Day 39 [31st July 2011] 7D6N trip:Day 2 Andong City Tour


Rise & Shine and we went down to the front desk to let them know that the stay was awesome and we were gonna stay one more night. LOL.

Breakfast =)

Walked to the train station where there was a tourism information office, but it was closed, so we had to wait..

Recommended that we should attend the Andong city tour~ so we took a bus to the bus terminal (the place we were at yesterday) while they help us register our slots over the phone. It was such an overwhelming response that there were actually 2 buses that day (sunday) It was 18,000W

why did we end up joining a tour instead of going free & easy? bus timings for tourist attractions are very infrequent. maybe one every hour or less. no, i think it was like 4 trips a day.. and because it was a sunday, the buses were sardined pack.. and since there was no planning done beforehand, going for a tour is the most logical decision.

Oh! and the tour was in korean, so i didn’t understand anything at all.

(1)Byeongsanseowon Confucian School

it’s really pretty~ I mean, maybe if i get to study in such a surrounding, with no distractions of internet and handphone, maybe i would have studied really hard =p

Well~ I can read chinese! in the past koreans used chinese characters..

(2) They brought us to climb this small hill~ where we can overlook the whole hahoe village. pretty pretty! I brought my polaroid =p

From the top:

(3) Hahoe Village – it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

We had lunch at this place! I think it was 18,000W for the fish! It was so tasty that a lazy person like me who don’t usually eat fish ate a lot of it!

Anyway it was kind of funny. we had to share tables with 2 guys, probably 2 or 3 years younger than us.. they were probably on a grad trip or retreat or something but we didn’t talk. i keep asking my friend to start a conversation but she didn’t. I wanted to drink cider so 4 of us shared a bottle, and it was on ‘service’ (free) in the end. But they will like hand out the cutlery to us and stuff like that but we just didn’t speak. LOL.


It was really tasty~

and completing the meal with..

Nothing nice.. lol.

Then we went for the famous mask performance!

It was a funny performance~ though i couldn’t understand a single word, it was enjoyable! And gosh the turnout was huge.

They had to go around asking for donations~~ It was a free performance after all~ Well, we donated.. 1,000W each. lol.

And the angmohs always get single out.. heh.

They took down their masks at the end~

And the person in yellow was actually a guy =/

Then we went to tour around the village~ and.. of course i couldn’t understand a single word from the guide’s mouth.. but there were descriptions to read.

(4) Paper Museum- Andong Haji

It was all in korean so i didn’t understand anything at all =/

** with that the tour ended **

we were back at the bus terminal, took a bus back to the train station there and i decided to try out the restaurant recommended in lonely planet.

Jaerim Galbi

Or if you can recognize the shop with this. there’s a lot of media evidences at the entrance.. lol. but the shop was empty when we entered.


and Soju~ it was really strong and i didn’t really like it.. just drank for the sake of drinking.. lol.

luckily we didn’t get makkoli to mix. haha. wouldn’t have walked out alive if we did i think. lol.

Shopped around then went back to hotel for awesome wifi + internet plus high resolution screen.

I remember watching i’m your man MV there~ the sad thing was that the MV wasn’t in HD. LOL.

and while i was in andong on this day~ khun was preparing his honeymoon with vic to maldives.

nevertheless, i will get to see 2pm tomorrow =D

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