Day 18 [10th July 2011] Failed attempt at inkigayo + Dream Team Recording =D


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Alright, dear friend had mid terms on monday so happy me decided to indulge on my cravings.

Having checked 2pm daum’s cafe last night, the reporting time was at 12 or 1pm, which probably meant that it was live show. So, from my previous experience with FT Island, I thought that having a membership is a big deal, so I gladly took my own sweet time and reached the place only at 10~11am.

Directions to SBS: Gayang MRT – exit 10, walk all the way straight. anyway, i was following some girls who looked like fan girls and i ended up at the place!

Upon reaching there, I saw a paper which label 2pm and then I called the number and I can’t remember what came next. but when she came, the “in-charge” refused to let me write my name on the piece of paper. Probably that it was live show and that there were limited spaces and probably I won’t be inside.

Random fan girls.

 photo 297691_10150362368006209_310525_n.jpg


The crowd.

 photo 297629_10150362368231209_4479346_n.jpg

 photo 301431_10150362368146209_5547497_n.jpg

I was bored so I started looking around and spotting people that I could talk to. First I decided to talk to this 2 malay girls (since they most prob could speak english) and they came really early to queue for 2pm but they were like 100+ on the list. Then I saw another group of 4 girls, international students from some university in USA, doing their summer at Yonsei. Well, they also came really early. They had no membership, only the album..

So there was the roll call and I ended up standing with the people who were not on the name list, all the way at the back =/

It was really crowded that day because Taemin, Minho and Key were doing a special stage with f(x).

Anyway, so the official staff came (really young people) and they started checking our album and membership status. And soon we were divided into the various queue. If you have album and membership, your priority is first. If u do not have the membership, no matter how early you reached, you will be behind those with membership. MEMBERSHIP IS VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT QUEUE FOR IDOLS WITH MEMBERSHIP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY.

So those girls (the 4 intl students & 2 malays), were actually behind me in the queue, because they didn’t have membership. I guess they really feel very sad about it. after all they came so early.

After that, I met this japanese girl who came late for the roll call because she was in shinee’s pre-recording to see taemin. She was at the back of the queue with me because she was late. I think I got a number of 94 if i’m not wrong.. However, the staff said that it was really hard for us to enter. Well, I wanted to get the booklet whereby they give “attendance stamps” but they didn’t get back to me =( It was funny because the staff couldn’t speak english, but one of them could speak japanese! So the japanese girl conversed with her and then translated it to be in english.

Well, well, she did not tell me her age. and she didn’t want to wait~ we had a short conversation. She actually came for the gmarket concert which happened on friday (i did not manage to win tickets and neither do I know a black market exist). if i didn’t remember wrongly, she was going back on monday. Well, japan is so near after all!

I brought my 2pm star cards out that day and she said her bias was junsu. I had extra of that so I gave it to her. She was really thankful to me and up till today we still keep in touch on twitter!

So finally, the staff came over and told us to go back since there was no chance, so I lead the way for the 2 malay girls. while walking to the metro girls, i spotted 2 girls who were in front of me in the queue line but they didn’t manage to get in too so I wanted to ask for their queue number, hoping to find out what is their cut-off.

Alright, the thing that happened next was, that they couldn’t understand me and I gave up. So with my limited korean, I asked if they were going dream team recording and they said they were heading there now! I didn’t plan to go so early but I just decide to follow them! The 2 malay girls decided to follow too! so we had a nice chat on the train there. That was when i found out how the went to kiss the radio almost every night.

But it was really cute trying to converse with the 2 korean girls as their english is.. and my korean is.. ya. but then again, we manage to converse a little. Like who is your bias, age, whether u are going for 2pm concert, blah.

So we reached the dream team recording place really early and her friends were actually there rather early and they brought us to the front! We had to squeeze a little, but they made space for all 5 of us! Didn’t manage to converse with them much since I think they were afraid of the language barrier.

The place overlooking hangang river was awesome. It was at Ttukseom Hangang Park, Waterfront stage!

 photo 270747_10150326074761209_6869696_n.jpg

 photo 267997_10150326074921209_1189478_n.jpg

It was only like 2-3plus when I reached.. and this was the crowd.

 photo 264099_10150326075911209_4015378_n.jpg

The obstacle race~

 photo 271036_10150326075086209_465505_n.jpg

 photo 262179_10150326075191209_5844047_n.jpg

 photo 264093_10150326075571209_3161035_n.jpg

Anyway, it was very funny. There was a random moment where everyone started screaming and cheering and the reason was that 2pm was performing at inkigayo and a lot of people were watching it through their phone. Not many phones can support though, so there were like groups hovering over one phone. There wasn’t any near me so all I did was just to watch their responses. and suddenly everyone clapped and cheer together! Well, 2pm won the mutizen award and the crowd cheers were CLASSIC i tell you. it’s so happy to be at a place when everyone is for the same person.

