Day 36 [28 July 2011] Last Day for Lessons + Graduation + Makkoli


Left Dragon Hill Spa about 10:30am. went over to Yongsan Station, grabbed food~ tasty waffle again!

Then I went crazy in search for a post office. There were 3 birthday cards I had to send out.. I ended up walking from Nakseongdae to SNU Station just to look for the post office.. that was how rare a post office is.. Managed to find one and it costs about 500W to send a card back to SG.

Took the bus back to hostel.. and I took my last walk to class.. The beautiful sights which I miss..

The aftermath of the floods.

Last korean class T_T

After that was graduation ceremony, but before that I went to buy the tasty waffle again.. Also, we dropped by the stationary shop in school and I went mad buying stickers! It was like 1000-1500W.. and some were even 100-200W cheaper than outside..

**Graduation ceremony**

Everyone’s name will be called and you will go up the stage to collect your certificate and shake someone’s hand.. probably some big shot in school.

Then there was an awesome spread of buffet~~ and I kept staring at one TA because i highly suspected he did plastic to his nose because it was very straight and sharp. and I keep saying he has boyband material. LOLLLLLL.

Went around taking photos with all the friends that I’ve made.. sad to say, i didn’t exactly make much international friends.. I was kind of self-absorbed in my chasing life that I didn’t really hang out much with the international students =/

Well, almost 50% of the students there were from singapore anyway. zomg.

It was raining heavily when we left and dear friend wanted to go clubbing with the rest and other people went pubbing or something? It was the last night and everything just wanted to enjoy but I just went back to hostel.

However, we ended up in someone’s room drinking a bottle of makkoli. haha. actually i kind of finished most of it =D i’m kind of addicted to it.. but it wasn’t enough to get me sleepy or anything. it was the last time i saw these 3 girls that night.. Though we started talking only at the last week of school. Why? HAHA, cause they bought 2PM album from me.. remember the pile of albums I bought? So that’s how we started talking..

*** 2nd last night in dorm ***

pack up pack up pack up

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