Day 19 [11th July 2011] 90 mins of bliss ^_^


Alright it is currently 3:47am right now in korea but i decided that i have to type this out before i sleep tonight as once i sleep and wake up, this dream might have drifted far away.

so what’s the built up to this 90 mins of bliss?

yesterday was the release of the result of the lottery for the fansigns.
so for korea, their fan signs are mainly exclusive and closed-door events whereby usually only 150 fans are allowed per fan sign.

They will announce on their official website which outlets you have to purchase from in order to participate in the particular fan sign..
One album = One lucky draw coupon.
Which means, one album = one chance. Many albums = More money gone = higher chances

I heard that synnara and hottracks use different system. For syannara,  they will staple your lucky draw coupons together (if you buy more than one), making it a thicker stack, whereby the chances of drawing your stack is higher. However for hottracks, it is really one album = one chance basis..

With that being said, I was really lucky to get selected for the fan sign today. I was one of the 150 lucky souls who got it. However, when I analyse the situation I realise that there are a lot of fans whom probably did not participate since it was their 4th fan sign (synnara/hottrack) and I guess many of them have become broke. Moreover, they were into week 3 of their promotions, which means that those international fans who are here for their come back stage would have left, giving me higher chances of winning.

alright fast forward to today,
after sleeping really late the night before, i woke up at almost noon time, did my little cards for them. went for arts and craft lessons, where my heart obviously wasn’t there but i completed my work anyway.

left class slightly early, chiong to the bus stop, bus + mrt + transfer train + bus which i stopped one stop later and i had to backtrek and *poof i fount the place and i just tailed at the end of the queue.

so after checking my ID against the name list, the staff blabbered to me in korean and obviously i said i did not understand korean and he started saying something like ‘number’ so i wanted to dig into my bag for my mobile phone but it turned out to be that he wanted me to choose my queue number for the fan sign. so he asked me for my favourite number which was obviously 5 or 9 or something but i did not want to be so front, so i decided to say 27 and turns out to be that number wasn’t taken!

anyway, i went into the hall and everything was really organized! there are number tags at every seat, numbering 1 to 150. So after finding my seat, I sat there and started to re-arrange my things 3001 times in order to stop panicking and calming myself down. (If I had a choice I would prefer a larger number. 20 mins is definitely not enough to calm down your emotions =/

Started preparing my markers, my cards, my khunda, my phone for sneaky shots and blah blah blah.

The staff were really strict on the cameras rule. I got stopped ALOT of times and I politely kept it because they spoke to me kindly in blabbering korean  which I obviously did not understand. Anyway my images that I have are quite blur.

Anyway, really close to 730pm, they came on stage. maybe about 735 or something. I guess koreans are generally very punctual? They said something like hello we are 2pm and shortly after that the fan sign started.


I shall continue on my part first. When I went on stage, I decided to do the thing that I had been thinking all night about. Hanging my phone on a lanyard across my neck, keeping my video function on. My friend had previously tried this at luo zhi xiang’s autograph session before! So at the start I was very cautious at myself, that’s why the camera has quite a good view but the moment I stepped in front of them my camera went haywire.

Oh wells, so when we went up the stage, there’s a staff collecting our number tags and then telling us when to step forward.

The sequence was Taec, Chansung, Nickhun, Junho & Wooyoung.

So when it is my turn, I had a whole long list of questions to ask taec because of my friend.
He was really nice, greeted me with ‘How are you?’ which I unintentionally did not realise because of all that “i don’t know what i’m doing” thought.

He was nice, answered ‘Yes’ to the 2 questions and he said okay when I asked about his arm. OK-Taec signed with his left hand today because his right is injured.

Anyway, next up was chansung. I quickly passed over my board of “I am from Singapore. I do not speak Korean.’  Both of them were really nice, asking for my name and even trying to pronounce it out!

Chansung wanted to take my board away and I had to say ‘no no no, it’s for the rest too’ as I really needed it for wooyoung and junho. Argh, so embarrassing =/ Chansung is really good looking.

Since I always multi task. I can’t beleive that I actually did it for a fan sign. When chansung was signing and that khun was free, I quickly passed him my board with the note ‘Can you sign my iPhone for me?’ I don’t know if he did said yes or if he nod his head, or he did not even say anything at all? Anyway, i took down my iphone and gave him my zebra marker for him to sign on my iPhone. and omg. the iPhone signing is really the highlight of my trip. It was one of the motivations I had for this fan sign too.

