Day 21 [13th July 2011] Dinner @ SNU Station + Harry Potter Movie


Woke up early for lunch~~ Usually I sleep in and just eat fan tuan.. the spread was really good for like 3,000W but the serving was too much and the tastes sinks in too deep towards the end that you just can’t finish your food. lol.

Korean lesson was interesting today! We had to pretend to sell/buy things. The teacher prepared the props for us.. The buyers had shooping list too. And there was fake money we had to use.

After class, I decided to go to SNU Station since there was a direct bus there from our classroom.. So we ended up having dinner at a random place~ and of course, with a dose of my favourite drink! I really like this brand a lot~ I felt the mix was just nice.. but I didn’t drink it again since then~ It’s funny because we just pointed to the poster. We have 0 knowledge on their alcohol brands.

Well~ Suddenly I remembered khun said something on Happy Together.. He said Makkoli is similar to women. Nice at the start but gives you a headache at the end. LOL. Totally agrees to the feeling that makkoli gives you. but I love it anyway.

I can’t remember if I felt dizzy that night but I think I was fine.

After that, we went to the podo mall at the place~ Seeing our favourite brand of ice cream, of course we can’t resist. But we’ve become smarter.. Opting for junior cup instead.

Being really greedy~ I bought a donut from krispy kreme. It was super sweet =/

And suddenly we discovered something really interesting in the arcade. a KTV box. For 500W (60cent) you could sing one song!

I think we sang 4 songs that night.. There was Hello & Hands Up & Starlight Moonlight & something.

It was probably embarrassing but oh wells~

Then suddenly we stumbled upon the cinema and we saw.. OH MY GOSH, HARRY POTTER IS SHOWING TODAY?
Well, it was a wednesday and box offices usually open on thursday in Singapore and the official date for US’s release was Friday.. So we were rather shocked but nevertheless we bought the tickets for the show!

It was 8,000W approx $9.60 Really steep considering that it was a weekday night.

We went shopping while waiting for the movie to start.. Bought a top~

After that, we bought churros and popcorn before the movie and YES WE WERE LATE.

Well we had to listen really clearly because subtitles were in korean. Sometimes you know you can’t hear their accent properly and we will rely on the chinese subs.. but here we had to concentrate really hard on the voices!

The truth was that I am rather disappointed with the movie and I expected something more WOW but oh wells! That’s the finale.

We had to cab back to school after that because it was after 12 and no public transportation, or we can’t be bothered to try =/ it was about 5000 to 6000 for the short trip back to school!

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