Day 29 [21st July 2011] Mnet M Countdown Pre-Recording + Live Show + Edae


And so, I woke up early. I think I left before 6 or 7~ grabbed breakfast at Dunkin Donuts at Hongdae

Took the same journey as the night before..

Anyway, when I reached, I saw some of the people camping there.. I even saw some of the in-charge there.. they probably stayed overnight o.0 anyway, there’s a public queue at 8am whereby the first 80 who writes their name down will get to go in later in the evening.. So people actually queue over night for that.. Well, with 2PM and Miss A.. why not?

Gawd, the sun was horrible. I was all prepared to fight the weather. With cap, sun glasses, long sleeves. I brought a long a book to read as well. Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist. On one hand, it could kill boredom. On the other hand, I was hoping that english speaking people would approach me.

I was a little shy that day I have no idea why. Didn’t manage to talk to any foreigner fans. There were singaporeans but it was a big group of them and I didn’t feel like speaking up. It was so early in the morning..

I tried my luck on conversing in english but I didn’t manage to. Then when the time came, the in-charge did the roll call thing and we we were lined-up in pairs.

Well, I decided to take a chance and speak to the person beside me and turns out to be that she was a university student and her english was really great! I was so lucky to have met her. We kind of sticked together the whole day.

Anyway, the staff came only at like 9 plus 10?

They did the usual check:

(1) Album

(2) Membership (since the card wasn’t sent out yet, all we had to do was to show the bank deposit receipt)

If you didn’t have the membership, you will be asked to go to the back of the queue.

So after a long waiting game with the sun and everything.. we eventually manage to get in. As the studio was really big, some of the people who didn’t even buy albums were allowed to join the queue.. I think there was maybe 200 people?

This was a fan good~ It’s for wooyoung and I think the hangul says something like you are my reality or something. or why are you not my reality or something. I don’t know. molla.

Anyway, I manage to secure a spot at the centre. Maybe about 2-3 people from the first row but it was good enough, but too far for me to capture any attention from khun.

The first time they sang, about 15 seconds into the song, they got =cut= and had to do it again.

The next time they do it, the ending there was the streamers burst. I thought it was over since the burst the streamers BUT, they cleared the streamers off the stage (sweep), while the 2pm members watch the filming.. and then i’m not sure who decide that they should do it again!

taecyeon was so funny. he said something like.. “you know what we did yesterday” and all the fans go like “dur” then he said “we filmed 2pm show” then my friend was like, everyone knows it obviously. HAHAH. there were some crazy fans which kept shouting insanely. but it was a good humour. Always good to have a translator around =D

And so, after the second performance, they said it was ok and they said thank you and left. OHMYGOSH.

it was unlikely that i caught any attention from khun. i was holding up my fanboard but his eyes were just not in my direction =( but gosh the stage was really near! you can take a look at the video. I kind of saw my back view a couple of times. heh.

Well, before the performance, the staff announced that 2PM won’t be staying for the live recording. there were a few cheers. haha. because if they were staying, everyone would want to watch the live show but not everyone could get in.. So people would rather they go back and rest now.

I was contemplating over whether to watch it or not but I decided that it was my only chance left for Mnet and since I was there.. hmm.

Went for lunch with my new friend & her friend at some place near CJ.

It was a terrible waiting game yet again watched a couple of videos here and there and turns out that new friend and I likes beast as well. HAHAH.

The number of fans started increasing..

This was the colourful head yesterday..

About one hour before the recording starts, there was a commotion and OMG WHO DID I SEE?


anyway, after that, we queued up and there were barely hottest left so everyone could enter. In order to decide which fan club enters first, one representative from each fan club had to play scissors papers stone while the security/management overlooks the situation. the whole thing was super well organized.

anyway, there were some official staff who look totally like 15 years old? but my friend said you had to be 18 to apply to be an official staff (volunteer)

Well, you don’t get paid, you get to come just 1-2 hours before the activity, you get to see your idols, but you have to do all the work of talking to fans(especially foreign fans), check the albums, blah blah. by the time the official staff arrive, the unofficial fan would have already arranged the fans up nicely. it’s kind of cute how they will take initiative to do such things! The first person in the line would be called il-bon (number one) and he or she would be in charge of attendance taking. anyway, 2pm has one fan boy who is really famous. he’s a wooyoung fan and I’ve seen him twice. apparently he gave wooyoung a cap and wooyoung was seen wearing it at the airport? hmm. i heard a couple of fan stories here and there.

anyway, 2pm official staff were lucky and we were the second fan group to enter! The priority will be the
(1) people who no need to queue (students/elderly/official reasons?)
(2) the 80 people who wrote their name at 8am
(3) Fan clubs

The way the line the people up is so neat and amazing. everything is done very precisely. I just like the whole order of how they organize the people, the things, the timing and everything. It was so neat!

I can’t remember much but it started off with GP Basic. A group which kind of shocked me last year because of their age. Then the other group which left an impression was boyfriend. Their dance and their faces were really cute! There was MBLAQ and KHJ who was so good looking. He should just not wear sun glasses! I remember his breakdown performance at music bank.. his sunglasses.. didn’t appeal to me. he looks so much better without it, and he sang kiss kiss! Then there was missA, hyunA who wore a little too revealing =/ 8ight, changmin and leeseungi & many more! Well, T-ara won in the end.

After the show, couldn’t eat with my friend since I already had plans with my other friend. I took a bus back to hongdae, then another bus to edae. Had dinner & shop & BOUGHT MY OH-SO-HUGE SYNDERS.

it was my last day of seeing khun. i can’t believe its all over.


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