Day 34 [26 July 2011] Rain + Myeongdong shopping


Woke up late and skipped the morning session of arts and craft on purpose since I was practically much done with everything. When we went there, it was like just photo taking because it was the last class..

then after that it was korean lesson~

and gosh it started pouring like crazy. the typhoon type of thundestorm.

nevertheless, i was determined and bent on going to myeongdong today.  it was my last week in the hostel and i need to finish buying all the cosmetics and CDs and idol merchandise requests from my customers/friends.. and it was the only day left to go.. hmm.

dear friend didn’t want to venture out in the storm so i went alone~~ but eventually i met the other girls in MD at a later timing! we ended up having ginseng chicken.. together with a girl’s friend’s korean buddy some time back.. so it was like 5 girls and 1 guy. eating ginseng chicken while it’s raining and pouring outside.. heh. shiok. all that was missing was alcohol but no one mentioned it that night. heh. actually i think the guy kind of look like the city hunter guy, not lee minho, the other one.. he’s from busan~ i would say above average lah. heh. and my other friend who just came back from busan says that the guys in busan are good looking.. anyhow turn your head also can see one. LOL.

after dinner, the guy had to leave because he had to work 9am the next day.. he was doing his no-pay internship. only got allowance for meals. gosh. i can’t imagine having to work without being paid =/ and the other girls went to apujung to eat some pakbingsu?

leaving me and my newly-found 2pm friend! heh. she’s totally in love with khuntoria~ on the last day, i told her we will meet when they break up. so i guess it’s time to meet soon =p but she’s in hongkong at the moment. hmmpf.

we went around comsetic shopping~ collecting the free masks and of course, stop by my favourite shop at MD underground area to buy my star cards and collection for CDs.

then we bought krispy kreme back~ for breakfast tomorrow!

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