Anyway, I wanted khun to copy this phrase for me but he said he can’t. And I was showing him the khunda I sewed the nice before and I think he said “cute” or so I thought. It was very funny because he always sign first before asking for the name.

I wanted him to write honeystars on my iPhone but he couldn’t really hear what ‘honeystars’ was at he said something like ‘C’? Oh wells, and he added a <3 behind my honeystars eventhough I did not make any special request!

Anyway, khun signed my book as well. I let him sign the first page so his pretty face won’t be destroyed in anyway.

He wanted to write honeystars, as he stopped and asked again after the first stroke and after that, I pointed to my PS which has my name on it.


Khun was wearing  a cap and his glasses which really looks good. I wonder if there area ny photos where he did not look good in. HA.

After khun was junho. The truth is I did not have much to tell him at all, so he actually initiated a handshake at the end which struck me into reality that ‘OMG I HAVE NOT SHAKEN HANDS WITH KHUN’  and after i completed junho’s autograph, I actually went back to shake khun’s hand. and what’s the regret that i have for tonight,  I don’t think I looked at khun in the eyes throughout this whole fan sign =( =( =(

Anyway, because I was freezing throughout, due to the rain and anxiety and panic and everything, my hands were kind of icy cold when i touched khun’s hands which were really warm. how i wish he could question me why my hands were cold or something. ARGH. but it’s okay, the whole thing is gonna stay in my mind, replaying like a movie whenever i need such comfort. MUAHAHA. or i can just look at my iPhone which serves as a reminder that I quit kpop in korea for now. Oh wells.

Oh wells, but all was well I guess. because I went back to shake khun’s hand, i was in a panic and I think wooyoung told me either to ‘slow down’ or ‘not to rush’ or something around that line lah. Really nice of him to do so.

Then after that it was wooyoung, the last one. His hair was really cool! looked kind of silvery under the bright light. But not that silver as TOP that time. Anyway, because I had to go back to shake khun’s hand, I was panicky when I reached wooyoung and I was like trying to flip open my book or something. and Wooyoung said something like ‘calm down’ or ‘slow down’ or around that line which i can’t really remember =( He’s really nice somehow.

anyway, i wrote down this stupid question which my friend inspired me last night.


When he saw the question, he was like I can’t answer this. Stupid me had to ask him to ‘just choose’ and he gave a two or 3 seconds lag before circling ‘ME’ oh wells oh well! But then again, that was the only option he could choose without going anywhere wrong. MUAAHAHAH. he ain’t my bias anywy, but all you fangirls out there whose bias is wooyoung, you can treat it that this question is going out for YOU! he is a really nice guy!

THEN, i realise that junho did not answer my question, So I decided to back trek abit and show him the question about his hair colour and he said ‘i like them all!’


It was a long but awesome wait as I sat down, with full view of taec. Beside me was a taec fan. Then slowly one by one, people leave and stuff like that and after taec finish signing the last person, he started playing with the mike. Slowly, they started blabbering some more korean among themselves. I sneakily recorded the video in an attempt to understand what the korean blabbering was. And it was less than 5 mins and they had to leave.

With that, marks the end of my fan sign experience.  Marks the end of my idol-chasing days in korea and i think i’ll have a good dream tonight, if I can even dream. HA.
I have lessons in 5.5 hours time and i’m still here. zomg zomg zomg.

everybody put your hands up! ! !

Anyway, the truth is although khun is my bias, I realise that he isn’t the most friendly one out of all the rest. Was it that I asked him too many requests? But they were really nice and knowing that I am from Singapore after reading my sign, all of them spoke to me in english except for the start whereby I was trying to use Korean to converse with taec for a short while before I realise that he understands english. LOL. But I thought about it for a whole day and i realise that your bias will not change over night. After seeing khun’s tweets and everything, i totally forgotten that he wasn’t the most friendly gone yesterday.


We fans wait a lifetime for an opportunity like this and to them we are just another one they have to meet as part of their schedule. I mean the moment I decided that I should step into this celebrity nonsense I know I have to  bear with all these..

Then again, I have once again succeeded in doing something that I really wanted  and hoped for and it has been a pretty great time thus far.

As I mark my end of this celebrity nonsense in my stay in Korea, I would like to say that I am really really really happy and thankful and everything.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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