Day 16 [8th July 2011] Caribbean Bay + Gangnam dinner


FRIDAY! which means there was no school today.
Well, after a conversation on msn last night with another girl, we made a rash decision to go Caribbean bay as it was the last day for the peak period promotion!
ANYWAY, it was supposed to not rain from 12-6pm according to the weather forecast.. As you know, the weather in Seoul had been very erratic. So we decided not to waste this supposedly “good” weather.

Well, there’s 3 different prices, off-peak; peak and super-peak

Ticket Prices:

Well, it was 55,000 from July 1 to July 8 and after that it would be 70,000W for full-day ticket. So the night before, we decided to utilize the 15,000W discount.

DIRECTIONS: Gangnam MRT, exit 6, walk all the way until you see a bus stop (usually there’s a queue).
Take City Express bus #5200

Depending on your luck, you might have to stand the whole journey which is about 50 mins long. The bus brings you to both Everland and Caribbean Bay. (It is just beside one another)


(The following account is about how we tried to get discount for tickets, it was a long and tiresome process)
Anyway we had a long issue with regards to purchasing ticket because we realise that there’s actually a university student discount whereby people in front of us in the queue could get the tickets at 36,000W. Whereby we had to print a coupon online. So we went all the way out of the place to a PC Bang to access the internet. Upon reaching there, we realise that you have to register to get the coupon and to register, you need a korean alien ID. So we tried calling our korean friends but apparently none of them were willing to help or some didn’t happen to pick up their phone. We were dying inside the smoke-infested PC Bang.. and by the time we gave up, it was like we were just in time for their afternoon price timing which was about 45,000. So we walked all the way back (20-30mins) and upon reaching there, we realised that there’s a discount if you own this KB bank card. So being thick skin (obviously not me), we asked this woman and she told us she actually had 3 tickets she was trying to sell! Seems like she got it in  package or deal.. but her other family members couldn’t make it that day, and that ticket is only valid for the day itself. So she wanted to sell it to us at 25,000 per ticket. So we went to test the ticket to see if it was valid and paid her. (it was our lucky day, wait, we had a streak of bad luck before that.. me and my friend were still saying that music bank drained all our luck away.. haha) ANYWAY, my dear friend realise her wallet was missing, so the other 2 girls went in first, and me and my friend walked all the way back to PC bang, and luckily for her, she left her wallet at the counter and the staff kept it for her. it was HER lucky day. oh wells. By the time we got back, it was like 3+ already and the park was closing at like.. 7? So we went back, paid 45,000 for the afternoon ticket, and went in. Finally.

So if you think that the whole place is going to be endorsed by them, like u see their faces everywhere, please don’t hope too much. There were barely 2 posters. =(

This is the wave pool~ if you watch WGM it is the one that they were playing in. It’s really fun! But you need to rent the life jackets~ it was 3k or 5k. Can’t remember.

Alright, as we went in really late, the queues were really long and there were no photos because we deposited everything into the locker.

The first ride we took was Tower Raft. Just a ride on a circular boat thing, go down bumps and falls.

Then we queued for Tower Boomerang. The Ride which throws your boat down at high speed and then propels you up this slope and then that’s it.

Okay the stupid thing is we went without a map so we just see what take what. LOL.

Then we went for Cool Shelter and Wild Blaster. A ride which brings you through falls and bumps but gosh it was freezing.

Anyway, we were half lucky and unlucky. Well, it was slightly drizzling but since we were wet, we didn’t really bother. However, we were really scared that the rides would close but apparently it didn’t. The good thing was, there was no sun=D

One ride took about 40-70 mins for queue-ing time.. so it was almost 6 when we finished just that 4 rides. (It is a big mistake to enter late.. oh wells)

Ya, then I was so attracted to AQUALOOP (the one which khun and victoria endorsed)
The truth is I did not watch that CF before visitng. LOL. I have a weird problem. BAH.

This ride was literally my greatest nightmare. First, I couldn’t NOT take that ride because hello, khun took it. So obviously I had my pride and that ride had no queue because it was closing. And khun was the reason why I was at caribbean bay. blah blah blah. we ended up on the ride. we could only wear our swimwear for the ride. There were lockers provided to deposit our stuff. (it means that your outer layer, t shirt, jacket, tank top, everything all have to take out.. so if u wearing bikini also must strip la. but obviously im wearing swimsuit)

Okay, the fear started building up as I walk up the stairs. I almost wanted to back out but my pride didn’t allow me to. When I reached the top, I saw this sign (If you happen to be stuck, do not panic, wait for the next wave to bring you out)

I forgot to describe the ride. It is a vertical free fall which brings you through a 360 degree loop.

 and when my turn comes. OH MY GOSH.

They make you enter this capsule like thingy. whereby u had to lean back (probably a 80-85 degrees lean) with your arms crossed and your legs crossed.  And there will be a sound..

(i found this picture off the web)



on the hind sight, i realise that i took the same colour as khun in his CF. he took the orange slide and i think i took that.

also, something additional which may scare u from taking the ride. my friend said she took the same ride in australia and she was actually stuck at the loop and she had to climb out of the ride and she dare not take it again.

Will I take the ride again? (Maybe when I’m drunk or when pride comes in the way =/) *I regretted not talking to khun about this when I met him* argh.

After that, it was 6pm+ and all the rides were closed except for the wave pool. so almost everyone was at the wave pool. but we had like 3~4 waves before they started chasing everyone out.

And my friend requested to take photo with the lifeguard. zomg.

Bathing was a slight cultural shock..everyone stripped at their lockers, walk to the shower area bare and bathe, and walk back to the lockers and wear their clothes.. but it was separated by floors..  but then again i wasn’t really used to it despite all that practice in japan. hmm.

so after bathing, it was pouring and i was hungry and.. the view was awesome.

and the bus queue was..

okay so we were praying very hard that we can get bus with seats, if not we would have to stand the whole 50 mins.

We managed to get a seat and I was watching videos throughout my ride back to gangnam, ahahah,

After a long decision-making process, we ended up here.. Pomato actually have many branches and I wouldn’t really recommend eating here though. I didn’t feel that the food was good at all =/

I had this but I think it was okay only and the rice sucked. can’t remember why but I had trouble trying to finish the rice. i was dead hungry. but i remember taking many servings of kimchi because i was starving.


It was still pouring~ pouring throughout the whole night.. I guess we were both lucky and unlucky for today. oh wells..

It was an early morning the next day..

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