Day 43 [4th Aug 2011] 7D6N trip:Day 6 Daejeon


And so we woke up, and apparently my friend’s penpal agreed to meet, and we didn’t know what to do with our extra day.. Supposed to go down to Jinju to find my roomie but I felt it was a little weird because after all i barely knew her for 2 weeks and it was a weekday. I’m not sure how they will have to host me if I were to go down and I didn’t want to feel paiseh all over again, so i decided not to go =/ kind of regretted slightly because it was my closest chance of visiting a korean family. haha her brother was my age! oh wells~

we took the expensive bus again. ha.

However, we went to daejeon, this place which lonely planet said not to go unless you have too much time in the world? LOL.

Found a motel near the bus terminal~ Sky Motel! Checked it and it was 30,000W Looks a little dodgy but the owners were really friendly. She said she visited Singapore before! usually foreigners have a very good impression of singapore and they have the ‘wah’ expression when we said we were from singapore. No computer, no wifi.

So we threw our bags there, and went to meet her friend and angel-in-us cafe near the bus terminal. the funny thing was that he was reading a magazine on singapore. There was the feature on the merlion hotel. LOL. He bought us ice coffee. and i don’t drink coffee but no choice, had to finish it up. It was kind of his loss that day because there’s two of us and one of him. oh wells~ but they just like to treat =/

Took a bus to shopping area~ and tried this game. If you can use the toothpick and pick out the shape without breaking this thing, you can get another of it for free~ we didn’t managed to but it was quite nice! caramel taste if i didn’t remember wrongly.

Went for lunch, we paid! (phew)

You know its really stressed. maybe for me at least.

IT WAS SO HARD TO SHOP WITH A GUY AROUND. but my friend managed to buy 2 pairs of shoes. the guy was really nice, it was quite pro at dividing his attention between two girls with 2 different interests and tastes. so he will try to remember what type of things we were looking for and show us when he see something similar.

that day i was looking for nice strappy flats which have my size but i didn’t manage to find any decent pair.

you know, he offered to help us translate at the fortune telling, but in the end i didn’t dare.. tarot cards booths are so frequent throughout korea..

so when we have nothing to do, we ended up at.. noraebang. i think he would have preferred to play pool but we said we were not very good at it. he’s a nice guy, very gentleman. he paid for noraebang since we paid for lunch.


that was like my 3rd noraebang in 6 days.

so after that, we decided to go back already since he has to send us back =/ we tried so hard to convince him it’s okay and how it’s not like that in singapore but he still insisted. we didn’t really want him to see that we were staying in dodgy motels. LOL. in the end he sort of get the hint so he didn’t send us back directly, but walked us halfway from the bus stop to the motel.

then after we went back to motel, we were hungry and my friend said we had to stay longer because in case he was still waiting downstairs =/ the only reason we went back early was because he had army the next morning. all that compromises you have to make when travelling with a local. LOL. and my friend was so tempted to go back to the place to shop but gosh I WAS SO POOR. I WAS EVEN WORRYING ABOUT WHETHER WE HAD ENOUGH MONEY FOR OUR BUS BACK TO SEOUL.

ended up eating the cheapest food, kimbab at the bus terminal. we couldn’t find any convenience mart so there was no fan tuan.

then we went over to angel-in-us coffee OUTSIDE to leach on their wifi. we didn’t even have enough money to get a coffee. well we could if i signed card but we didn’t.

I still remember I managed to stream a little of mr simple MV. it was suju’s comeback!


and because this motel had no computer/internet i forgot to bid for round 3A for cors.. =/

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