USA Work & Travel Week 12 [2Aug-6Aug] san fran


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San Francisco <3

[2nd Aug 2010]

Anyway I think the bus for 11 or close to 12mn and we spend our 4 hours journey back to LA. Reaching LA, we had to take another bus to SF. I can’t recall how I spend the time in the bus. Probably slept a lot..

 photo 38892_468986566208_2089699_n.jpg

 photo 38892_468986576208_3432314_n.jpg

 photo 39092_468986626208_7259077_n.jpg

 photo 39092_468986646208_4653468_n.jpg

Oh wells. We reached SF at around 1 plus 2? Anyway we forgo our hostel plans and booked this hotel called hotel whitcomb. It was located near the central district. The price was really steep. For 4 nights, we paid 1018 sgd! But I mean, it was a price to pay in order not to stay in the dangerous area after all the stories we heard.

Initially, we were supposed to take taxi or bus but gosh it was so confusing and our luggages. Argh. We ended up in a cab instead! It was just a short 5 mins ride.

After reaching the hotel, came our next problem. They needed us to pay the full payment but WOW all of us had not enough cash on hand, neither do any one person have enough money in the bank account. Oh wells, ended up with me singing a CC which I had to repay when I reached SG but gosh, without that signing of CC, I would have been like 300$ poorer in US and Taiwan. I was already struggling damn badly in Taiwan because I was short of cash.

Well, we were hungry and starving and we see subway across the street. What else could we do? SUBWAY! Then again, I’ve been trying not to eat subway since I’ve returned. I think I only ate it once or twice since then.

 photo 36801_468986736208_582343_n.jpg

After that, we decided to try our luck with Golden Gate Bridge despite the fog. BTW, it was really cold in SF! The temperature is like 10plus! We had to wear jacket all the time. I guess it was good to end the trip with cool weather. I think we took a taxi there? Suddenly I can’t remember why they allowed us to squeeze 5 in, or was it a big taxi? Hmm. After that we tried damn hard to get out of the place but there was no taxi. Well, later we got out via a bus. We met some Singaporeans while walking across the bridge. We didn’t reach the end because it was getting real dark and cold. But it was okay, because we went back 2 days later!

 photo 36801_468986756208_4493585_n.jpg

 photo 36801_468986766208_1017810_n.jpg photo 36801_468986771208_8233589_n.jpg photo 39770_468987281208_323010_n.jpg

then at the moment we thought, it’s pretty interesting to see a foggy golden gate bridge. who ever gets the chance to see the bridge leading to, no where. but it wasn’t long after before we realise that such fogs were very common. hmmpf.

well, while walking halfway through, it started to get really dark and we decided to head back. that place was like empty. we were desperately trying to flag a cab to no avail. we couldn’t get through the phone for the driver who sent us here =/ and we were stuck, not knowing what to do. and so we decided to hop on some random bus which brought us out to the main road. i can’t remember what happened next. all i knew was that it was freezing and uber cold.

i think i wanted to get on another bus, or i can’t remember, did we miss the bus? but anyway, we ended up in a taxi back to  our hotel. bought subway for dinner again. (then again, i ate subway just now for lunch:D my 2nd subway since i return from the states)

i’m not sure how the night ended, but it was really cold..

[3rd Aug 2010]

in the morning, we went to chinatown!

 photo 40112_468987486208_7402745_n.jpg

and it was the start of all the slopes. gosh. SF has a lot of slopes. and i remember the princess diaries movie. lol. i would really love to drive in SF. oh wells.

the famous SF trolley bus which we didn’t sit because it was 5 USD. LOL.

 photo 40112_468987511208_4691740_n.jpg

we searched high and low for this dimsum place which xh found online..

 photo 167988_468987766208_472050_n.jpg

and it was CLOSED. zZz. what luck we have =/

and we ended up at..

 photo 168953_468987776208_24184_n.jpg

interesting name..


 photo 38586_468987781208_2537454_n.jpg

 photo 38586_468987786208_6804720_n.jpg

 photo 38586_468987791208_6933263_n.jpg

the food was not bad, really.

and everything tastes good with chilli (though it’s really nothing fantastic)

 photo 38586_468987801208_7908015_n.jpg

not forgetting singaporeans all time favourite.

and after that, we took a bus (yes we only paid once for public transport. eventhough it’s only valid for 2 hours, we use it the whole day) bad karma =/ but ya we still did it anyway.

 photo 38586_468987806208_505503_n.jpg

and we went to pier 39!

 photo 40101_468988061208_5877389_n.jpg

too expensive.. so never buy =(

 photo 39739_468988091208_6207541_n.jpg

i have never sat in one before..

