Day 15 [7th July 2011] Expensive buy + KBS Kiss the Radio


Well, one day after the ‘failed’ fan sign event I went for, my friend (who was back in SG already) messaged me and OMG, THERE’S ANOTHER FANSIGN FOR 2PM! and obviously i went OMG! I’M SO GOING FOR IT. OMG. HOW MUCH MONEY AM I GOING TO SPEND?

So after analyzing the days I had left to make the purchase, (Wed-Sat); Thursday was the best day. Well, the place was really far away, probably an hour ride on the metro but nothing was terrible as long as I have my galaxy tab with me. I think I was probably watching ‘Secret Garden’ then. It’s funny how sometimes the ahma’s on the train will look at me and say ‘Hyun Bin’ when they see that i’m watching secret garden. I guess almost everyone in korea watches dramas, and that secret garden is indeed famous.

I bought X number of albums. Alright, I admit that I bought more than what I originally planned to, because the people in front of me bough a lot and there was peer pressure. Alright, not that I know them personally.

Filled up the forms and threw it into this box. Apparently they empty the box everyday. It was not very filled when I went. Probably still quite early.

Anyway it was so funny, because I saw the person in front of me paying XXXXX price for the albums, but when it was my turn, the price which appeared on the screen was like more expensive. Being the all so kiasu me, I asked why (in my poor korean) and then he said membership. So i applied to become a member (of kyobo and hottracks) and I got that discounted price. Phew. Anyway, there was a component for alien number but i crapped one out anyway.

It was really sad because despite paying XXXXX price for the album, there was no poster. When I ordered online, there was free poster and poster tube and cheaper. OH WELLS. what to do, i needed to buy the albums.

Anyway, for this fan sign, there were 2 outlets involved, which means that they will pick 100 from each outlet. The night before, I was analysing the risk on whether I should throw all my eggs into one basket or separate them, but seems like time made the decision for me, and I ended up only in one shop.

On my way back to the metro, I was miserably hungry that I bought corn to eat (yes the same corn which I agreed was not worth eating).

There was quite limited time left but I insisted on going back to dorm to keep my albums before going to class. I would probably look very stupid if I went to class with that big plastic bag. Ended up being late for class.

It was raining again when class ended. Some other girls wanted to visit Suju kiss the radio and we decided to have dinner in school. we ate at the nice place again~

Went back to our dorms after dinner to stone around. Kiss the radio was at 10pm anyway. PLUS, i was super upset that I missed 2pm on KTR. and the stupidest thing was I checked the KTR website, but probably i clicked the wrong button or whatsoever, I didn’t mange to find the schedules and thought that there were no guests (on wednesday), so i ended up missing 2pm at KTR. SIGHS.

But it’s okay, today there was heechul and some others. On top of the host, leetuk and eunhyuk. (I seriously struggled very hard to remember their names; i’m still clueless about half of SNSD)

This is what you usually see on the internet

The amount of people you had to fight with to catch a glimpse of them.

Anyway, I wasn’t very interested in them. So after trying to take a few good photos, I decided to sit down and rest, and look at the other DJs who had no audience =( it’s kind of sad in a way that all the cheers outside were for their neighbours.

Me and my friend left early because we were afraid of not being able to catch the last bus back to school. We paid for cab a few days ago. heh.

It’s funny how I knew 2 other girls somewhere later in the trip that they were in korea for 10 days and almost every night they went to kiss the radio. well, they were fervent suju fans~ and i think they manage to get a smile or a wave from someone.. maybe it’s good that my bias are not so prominent. I might have gone crazy.



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