Day 22 [14th July 2011] Dinner + Shopping in Ewha (Idae)


Well I didn’t have photos for breakfast and lunch.. either I didn’t eat or I didn’t take any photos. ha.

Well, after class, 4 of us took the metro to ewha women’s university stop! Going to far away places after classes makes your stomach really hungry!

We went to a random shop for dinner~~

I think I ate the bake rice. LOL. We shared because I wanted to eat the nice Belgium waffle but it closed pretty early.

Went to shop around, I bought this pair of slippers which I had been eyeing for very long~ Seen it at a couple of places. It was 22,000W the first time I saw it elsewhere but I managed to get it at 15,000W after a lot of bargaining.

After that, we tried the spicy chicken stick too! (Roadside stall) Obviously I asked for spicy but OMG IT WAS SO FREAKING SPICY THAT I HAD TO RUSH OVER TO FAMILY MART TO GRAB A DRINK =/

We also ate the fried squid or whatsoever.. it was okay only. But you know we had to throw our rubbish after we ate so I wanted to pass it back to the ajussi to help us dispose.. and he asked us to leave it by the tree where there were other rubbish =/

That was about it for our day. it’s gonna be an early day tomorrow!

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