took really long as my friend had problems with her gmarket deliveries.. but after that, we took a taxi to our guesthouse, namsan guesthouse at myeongdong.

Namsan Guesthouse Myeongdong station

We stayed at Namsan 2 for 4 nights. We paid 55,000W each night for a room which comes with a private toilet. The rooms are not very big, to be honest. Once you open up your luggage, alright mine was quite big, there wasn’t much walking space. There was a slight screw up as we had to change rooms but eventually everything was fine and we changed rooms after 3 nights. There was free ramen (maggi mee) and bread with toast. Also, there was a washing machine and a dryer which is labelled “Staff Only”. Hmm.

Location was not bad, from exit 3 of Myeongdong station, it was a less than 5 minutes walk to the place. However, there was a slight slope uphill. If you are carrying bulky luggage, I suggest that you take a taxi to the place. In fact, we took a taxi there and took a taxi when we were going off too. Well, the amount of luggage we had then was unthinkable. Also, there are no escalators or lifts in Myeongdong and there were no traffic lights nearby, so, to get to the airport limousine bus stop, you will have to carry your luggage down and up the stairs of Myeongdong station.

Also, when we were leaving the place, the taxi drove out a road which made us realise that the guesthouse is actually a 5 minutes walk from the cable station station which brings you up Namsan! What a pity we did not explore the area when we were there.

anyway, first thing i did when i enter was to pack my stuff, those things that were going home, to another bag so i can pass it to my parents. my luggage was severely overweight. the problem is despite all this, my luggage was still overweight.

so pack and pack and pack and pack, then after that went back to the hotel with my mum while my friend went out with her roomies probably for dinner and club.

and obviously the hotel so nice~ it was located at samseong, coex mall.

COEX mall, Samseong station

This place is an underground mall, which means that you just have to walk around everywhere in order to find the shops you want! This whole COEX mall is quite cool because it actually links several buildings together and there’s quite a variety of food places there. There’s also a cinema, baskin robbins, a book store and a music store (where I bought my limited edition jinwoon’s single from), sanrio shop and some cute shops! There was also something like a kimchi museum which I did not manage to check out.

went out for dinner and we kind of got ripped off in a shop. but the beef was not bad. but maybe not that nice to justify the price =/


After dinner, went to COEX mall and i went around like an idiot looking for a cd shop.

hello, this album is like only 1,000 copies limited edition. comes with a polaroid with JINWOONie’s signature.

so.. i bought 3 albums. i should have wiped out the whole shelf right. there were only 7-8 copies.

Didn’t do much, bought snacks at convenient shop for breakfast and went back to nice hotel~

used the computer and paid internet =/ the day they announced the credit rating downgrade =/

ya and slept late and got scolded for the first time in 2 months =/

and slept too much because of the comfortable bed.

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    • Hi there,

      I didn’t take taxi from incheon airport to namsan. You can consider taking the aiport shuttle bus or airport train to Seoul Station, then transfer to taxi. It would be cheaper this way.