Day 10 [2nd July 2011] 친구생일~


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It was my dear friend birthday so we ventured out to ewha for food and shopping. If you don’t know, there’s quite a fair bit of shopping in this area and i think i went to ewha about 5 times during my 6 weeks there.

When we exited the station, we saw corn and I decided to give it a try since the corn I had in japan was awesome.

 photo 268815_10150321024301209_3455363_n.jpg
We paid 2,000W or was it 1,000W for that but it was really really really disappointing.

So we went for our favourite snack, Ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

 photo 265140_10150321024936209_527053_n.jpg

This is the place to be if you want to use wi-fi. As our hostel does not have wi-fi, we are very attracted to places with wi-fi as we can access our whatsapp and twitter and I can download videos. hehh.

After that, we went to try this sweet potato dessert! I was attracted to it because usually such toppings are only placed on potatoes.

 photo 270010_10150321025301209_5671750_n.jpg

Well, I like sweet potatoes that’s why I will think that it is nice. HEH.

After that, I decided to follow my plan and to bring her to this interesting cafe at ewha women’s university metro station.

Directions: Ehwa Uni Line 2. exit 2 walk all the way straight, about 2 junctions later you will see Juno Hair, then you turn into that lane and keep your eyes on top to look for this signboard.

 photo 294563_10150361931776209_4978029_n.jpg

You will have to go up some stairs and go up to the 3rd floor.

Well, it is a theme cafe where there is nice sofa and decorations and you pay 5,000 to 30,000W to rent a dress for like 30 mins or something. There were many interesting dresses ranging from korean dress to wedding dress.
And it’s really funny because some couples go there to have a “wedding shoot”. The place is equipped with all the lighting which actually I have no idea how to display them but I guess if you’re good at it, you can probably do a good job in the lighting.

We also had to order a drink each, which was 6,000W. But I guess theme cafes are like that.. they will charge more for such things.. I had an oreo ice blend and my friend had a chocolate ice blend if i didn’t remember wrongly.

 photo 264400_10150321025811209_5608843_n.jpg

Oh wells, I realise that I forgot to take face-less photos in the cafe. For the purpose of this blog I decided that I wouldn’t upload any photos with any faces~ Though I know i’m not exactly anonymous somehow..

But the decorations are not bad I feel~~ You will be able to take some quality photos when you are there~ FYI, I didn’t rent any dresses myself. The purpose was just to sabo my friend.

After that, we shopped around a bit..
 photo 254738_10150361932146209_4892901_n.jpg
and we went for our favourite hobby in korea~ noraebang!

We went to the luxury branch in Ewha. The decorations were not bad!

 photo 262285_10150321030831209_5406814_n.jpg

Alright, not exactly a very convincing photo but I was really happy because I could sing ‘Hands up’. The way koreans update their noraebang system is like awesome. Like less than a week, you could see the latest hits in the system!

After that we shopped around the area, walked randomly until we realise that we were near Sinchon (one metro stop away)

So we grabbed dinner at a random shop.

 photo 292844_10150321025951209_1589285_n.jpg

 photo 270875_10150321026116209_5032835_n.jpg

After that. we asked for directions and walked back to Sinchon.

and then we took the train back to our dorms!

*** the end of 2nd july 2011 ***

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