Day 33 [25 July 2011] KU area + Donguk uni area


Woke up early to accompany my friend to visit the doc~ she had sore throat.. oh wells.
after that, took the train to korea university stop to help my friends settle their hostel stuff..
had to pay deposit and stuff like that.

This was the stairs of their hostel~ took it to scare them. It’s not the official KU hostel by the way, just a hostel they rented near the school..

it’s really very near! you can see the school entrance right outside! and KU really looks like a castle!

Alright, didn’t take much photos~ after settling the deposit..

We decided to check out another metro station stop since this KU stop didn’t have much shops. Tried our luck at donguk university. remembered that some celebrity was studying here since the name felt so familiar.. however, to our disappointment there was not much shopping.. only a street with a lot of food stores.

We ended up eating naengmyeon and it was much better than the first naengmyeon i ate on the first day!

Dashed back to school later for arts class. It was the 2nd last lesson! We were finalizing our stuff~

Did 2 more brilliant paintings.. which are lost now =(

I miss my paintings.. speaking of which.. I shall go type another letter to speedpost. HOW CAN THEY LOSE MY ITEMS IN THE PROCESS OF SHIPPING?

Anyway we stayed in again tonight~ I guess it had been a tiring weekend and we were running low on cash. heh.

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