Counting down to Day 0.


Random list of things to remember

1. Check Passport Expiry – more than 6 months.

Visa won’t be required as my stay would be less than 90 days! I’ve just counted the dates – it will be 48 days! (I should have extend 1 more day right. hmm!)

2. Change Money!
The exchange rate i got as of 09.06.2011 at chinatown is SGD$1 = 862 won.
Let me do some calculations before you decide to spend $3 on transportation fees just to change there.
Let’s say you change the money at the heartlands, the exchange rate most prob is around 857.
Meaning that you will gain 5won per $1 changed.
you change SGD 1000 = 5,000W
5,000W / 862 = $5.80 (savings)
Thus, before rushing down to chinatown and spending maybe 15-20mins queueing up, do think about how much you can actually save by doing so =/
Anyway today (20.06.2011) I was in somerset and I asked the money changer what’s the rate. He quoted me 860 and I said nevermind and then he asked me what i wanted so i said 862. Then after a short discussion with the lady inside, he agreed! And i think about my long wait at chinatown. hmpf.
He even gave me a set of new notes of 10,000W. yipee. small change =))  

3. First 2 nights hostel accommodation  
Booked Soul Guesthouse @ Hongdae
The guesthouse owner emailed me today asking me to confirm.
I guess it should be really confirmed.

4. Made online reservation for mobile phone using S roaming.
Book online 3 days in advance = 50% discount off rental rates
There is a new foreign student plan.
55,000W for rental of phone. I didn’t know their VAT was freaking 10%. zzz.

5. Start printing all the documents
Acceptance Letters
Copy of flight itinerary; e-ticket
Photocopy of Passport

6. Pack my baggage
This is the most procrastinated thing of all.
I said that yesterday and today and I have not done anything.
Leaving in 2 days time.. Oh wells. Oh wells. Oh wells.
I’ve done up my to bring list though, if that helps!

Adios for now!
I hope the next post I make will be when i’m really in Seoul~

This marks the last entry for Pre-Korea Planning
😀 😀 😀

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  • im going snu this summer and i cant believe everything is more expensive now! just my school fees of 2 modules and dormitory is usd3000. after i read ur blog, i feel robbed. 🙁

    • 3000 usd is really expensive =/ i guess its because summer school becoming more and more popular that’s why they can increase the price also.

      hope that you will have a great time in korea this summer =)