 photo 40506_468988266208_561062_n.jpg

 photo 40506_468988271208_73426_n.jpg

alcatraz.. if you want to visit this island, please buy your tickets very early. we didn’t manage to visit it becauase we didn’t book beforehand and the next available tickets was 1 or 2 weeks later. it was that popular = =

 photo 40695_468989531208_1713427_n.jpg

well after a while, we decided to visit the famous lombard street and the crooked street. so we took a (free) bus ride again. and yay. i managed to force my friends to walk all the way up lombard street. yay. i’ve walked the crookedest street and steepest street in the world!

 photo 38969_468990266208_220466_n.jpg

 photo 38617_468990491208_7265529_n.jpg

 photo 38617_468990521208_4092793_n.jpg

i swear i didn’t tilt my camera!

 photo 38617_468990531208_4850969_n.jpg

 photo 163027_468990746208_4820835_n.jpg

the tram we didn’t sit

 photo 40364_468990761208_1912945_n.jpg

poor souls~

look how far we’ve walked.

 photo 40364_468990766208_7392504_n.jpg

down crooked street.

 photo 163755_468990771208_2566654_n.jpg

 photo 39771_468990961208_174373_n.jpg photo 39771_468990961208_174373_n.jpg

and so we walked all the way down, took a (free) bus ride again. and we ended up in shopping district!

 photo 163654_468991191208_7805670_n.jpg

and the first shop..

i should have just bought it right? but they didn’t have the 3g version. only wifi. hello, i should have bough an IPAD. WHY DIDNT I? and the first thing i did when i had internet was to log into CORS. what sad life.

 photo 40617_468991316208_5294298_n.jpg

then we went shopping. especially the 2 for $5 old navy slippers. so if it happens to be your gift from me, HAHAHHAHAHA. i hope you are not reading.

dinner was carls junior.

 photo 40617_468991326208_6871344_n.jpg

 photo 40617_468991331208_7029428_n.jpg

okay our walk back was quite funny. it was quite dark, and the place was sort of the cbd, and there was not alot of people? so when we walked, we started walking faster and faster everytime we saw someone mysterious. oh wells, we were back safe and sound, that’s all that matters (:

[4th Aug 2010]

Today was cycling day! After we convinced ourselves that we can go for the uber long bicycle trip. okay lah i have to admit i died cycling uphill. but after that the view was let pictures do the talking.

well, it was $45 for rental + insurance + ferry trip from suasiloto.

 photo 40062_468993456208_1574282_n.jpg

it’s very cute. attached to the bicycle, was the directions! how sweet of them to do so. HAHAHAHA.

we were in for a scary adventure =/

 photo 38518_468993536208_1444531_n.jpg

 photo 38525_468993676208_5186500_n.jpg

i can’t stand it. i need to re-visit this place.

 photo 40369_468994091208_5025018_n.jpg

 photo 40369_468994101208_4539432_n.jpg

can i live in one of those houses when i’m old?

 photo 37770_468994281208_1007643_n.jpg

 photo 37770_468994281208_1007643_n.jpg

and very soon we were on the bridge. okay maybe 1 hour later =/

 photo 37770_468994291208_3170986_n.jpg

i tell you, the end of the bridge was like heaven and hell.

let’s start with looking at heaven.

oh, so pretty! so so so so pretty! (looking)

 photo 37770_468994306208_1472331_n.jpg

 photo 40687_468994471208_571809_n.jpg

this is my favourite shot in SF! and as we bade farewell to the bridge, the nightmare came.

 photo 40046_468994981208_5238714_n.jpg

okay, you saw that the nice looking place was like so much lower.. which means, we have to cycle down right? and you know how freaking steep was the slopes we had to cycle down. and there was no cycling path. we were just at the side of the road. i tell you, if i had a sudden break or something i swear i would have flipped in the air. it was so scary that i didn’t even dare to touch the camera hanging on my neck.

i tell you the cars were driving so fast.

anyway, somewhere there was this person holding a sign [smile please] or something around that line. i wish i stopped to take a photo of that. i’m pretty sure he isn’t begging because who in the right mind will risk their life by breaking and donating money to him? but it was so funny. i was too in shocked to react. maybe i did give a smile, i hope.

but after the end of the horrible crap, was a wonderful paradise 😀

i can’t think of any word to describe this beauty.

 photo 40189_468994856208_2462713_n.jpg

look how far we cycled. you can’t even spot the golden gate bridge. and it was all downhill.

 photo 40046_468994991208_246146_n.jpg

can i stay here?

 photo 40046_468995006208_4073539_n.jpg

it was absolutely gorgeous..

 photo 39220_469118446208_5252749_n.jpg

and after soaking in the beauty of this wonderful place, we went to starbucks. and i got my green tea drink! HOT. haha i rarely drink HOT drinks, but it was rather cold so i didn’t have much choice.

