Pre-Korea Plan 3: Choosing Accommodation


There are 3 types of accommodation you can choose from in Korea.
1. Hotel (which i will not be talking about since i’m going on budget.)

2. Homestay (i wanted to try this out but decided not to since i’m only going to stay for 2 nights)
However, I came across a website which matches guests to hostlist. you can take a look if you are interested. They are quite good at advertising. I found them on twitter.

3. Hostel (This will be the one I will be discussing about)

There are several hot spots for choosing hostels. Mainly hongdae, Seoul Station and Myeong Dong. Usually these places have more night life, thus it is more popular and convenient for travelers.

Guesthouse/hostel offers various type of rooms.
– Dormitory style (4 to 10 beds per room, usually bunked style and with common bathrooms/toilets) Prices range around 17,000 to 25,000
– Private room (twin, triple, family) it can come with and without bathroom. (*ensuite means that there is private bathroom in the room) Prices range from 50,000W for a double/twin room.

These are some popular guesthouse which was fully booked when I tried to make a reservation. Reviews of these hostels are good and highly recommended by many websites.
(In no particular order)
Namsan Guesthouse
(Hongdae) Ann Guesthouse

Anyway, the choices we had left were (in no particular order)

(1) Stay Korea
– have 2 branches
– 10mins walk to hongdae

(2) Bangrang Hostel
– located near chungjungro metro station (line 2)
– approx 15mins to city hall metro

(3) Soul Guesthouse
– very very near to hongik metro station.
– apartment; 6 beds female only dormitory.
-they have private rooms available but it is not located near hongdae. refer to the links for details.

(4) Seoul Backpackers
– 2 branches, one nearer to myeong-dong and the other nearer to seoul station, namdaemun.

Anyway, you can refer to this website for more hostel options:

Anyway, we are still in the process of making a decision. It is actually between convenience and private toilets. Oh wells, we will come to a decision soon.

Just want to share a very important link for everyone:
The seoul metro map. you can even estimate the time needed to travel between stations.
I will be placing the link at the side of this page for convenience sake.

Stay tuned for my next post update! Probably be idol-stalking related. I’m in the process of compiling relevant information =))

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