Day 42 [3rd Aug 2011] 7D6N trip:Day 5 Haedong Yonggungsa Temple + Taejongdae Cruise + Jalgachi Fish Market + Dadaepo Sunset + Gwangalli Beach


We didn’t want to stay in that crappy motel for another night, so we shifted over to Angel Motel which was like 20 steps away. It was only 50,000W. The room was slightly bigger, and definitely looks more presentable.

Anyway, we couldn’t check in yet so we left our bags at the counter and started our very tight schedule.

First up was back to haeundae station to take the bus to this really pretty temple which is by the sea.

Haeundae station exit 7 > bus 181 > and stop at the stop where everyone stops. heh. about 20-30 mins i think.

The bus stops have the time display!! so nice!

We met 2 americans at the bus stop and we started talking~ they were on a 2 weeks vacation (japan/korea). One was working with the UN if i’m not wrong and the other in marketing.. the girl was 1/2 years older than the guy =p

Oh, after alighting you need to walk like 15-20mins to get in.

Follow the signs,

I realise koreans have a fetish for pagodas..

This is what pretty is called.

Imagine the wind blowing through your hair, and this spectacular sight in front of you.

Really pretty place~~

Snacks – my favourite! ice lemon tea + waffle

Next stop => Taejongdae Cruise

It was the same place as yesterday, just that we were going to take the cruise this time.


you will have to wait and their van will send you to the ferry point.

I’m not exactly a fan of boat rides since they get you cooked and burned in the sun, but oh wells~ haha all that boat rides in usa (maid of the mist, washington dc, niagara) nevertheless, good view!

The building was the place we were at yesterday, with the view and the love at busan exhibition.

Light house~ I was too lazy to get out. we were on a really tight schedule too. no time to waste.

The sun was very bright okay. HOT.

And my conclusion is.. you can actually give this a miss~

Then, we rushed off to Jalgachi Fish Market..

Snacked on this fish cake thing~

Went into a random shop for dinner. there were so many! and we chose one that have customers inside.. oh wells~ my agenda was to eat the eel which as recommended by lonely planet.

Well, if we ordered the eel for 30,000W, we get everything else on service.. so we did.


I kind of like it because the texture of the meat is really different, something that i can’t describe it of being similar to anything else. It’s like softer that sotong, then there’s a jelly like feeling when you bite down, maybe like harder than jellyfish? i ate most of it since my friend didn’t like it. LOL.

LUCKILY we saw the murder of the sea eel only after we left. my friend felt damn grossed out.. if you want to try it, please don’t look at the following pictures =/

argh, can’t believe i ate that but it tastes great! i guess not everyone will like it so take my words with a pinch of salt.

** rush off to dadaepo beach for sun set**

Last stop of line 1: Sinpyeong > exit 4> Bus 2, 11, 338

Maybe about 15 mins ride?

A pity it wasn’t a clear clear clear sun set..

That was just it =/

but we were rewarded with something else later =p

This photo is good! but i can’t recall if i played with any camera modes.

and the skies darken.

and wells~ the surprise was this magnificent water fountain show.. it’s really GRAND and a lot of people will flock here just to watch it.. and, they even play KPOP SONGS? they played big bang’s tonight. I read somewhere that you can actually make song requests and they will actually orchestrate the music with the fountain display. awesome.

Check out my video~ it’s a korean song from a drama.

If you need information of the timing of the fountain show~

We didn’t finish the whole show because we were rushing to our last stop of the day~ Gwangali beach

**Bus back to metro > Gwangan Station (Line 2) > Exit 5, walk 10 mins.

Pretty bridge but that’s just it. not a lot of night life compared to haeundae.

* and that was the end of our tiring tourist-y day*

we had to make up for all the time that we spent yesterday. LOL.

back to angel hotel to sleep~ and gosh where were we going the next day?

*mystery/ mystery/ molla molla molla ..

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