 photo 36790_469118496208_932167_n.jpg

we shopped around for a while, while waiting for the ferry. interesting shops, but mainly with those tourisy things.

 photo 38977_469118736208_7589371_n.jpg

 photo 38977_469118741208_4453784_n.jpg

bye bye pretty place.

entering the ferry.

 photo 38977_469118746208_3834410_n.jpg

“locking” our bicycles.

 photo 40625_469119276208_8156780_n.jpg

then we went on the freezing deck.

i love such shots.

 photo 40625_469119286208_4158992_n.jpg

golden gate bridge. u know what’s the irony? golden gate bridge is red in colour.

 photo 39178_469119611208_7427176_n.jpg

looking at the distant alcatraz from afar.

 photo 39974_469119836208_5074484_n.jpg

the foggy city.

 photo 38714_469120151208_7320035_n.jpg

look how far we’ve cycled. the truth is, it’s not that far. LOL.

 photo 39770_469120496208_8055744_n.jpg

after returning the bikes, we walked around the area and had dinner at boudins. the famous sour bread place? hmm. who likes sour bread. argh.

 photo 38789_469120881208_8023849_n.jpg

 photo 38789_469120891208_4089915_n.jpg

 photo 38789_469120896208_5698707_n.jpg

i dunno what’s this but we saw it along the pavements.

 photo 38789_469120901208_2097365_n.jpg

and after that we proceeded with our ( ) bus ride back.

[5th Aug 2010]

I think we had muscle ache the next day, maybe not a lot, but i’m pretty sure we were tired. so we decided to go to chinatown for chinese food!

 photo 39684_472229781208_8159783_n.jpg

 photo 39223_472229901208_3376089_n.jpg

omg, my first pig liver in the whole trip!

 photo 39223_472229916208_1510440_n.jpg

im sure you can’t resist not ordering this when you see it.

 photo 39223_472229921208_2162577_n.jpg

and then we went to the fortune cookie factory. the funny thing is, in usa, they give you fortune cookies after you pay in chinese restaurants. but, we don’t even do that in chinese countries? HMMM?

this place was like in a hidden alley =/

 photo 164869_472230061208_7981398_n.jpg

we found mooncakes! anw i think it was somewhere here where i HEARD a singaporean. LOL. singlish is so distinctive, especially when you are overseas. crap. i should have said hi and pretended that i’m local and i could be smart and guess that they were singaporeans. LOL.

 photo 163466_472230071208_5270086_n.jpg photo 40223_472230076208_1093870_n.jpg

after that was just shopping shopping and shopping. on a random note, i remember i bought one mango. LOL. and i was eating it messily in the hotel room. even though it was sour but it was so nice eating a tropical fruit. went to the huge f21 too. on a random note, i finally bought a stamp and posted the postcard that i wanted to mail home. you know what’s the funny thing, it came home on the same day as me! lol. it took one week from SF. ha.

i think i bought a burger from BK for dinner.

 photo 39326_472230281208_1258364_n.jpg

and then it was packing time! you need a lot of skill to squeeze.

 photo 39326_472230286208_156522_n.jpg

i regretted not buying 10 pairs for myself.

 photo 39326_472230291208_1520396_n.jpg

well, the next day, we went shopping again, around the area. went to abercrombie and all that nonsense and i started swipping card because it was my last day in usa.

i even splurged on the chocolate exlir by godiva!

they asked if i want to become their member, all i had to do was to leave my email address and zip code. and i am entitled to a free piece of chocolate every month.

so i paid $5 plus tax = chocolate elixir + godiva choc.

 photo 38596_469687831208_1008390_n.jpg

saw this random shirt while shopping. but it was XL. desperately searched for another piece but i can’t find it.

 photo 38683_469744391208_8302391_n.jpg

haha and i was busy stocking up by $1 sweets. can i just buy one carton back? gosh. how i miss swedish fishes and my huge huge huge candies for $1. ZAH.

and the last meal of USA, was subway, sadly.

we flagged a taxi to the airport, since there was only 3 of us this time. and the luggages could fit.

i remember the only thing the taxi driver said about singapore was the “singapore girls” and the next moment i saw a SIA billboard..

and i was really lucky at the airport. wheeee! bulls eye for the weight of my luggage!

 photo 40268_470052631208_142113_n.jpg

after that it was adios to USA. i remember i was desperately trying to find an adaptor to charge my iphone just before we enter the plane.

anyway, it was a 1am flight, which was actually a good thing. i was so tired that i fell asleep once we entered the plane, and i even slept through take off! only waking up to food. la dee dum. it was a good ride back, or so i thought,

and we sort of slept through saturday on the plane.. and the next thing we knew,

sunny taiwan was waiting for us!

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