Well, the weather was getting terrible as 7pm came.. Usually for the past few days it had been raining at night.. so dear 2pm actually had to perform in the rain.

The truth is i zoomed a lot. the audience were really far away. even though i was already quite front.

 photo 268835_10150326076131209_1552806_n.jpg

 photo 269900_10150326076791209_947610_n.jpg

They sang hands up! This was my recording!

Well, there was this dance competition too! and my friend (1 of the korean girls who brought us there) actually got selected to the last round and eventually chansung chose her as the partner! she was like kneeling to the floor and dancing. You know, we always say (the older fans), if only we were like 5 to 10 years younger. we would probably go all the way out.

I couldn’t have taken part anyway, I wasn’t a 2pm fan since the start. I know nothing about their dances other than i’ll be back and hands up. I wouldn’t have the courage anyway. lol.

Anyway filming was really tiring for me, what more if I were them. The rain come and go, we ended up paying 2,000W to buy a rain coat. I had to be so cautious, holding up my ‘KHUN’ sign everytime the camera came past. I was wearing jeans and it was kind of rubbing into my skin with all the rain and sweat and everything. Anyway, I actually spotted a ahma or auntie holding a “SG” sign in the audience. heh.

Okay the sad thing of being there is I did not understand a single thing of what they were saying and neither can my korean friends explain to me in english.

But there was this part that they started distributing drinks. According to the tv episode that I watch, they actually bought the drinks from their own pocket and I didn’t manage to get any drink. But this part was funny. they wanted to distribute the drinks to the audience but obviously chaos will happen and Junho came over to my side and there was stampede and everyone dashed forward and.. I managed to grab a blur picture of him.

 photo 261341_10150326081091209_2446454_n.jpg

And the funniest thing was I think the emcee wanted to control the crowd and Junho came closer to ask, with his hands shooing us back to our seats. and the moment he walked forward, more fans dashed down. It was so bad that they decided that all 2pm members should return while the security distributed the drinks on their behalf. Junho is really nice but his gesture was really funny. Didn’t he predict that fans obviously won’t listen. HEH.

Anyway I’m so lazy to describe anything else but khun was the first person to complete the race and I left once khun  was done. I was really tired and sweaty. The 2 malay girls left rather early too.


This is my awesome video of khun’s victory which garnered more than 3000 views. LOL.

Other photos of.. khun-focused.

 photo 261727_10150326082936209_3780906_n.jpg

 photo 269417_10150326083306209_8172801_n.jpg

 photo 267987_10150326083116209_5960771_n.jpg

They must have felt really tired that day =/ Music shows fri-sun, fan sign on mon, khun’s WGM filming on tues, 2pm show on wed. omg.

These are the actual videos from KBS World.. Felt quite happy that I had been part of all these recordings =D

ANYWAY, the result of the fan sign was supposed to be out at 5 or 7pm that night and my dear friends whom i asked to help me check.. none of them remembered to check.. and i was really anxious about the result and i know i would be too afraid to check it myself.. so on my train ride home i messaged my friend who replied with a “woops, i forgot!” but..


i think the message was some what like this, but it was a message i kept in my inbox cause it made me so happy just looking at it. i think i got the message while i was on the bus journey from metro to hostel. and i was smiling away~ feeling thankful about my lottery. and that music bank didn’t suck away all my luck. but then again, i had terrible luck the past week =/



this was my dinner/supper.

 photo 299143_10150362368461209_2322523_n.jpg

i did this over night..

 photo 295745_10150362368556209_5559631_n.jpg

 photo 297771_10150362368621209_5113420_n.jpg

 photo 299515_10150362368806209_2787112_n.jpg

If you realised, khun is always special. HEH.

 photo 298220_10150362369106209_7769664_n.jpg

I’m glad I bought all these beforehand, at least I won’t have to panic about what to give them the next day. My presents were a far cry from the rest. but the only give me 24 hours to prepare! gosh. the feeling was so insane that night..

and i forgot to print-screen the page with my name on the winning list.

omg, i’m really thankful for the win. i can’t imagine if i didn’t.. i don’t know what i would do =/

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