Day 38 [30th July 2011] Checkout + 7D6N trip – Andong


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Woke up bright & early to buy SHINee concert tickets! Managed to get RV seats, but sold it off and went with corner seats. it was an awesome view. I’ll probably do a post on SHINee’s concert too =p

97% of packing was done~ images of what the dorm looks like.

 photo 300943_10150362392491209_186664_n.jpg

 photo 299787_10150362392421209_3087620_n.jpg

 photo 297083_10150362392581209_5122041_n.jpg

 photo 299527_10150362392686209_3343940_n.jpg

 photo 254639_10150362392786209_6906077_n.jpg

 photo 294533_10150362392876209_1757306_n.jpg

Despite shipping 24kg of stuff back home.. this was the size of my luggage.. =/

 photo 292825_10150362393151209_636343_n.jpg

And very soon it was Au Revoir T_T

We deposited our luggage in my friend’s dorm while we took the smaller bag and proceeded with our 7D6N Adventure ^_^

** Bus + Train to bus terminal**

It was kind of crowded since it was a saturday and the end of the summer school, which means that many of them were returning to their home town too. we only managed to get tickets for the 3rd bus or something..

Went to lotteria for lunch~

 photo 294231_10150356441681209_5265357_n.jpg

Can’t remember how long the journey took since we were people who can fall asleep the moment we sit down on the bus. So it didn’t really matter how long the bus journey took. That’s one of the reason why we did not take the KTX throughout.


oh wells, but we managed to find a way to a bus stop and asked for directions. We asked this middle-aged guy and he was going to the same direction~~ that random encounter resulted in us having dinner together =/ but we were really lucky because he was a nice guy.

he brought us to eat the food that andong was famous for~ which was the same dish in se7en’s chicken shop. a dish which you need friends to eat with because there’s only one serving.

It was spicy and nice and it was TANGHYUN something which I love a lot.

 photo 292184_10150356441766209_8160682_n.jpg

Well, he ended up paying for us and refusing to let us pay him back and my friend was saying that it was their culture and there was nothing we could do about it and we ended up treating him ice cream, despite being oh-so-full.

He was really nice, keep offering to carry our bags for us but obviously we wouldn’t let him. He wanted to introduce a hotel to us, andong hotel, even bringing us there. but it was such a good hotel that there were no rooms available. went to another one recommended in lonely planet. Aroma Motel – 40,000W per night.

It was such a decent room with a computer whereby monitor is bigger than any monitor i ever had.. equipped with fast internet AND WIFI. albeit the only flaw was that the navigation was in korean.  It was so nice that we stayed 2 nights. haha. i ended up skyping with my mum for more than an hour because of the wifi. lol.

 photo 293077_10150356441816209_6775190_n.jpg

After depositing our bags while he waited for us outside, we went to baskin robbins (obviously) heh.

Although the family size big tub was more worth it, I decided to get individual servings instead, using the excuse that I like to eat the cone. hahaha. it was all for my saliva conscious friend.

So we had 3 snowmans! the 3,100W special =p

 photo 293678_10150356441881209_6218598_n.jpg

After ice cream, we parted and I think I gave him my business card. LOL. I distributed my name card like mad this trip because it was my final year in school and most probably i would receive another business card when I start work.. i still have like 7/8 of a box to go..

We then went around to shop, probably the only busy area in Andong and we found our favourite hangout place – stationary shop with 1000W notebooks and files and OH SO KHUTE mechanical pencils which we spent like forever inside.

I was being greedy and I bought this pistachio macaroon.

 photo 254604_10150362394576209_692197_n.jpg

comparing it to my khun-endorsed lip balm.

and i spent the night watching dream team on youtube, (un)hoping to spot myself on it. you know it’s so ironic that I want evidence and momento that i’m actually there at the filming but then again, i don’t want anyone to actually spot me from it.. but there wasn’t me.. but there was my korean friend who was chansung’s partner in the game. heh. *if only i was 5 years younger*

We kind of had to ration the computer for usage =/ hahahaha. and we still had to plan for our trip tomorrow.

For this 7D6N trip, I did like almost no planning ahead because i didn’t know anything else and that my aim for kpop had been fulfilled. the only research i did was that 2pm minus khun is gonna be at busan on the 1st. ha.


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