Day 41 [2nd Aug 2011] 7D6N trip:Day 4 Seomyeon + Noraebang + Taejongdae


Checked out of the motel, with our heavy bags, went over to seomyeon to look for a motel. it was a mrt  interchange so we presumed that it would be easier to source for a motel. ended up at the tourist information which was actually for ‘medical tourism’ but they guided us the directions to the cheaper motels~ it was actually along some shopping street!

Found a.. rather ulu motel at 55,000W. The room was small and nothing nice, but oh wells, we had to rush.

Went to meet my korean friend + her cousin + her friend (who learned chinese with her). Went over to kyobo where i spammed stickers  and bought small gifts for them!

Following which, we went to eat this awesome naeng myeon which comes with servings of meat.

There’s dry and soup, and I took the dry one for novelty. It was the best naeng myeon i ever eaten in korea but no i didn’t remember the store’s name.

After that~ they brought us to take neoprints. though i was like rolling my eyes at the thought of it but. OH WELLS. haha we took it in the end and they were surprised that im actually quite pro at designing. well, i took a lot of them, in the past. LOL. by the way, it was much better today. they were less pushy in paying for us. *phew

Went to noraebang~ the usual hangout which comes after food. LOL. so we kind of had a truly korean outing that day. food, neo prints, noraebang. it was a cute place, with a disney theme. (no pictures though)

But haha, once again, koreans are always wondering how could foreigners speak their language so well. HAHA. not me, since i was practically mumbling throughout. Just had a one hour session with a little extension. It was fun, with all the music equipment. really noisy. and i sang the song which i always choose, good day by IU though i will be out of tune like 99% of the time but it’s funny to see them go ‘WAH’ when i said im gonna sing that song =p

Next up, took train and bus to this place called taejongdae, the most southern part of the island i think.

queued up really long for a  tram ride~ 4 adults, 1 student. Think it was 1,200 each.

It’s a tram ride which brings you on a round trip tour along the hills~

We stopped at this stop, i can’t really remember but it was a pretty sight. We will visit this lighthouse the next day.

So high up!

There was a photo exhibition for the stairway to heaven actress~ she’s so pretty.

Then we went back and had dinner at this random restaurant we saw. the food was surprisingly good.


** well we bid farewell to my korean friend and her cousin on the bus back because their house was along one of the stops~ she was going to china to study in september but we haven’t communicated since then. she hasn’t been online on msn =(

it’s really fun to have locals to bring you around but the hind sight is that you don’t actually get to travel to a lot of places.. we only went to one tourist attraction in the whole day. but i guess, it was fun hanging out with them! we didn’t need to do research at all and all we do was just follow~

we stopped at the BIFF place and did some shopping before going back to the motel. not sure if i bought anything there but there were really a lot of shops. i was very very very low on funds at this point in time =/

oh, despite the motel being quite crappy, there was a computer with internet. LOL.

*sleep & research for tomorrow*

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