Day 20 [12th July 2011] Lessons + Mini concert in school


Woke up early for breakfast~ I was alone for a while before my friend came down. When i’m alone, it’s usually me, the food & secret garden on galaxy tab =D

Well~ Today we were starting on our painting lessons! The room was rather interesting..

As it was Tuesday, we had 4 hours of art class.. and painting is something that I really enjoyed since I like drawing too~ It was really fun.. when you think that i’m going to paint the all so boring oriental-style painting, look at my wonderful creations which I am indeed proud of. (Sad to say I lost ALL my paintings during shipping. How unlucky can I get? I have never lost anything before.. Zzz)

Well, here are my wonderful art pieces!

this was obviously inspired by the thing i did yesterday. HEHEE. I WAS SO PROUD OF MY KHUN-signatured iphone =D

As for the following.. you may try to guess who they are but chances are very little people got it right =( I will try harder in future!


Can you read the hangul? It means the name I love ~~

I love windmills~ ever since jay chou’s song of bai se feng che..

And this was my #1 song before I left for korea~ On rainy days!

Can you believe it? I drew all these in 1 day.. I really love drawing/painting.. I could do them forever.

After art class, there was one hour break~ followed by korean class..

After which, we had dinner in school at the admin building and we went for the mini concert! It was a mix between traditional cultural performances and hip hop~ Most of the performers are students of SNU.

Didn’t do anything else after that =(
Went back to dorm early at 9-10plus. (that’s my definition of early when i’m there, ha.)

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