Day 37 [29 July 2011] Posting Parcel + Pack up + Dinner with Korean Friend


It was time to post out the amount of trash I bought in korea, for myself & many other people. I mean.. how could I have 24kg worth of things to ship back? LOL. Well, there’s a big box of things from Lotte Mart weighing close to 5kg *gasp* and a lot a lot a lot of cosmetics.


Made a complaint + report lost and it’s been more than a month and they have not got back to me T_T Seems like it is GONE FOREVER. Then again, my box was badly damaged when I received it. It probably tore apart because of the weight. argh. my posters and paintings. i miss them =(

Anyway, i had to make 2 trips to the post office just to get all these stuff there.. it weights a whooooooping 24kg. and cost like 115,300W because I had to split it up into 2 parcels because they didn’t have a box big enough for me. =( =( =(

Anyway, if you are in SNU hostel, there’s a postage place called Yellow Cab located at the carpark. You go there to collect your items (if you shop online) and you can post out items from there too!

Did i really shop a lot in korea?
what do you think =p
but i really bought a lot of things for people.

After posting out the parcel, i did more packing and throwing and then I went out to meet my friend!

I was on time but she ended up being quite a lot later and I just roamed around the metro station because her SMS replies to me was very slow.

Guess how I met her! I met her at lin you jia’s fan forum (Taiwan)! She was learning chinese and she could read traditional chinese  and we started exchanging emails 2-3 years ago! It’s kind of cute because she came with her mum and her mum sort of said hi to me and held my hands and her hands and put them together. (something that you see in weddings) i don’t know.. maybe skinship is very common in korea. haha. something that i’m not very used to. i thought her mum would join us but her mum left shortly after seeing that her daughter is in safe hands.  i guess, they are worried after all, in case i was some middle-aged man all out to cheat her or something =/

we met at Sinchon~ (the stop between hongdae and edae)

I said I had no preferences for food so I ended up eating the same thing I ate 2 days ago~ this fusion general’s dish! the ham&hotdogs with maggi mee and kimchi soup! it was delicious. except for all the vegetables.

I guess it’s the norm that you don’t finish your food. I tried very hard to but she said it’s okay.. She wanted to pay for me, something that I kind of expect because of their generosity. She said that I was the guest and she brought money but I kind of said no because she was younger than me! In the end she agreed to go on dutch~

Her english was good enough for us to converse! It was fun to really meet and talk to real koreans! Her parents actually owned a branch of paris baguette and that nichkhun endorsed the brand some years back and she actually has nichkhun’s standee in her house. omg you know i fainted when i heard that. you know, i’m thinking that if she offered to give it to me, should i buy an air ticket for it back home. LOL.

she wanted to go to a cafe after dinner but gosh i was so full so we ended up at noraebang! she’s really impressed on how i can sing hangul songs. well as usual i picked my hot favourite songs which i practiced a lot. like hello, hello hello, beautiful & bad girl & hands up. while she choose songs from snsd and the rest~

the ktv room was really cool~!

it was kind of late after that so we parted and went out separate ways after we left.. she’s currently studying very hard for her CSAT.. well, she qualified for a 2nd-rated university, studied one sem but decided to drop out and re-take CSAT so that she can qualify for the top-rated universities (SKY) Seoul-Korea-Yonsei University. I guess the university you study in is very very very important =/

** back home for more packing **

the last night!

and i finally took down this poster, which accompanied me for like 5 weeks.. it’s the only poster i have at home right now because i didn’t sent it back in the parcel..

the amount of things i had to recycle..

My table is finally cleared!

OMG. you see the background page in my laptop.. it’s SHINee. (FYI, it was 29th July and ticket sales was tomorrow – 30th July) it’s currently 18th Sept now as I typed this entry and shinee world concert was just last week T_T it was such a sweet memory <3

**OFF to bed** & wake up early to standby to buy tickets via sistic using korea’s fast internet connection.

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    • Hi there,

      I didn’t really bring a lot of cash to Korea. It was about 1,000 SGD or less. I paid for my shopping (whenever possible) by debit card.

      Otherwise, you can consider withdrawing from a Korea ATM if you are in need of cash. So far, the best rates I know of is POSB/DBS Debit Card. They charge 5 SGD per transaction and sometimes the korean bank may impose a charge too.

      Do remember to visit the ATM in Singapore to activate overseas usage before you go to Korea. If you’re in Korea already, you can get one of your family members to help you call up.