Day 11 [3rd July 2011] Jamsil Stadium + Myeongdong (Raining)


The only thing I remembered about today was that it was raining almost the whole day.
Well, first we decided to check out the GD event which was at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

That place has a lot of stadiums. I think there were 3 or something . It was a sunday so probably there was a baseball match going on. Well, I heard that Koreans are crazy over baseball.. I didn’t manage to watch a game when i’m there though. hmm. Then again, I was never a fan of baseball. There was just this short-term interest I had when I was in USA last year as baseball was everywhere.

Anyway, when we reached the indoor stadium, it was really messy. Apparently it was for super star king or show or something around that line and that there were tons of people lining up for audition, or probably there for G Dragon but we were really unsure.

Well, we managed to find this booth for beanpole and there was GD’s standee.

Well, they were giving out this form whereby we had to fill up to select the best outfit or something along that line, but there was his face on it, so I went over and took a stack of those forms and put it in my bag =D I was being so terrible but then again, it came in handy as a gift for friends. MUAHAHA.

Then the confusion came, we did not know how to enter the stadium. There were several entrances and I tried to get pass one but they didn’t let us in, but asked us to look for another gate, and when we went to the other gate, it seemed that everyone were contestants and whatsoever and there were random queues everywhere and we did not know which was the right queue and after circulating and walking aimlessly around the place, my dear friend decided to give up.

Well, I wasn’t interested in GD actually. I was being nice and brought my friend there. But that trip had to end up with us leaving the place since we sort of got the timing wrong. It supposed to be 4pm, not 230pm. We were there at 1 if i didn’t remember wrongly. Also, my friend was getting annoyed with the staff as nobody seems to know what to do and I wasn’t interested with asking around since GD wasn’t my interest and it wouldn’t hurt me not to see him.

So the conclusion was that dear friend chooses to leave the place; and i asked many many many times, that she should leave with no regrets. (It was one of my rare days that idol-chasing ended so miserably =( but well, we went for shopping instead)

I can’t remember why we did, but we ended up at Myeongdong, which wasn’t exactly a good place to go since it was raining heavily. But we went anyway.

Starving, we decided to whack any random restaurant we saw along the way and we ended up in this restaurant which was heavily infested with smoke. On raining days, the smoke level intensifies because people don’t bother going outside to smoke.  To our dismay, the food was horrible.

Their pancake had a lot of spring onions. You know, i’m OKAY eating spring onions, but i’m not okay eating STEMS of spring onion.

After having such a terrible meal, we resigned our fate to our bad luck. We kind of believe that the winning on the music bank tickets for friday drained all our luck up. (1) no luck at GD event (2) no luck at food

Feeling upset about our awful meal of the day, we decided to start shopping and once again, my angel greeted me with a warm smile.

How cool was that, 30% storewide. This wasn’t the it’s skin shop, but in fact it was a shop which sells many other brands together. I can’t remember the shop name. But then again, everything from it’s skin was on 30%. So I decided to message a couple of my friends and grabbed whatever it’s skin products that I wanted.

The truth was that I only wanted one product. Not that I really needed a lip balm. I’m only getting it because it looks so khute and that there was a khute someone endorsing the product.

I think I got a couple of masks too, and another product from saem which the person was recommending us.

And suddenly, my friend realised that she did not re-fill her wallet with money. I can’t remember what comes next but I had to sign some items on debit, rationing my money here and there. bah. I can’t remember but I know our bad luck streak was evident throughout the whole day.

But mr. khun always has his way of making me smile despite my miserable day.

Brand that mr. GD endorses. the event which we failed to attend earlier in the day.


and.. SPAO doesn’t open on sundays..

Look at the never-ending cosmetic brands. Anyway, almost every brand has 2 outlets in myeongdong. Some brands, even 3. Please do not say something like let’s meet at “Face Shop” in myeongdong. You wouldn’t end up in the same face shop as your friend.

Having a terrible day so far, I decided to purchase some 2PM Star Cards from the shop at the underground mall in MyeongDong Station. If you don’t know, there are 2 shops which sells CDs and idol merchandises at prices 1000~4000W cheaper than the “brand” shops like hot tracks and synarra. The downside is that the album sales there do not contribute to the charts. Despite the cheaper prices, most albums do come with the official poster. I manage to buy the bromide magazine there. (Beast cover)

With that, we ended our terrible day in Myeongdong~

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