Day 17 [9th July 2011] DMZ + Myeongdong shopping


Today was really a sad day because it was Onew & Minho’s last day as emcee for music core. Well, it was really upsetting as my friend wanted to join the bigger group to visit DMZ today. I really wanted to go music core. I paid for my 2pm membership already, which means it would be easier to go for music core.. but, i still can’t convince myself that I should be so crazy over idol-chasing.

Well, I always get such stupid thoughts but then again, I was prepared to cab down once my DMZ half day trip end but it was too late. nevermind, i shall move on.

So this DMZ trip cost like 41,000W for half day. There was about 10-12 of us and we had transport from the Metro station near our school. We had to wake up really early like at 7plus and set off. After changing from the van to the big bus, we set off to the DMZ part.

I can’t really remember much of the information the guide was telling us because I was in a half-dazed mood.

Throughout the whole trip, I was feeling rather solemn as I learn the history of the korean war and how they get dragged into all these nonsense. It was really not their fault but.. circumstances happen and it was really sad.

First Stop.



Okay the truth is I can’t remember the significance of these places. Probably it was freedom bridge or something along that line. There was a bridge of no return too.

We entered this museum whereby the guide was explaining to us the border clashes that they had. There was one about an axe or something. but throughout i just didn’t feel good about the whole thing. I mean, nobody likes wars and korea had been dragged into one. Seriously, whose fault was it? I mean, not that i’m pointing fingers but things happen.

There was this legendary 3rd tunnel which south korea found. Well, north korea has been constantly digging somewhere out there, in an attempt to reach south korea, probably for a secret attack or something. so this is actually the 3rd tunnel that they found. They have this elevation pathway down which was quite a feat for me to climb back up. We had to wear helmets which.. WAS REALLY IMPORTANT BECAUSE MY HEAD GOT BANGED A COUPLE OF TIMES. the place really had low ceiling.. well its pretty amazing that they actually dug out these out.. I wonder how they survive with the stale air and it was quite cold.

Well, we went all the way down to see this panel, which was followed by 2 panels, and beyond there it was north korea already. Not that I am really interested in it but I guess it’s pretty much a big deal since they are the only living communist country left on planet earth.

After that we went to the place where we could see north korea. It was high up on some mountains. But there was a strict no photo zone. If u were seen with your camera, the guard will shout to you in every single language (since it is a tourist place) and they are really fierce! The guide said that they might take your camera and delete every single photo.

This photo was taken outside the no-photo zone.

The fog was really bad that day. and me and my friend paid for the binoculars to find the flag pole. apparently they have the tallest flagpole in the world.. but there wasn’t any flag on it. It was a saturday after all.

Anyway, I heard there’s some small cooperation business going on as some north koreans actually work in south korea or something around that line but i can’t remember if it is in the past, or if it is still going on now.

After that, we visited the railroad which they hope that one day, koreans could actually travel to north korea.

This was the only souvenir you can bring back~ well, the guide warned us against stamping our passports. Maybe one day in the near future these chops can actually be seen in passports. Oh wells~ I think i’m for reunification. In my lifetime. I believe.

Well, that marks the end of our tour and I was really anxious on the bus as I wanted to cab down to music core’s place which was all the way at jal basan. I was willing to fork out 30k for taxi. BUT, there was terrible traffic when we were back in Seoul. oh my gosh. We left so late that I totally gave up the moment we got stuck in the jam. can’t believe it jams up so badly on a saturday, but the guide was like “precisely” because it was a saturday, that’s when all the cars come out.

RAH. well, they alighted us at insadong if i didn’t remember wrongly. it was the streets wereby they sell foreigner stuff and touristy stuff which i wasn’t really interested. we grabbed lunch at a random shop.

The food was quite tasty from what I can remember and the waiter brought us english menu. I guess when we speak, our identity can no longer be hidden.

After that, my friend went to change money at quite reasonable rates~ and we decided to go to myeongdong for shopping. I would love to call it my official cosmetics shopping day. you will know why when you see the pictures after that.

But this was what we had for dinner~ at Han’s Deli. the food was okay for the price.

Tony Moly was on 30% if i didn’t remember wrongly.

Hanskin was having mega discount and I bought their BB cream there. I like it so much that I bought more at a later date. Well, not everything was mine. In fact a majority were not mine!! There were all requests from my friends/customers.

But the bags that I had were almost 7-8kg.. that was how terrible I shopped, and every purchase was made with the plastic card. muaha.

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