Day 40 [1st Aug 2011] 7D6N trip:Day 3 Busan + Busan Sea Festival (2PM) @ Haeundae beach


First day of August ^_^ and today is a happy day because i’m gonna meet a korean friend (whom I met online) and more importantly 2PM. (minus khun because he was filming his honeymoon in maldives =/)

then again, i wasn’t supposed to go for the event since it was minus khun but.. it was such a “coincidence”

Grabbed breakfast at convenient mart,

took the bus back to andong bus terminal~ argh crap realise that my dirty shoes is in the picture. this pair of asics is barely one year old but i wear it almost everyday =p

We took the premium bus (3-seater) so it was kind of pricey.. Slept throughout~ reached busan at about 1+

Grabbed some street snacks at the train station and had a little trouble contacting my friend =/

Nevertheless, we made our way to haeundae beach using the subway. (you can use t-money card) it’s rather long because we had to go all the way down and then all the way right again. i remember we kind of fell asleep in the train. luckily we got seats!

From the train station, follow the direction to haeundae beach! Started sourcing for motels along the way.. a lot of places were crazily expensive since there was the festival and 2PM tonight, despite it being a monday night. some places look uber dodgy and eventually we settled for a 150,000W/night motel, because of good reviews i saw on the net.

Honestly I am unsure if they marked up the price because of the sea festival. Well, the motel was really pretty. They upgraded our rooms to something of higher grade, but we didn’t get any sea view. The bed was super comfortable and it comes with a computer with internet access as well. No wifi though.

After throwing our huge bags in the room, we proceeded out to meet my korean friend!

Took the metro to Nampodong and gosh we spend like at least 30 mins trying to find each other =/

Well, eventually she came with her mum and cousin! I guess they are really scared of strangers? but their mums are really sweet to accompany them to meet their foreign friend. but her mum didn’t stay, only leaving her and her cousin. Her chinese was fantastic, omg. Apparently she learned her chinese from watching taiwanese drama so she kept saying cheesy lines to me!

First stop, we went for dessert at paris baguette. (and i remember about my other korean friend saying she has khun’s standee) we ate pak-bing-su which is actually super over priced ice kachang minus a lot of toppings.

She wasn’t keen on going dutch (which resulted in a terrible headache for us), we had to think of so many many many ways to buy stuff for her. Even snatching to pay the bill. OMG.

I love the red beans but the fruits.. some of them not sweet. hahaha. we had an interesting conversation. she really spoke to me chinese throughout while my friend conversed to her cousin in korean.

you sort of have to mix everything before eating.

so after that, feeling really full, we walked around the area which was actually the street for Busan International Film Festival. There were many interesting bronze sculptures around. But we just kept walking and walking while we talked and talked.

in the end we died in the stationary shop selling rilakkuma stuff! and they bought us gifts secretly.. i got a rilakkuma wet tissue wipes and a rilakkuma namecard display. gosh =/ they just keep buying and buying and buying things for us!!

then it was dinner time so she asked me a question if i can take spice. obviously i said yes, i mean i can take it and usually koreans like spicy.. so they brought us to a shop and ordered the food.

to our absurd amusement, they can’t take spice but ordered something spicy for us.. the cousin was like only took a small scoop and couldn’t eat anymore. gosh, how terrible we felt =/

i really really really wanted to leave early because the sea festival concert starts at 8pm but i couldn’t bear to say it out because it would be quite rude i think.. and they weren’t really fans of heat.. i sort of picked up the ‘fanning’ culture from them. heh.

gosh,we bid farewell to them at like 8:30+ and i was like dashing to the mrt. it was a long ride back to haeundae =/ you know inside me im like panicking. what if i don’t get to see them..

well, and so fast forward to.. we didn’t know where the stage was but we just thought of following the sound. anyway, there were really tons and tons of people. omg people everywhere. so i was just across the road when i heard..

‘HELLO WE ARE 2PM’ omg i think i screamed and dash across the road. then i kind of missed a little of the 2pm intro, squeezed my way all the way to the side. there was a stupid board blocking but if i tiptop i could see them, and i held my camera up for a better view.

minus khun minus khun minus khun. i should be 99% less excited but i wasn’t. LOL.

but it’s okay, i declared chansung as my 2nd bias in 2pm. LOL.

check out my videos~

Hands up – no video


i’ll be back~

10 points out of 10 points~ NO ONE SANG KHUN’S PART!! =(

but omg i still saw 2pm for the 5th time? (1st-mubank, 2nd-mubank, 3rd-fan sign, 4th-mcountdown, 5th-this)

and guess what, after the awesome performance, came an even spectacular one~


The fireworks were so much nicer than any other fireworks i’ve seen before because they synchronized it with music.. it’s so so so so awesome.

This was the event~

And when you don’t believe what i mean when there’s a lot of people,

went in to the main area to take a photo of the stage. they actually have like at least 2,000 seats arranged out for people to seat.. quite considerate.

and when you complain about the influx of foreigners.. i think it’s the same everywhere, there were so many non-koreans in the area that we were kind of freaked out  in a way =/like don’t know where all of them come from.. all no need to work on monday?

then we went to walk along the beach, there’s a lot of groups of people.. like mega gathering or outing for don’t know which clique they belong to but the whole atmosphere was so relaxing and enjoyable. i never could remember that it was actually monday night.

Went over to lotteria for food =/

Shaker fries and ice tea~

Then it was ice cream and i can’t rememeber if i managed to buy makkoli that night. was searching for it.  Pistachio flavoured =]

and then we went back to our 150,000W (the most expensive stay in korea) to enjoy the luxury of the nice bed and nice toilets.


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