USA Work & Travel Week 10 [23 Jul-25 Jul] PPB/NY


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This post will be entitled to my last 3 days in point pleasant beach.

At first I wanted to complete this before 2011, however seems that I am unable to do so, yet I did not procrastinate and I am working on it right now!

[23 Jul 2010]

The people at south beach sweets decided to have a mini gathering (was it sort of a farewell for us?) hahaha. We were driven to this omelet place. Gosh. The car ride was absolutely madness. When I say the people there are really crappy, i’m dead serious. He speeds and jams his brake like nobody’s business, shouting at random people were walking along the road. Seriously. I think the car workshop earns alot of money there. The way they drive is like, really terrible. and they were trying to show off by driving without hands and one leg -.- it was such a scary car ride with sharp turns. i was super dizzy when i got out.
this was the place!
Breakfast with SBS! photo 165341_465026706208_8125864_n.jpg

their serving was like dangerously huge as usual.
crazily huge omelet photo 38526_465026711208_7288016_n.jpg
 photo 38526_465026716208_3503082_n.jpg

urm we sort of self-invite to a colleague house who didn’t join us for breakfast. and seriously, all they did was to drive to his house and just enter. LOL. but gosh, he has a swimming pool with a spring boad, a pool table, a pingpong table. and the house was fully air-conditioned.

in the backyard..

it was a damn interesting experience there and all i did was to be a spectator to the freak show that i had to watch. there were beach chairs by the pool too. all i did was to lie there and relax.
this was taken at the lake behind his house. his house overlooks a lake.

 photo 37577_465026806208_27184_n.jpgafter that, we went back to continue packing. and for dinner we went to OB diner’s and i developed photos *ahem at CVS.

dinner at OB diners!
i think we ordered the set meal which came with soup, salad and dessert.
@ OB Diners. Dinner with colleagues photo 37577_465026816208_3833584_n.jpg
how big is this =/
 photo 37577_465026831208_1162456_n.jpg
 photo 37577_465026836208_8307977_n.jpg
this plate was really really really HUGE.
 photo 38172_465026881208_3982872_n.jpg
and dessert was cake.
 photo 38172_465026886208_4006169_n.jpg
 photo 38172_465026891208_2928096_n.jpg

after dinner, we went for a boardwalk walk. i think we entered the supposedly scary funhouse for free. HAHHA. the first part was like a mirror maze. then again, this compared to the hunted house in universal studios was nonsense. 2nd last night in PPB. oh wells.

[24th July 2010]
Decided to go on a day trip to NY since it was like my second last day and I haven’t exactly toured new york much.
we took the 825 train and reached new york at 10am plus.
well, i wanted to go to the famous Guggenheim museum. alright, i can’t remember which movie i watched which was filmed there. but i remember the long spirals and of course i wanted to be there!
we took a nice walk down 5th avenue, or was it 6th avenue?
xh made me take this photo because she said that the flowers were nice. atas place will have such flowers. HAHA.

this reminds me of the apartments we always see on movies! i think it was sex and the city movie.

i can’t remember. and i bought that orangeade snapple from a random shop. and i can never find that flavour since that day. gosh. i searched through all the CVS and walgreens across countless states. and i still can’t find it! i’m desperately looking for this! if anyone sees it, please tell me! btw, orangeade is orange + lemonade!

this was the museum!

it was interesting at first. it was 15usd. at first it is really interesting but as you walk further and further.. haha you will get tired! but it’s interesting when they describe to you the story behind each painting. the brush strokes. the random details to look out for. it’s really interesting! there were quite a few Picasso paintings on display. i remember there was this video which showed this ballerina dancing and dancing and dancing and she dances faster and faster and super fast and then she suddenly falls to the ground. that’s it. and it’s.. some sort of art. hmm maybe i just don’t get it.

and my conclusion, everything just looks better on film and photos. LOL.

after that, we left for Times Square and it was really super crowded. it was a saturday after all. there were people everywhere =/ we just went over to the hershey shop to grab the chocolates that xh wanted. it was probably the only reason she wanted to come ny with me. LOL. after that, we went to the BEST burger in NY! SHAKE SHACK! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

well, we had a free milkshake by this random guy who works there. it was damn funny. at first we didn’t dare to drink it because he just came to our table and asked us if we wanted it and even before we responded, he placed it on our table and he left. can you imagine how shocked we were? but after that we concluded probably he made the wrong order and he had to get rid of it, so instead of throwing it away, he gave it to us? it was really nice and thick. i think it was like 6-7 usd and we got it for free. if i’m not wrong it was cookies and cream. but seriously, what if that cup of milkshake wasn’t as innocent as we thought it had been. oh wells.

after lunch, we decided to check out SOHO some shopping area, before making our way to the wonderful brooklyn or so i thought. i shall cut that nonsense but we had to walk pass some deserted areas. it’s really funny that the streets there are almost empty on a saturday. when places are crowded you don’t feel good. when a place is totally empty. you feel worse =/ maybe i watch too many american thrillers and horror and psychotic movies. argh. or maybe the main reason was because i was with xh. LOL.

we found this hongkong cafe which has bubble tea! FINALLY. after so many weeks, i had my first sip of pearls.

well, the prices are koi and gongcha prices, just that in USD. LOL.

and i got my favourite matcha ice blend with red beans! WOOO. i love the one at jollibean.

and after chilling out at the cafe, it was the start of our nightmare. you can call it the series of unfortunate events in ny.
(1) I couldn’t find my subway card. it was a day trip pass which costs 8.25USD. i refuse to pay $2 per trip. so i had my ways of getting in but i guess there was really bad karma after that.

(2) We wanted to rush for the 10 or 9pm train back to PPB, BUT the subway refused to come. i swear we waited more than 10mins for the freaking train. GUESS WHAT, after that, the train door couldn’t open. we were on a freaking tight timing to catch the nj transit train. anyway, we had to wait for like 5-10mins to get out of the train. after that, we had to change train, and we had to wait close to 10mins for the connecting train and we totally gave up trying to catch the 9 or 10pm train back. How awful. we had to take the 11pm train, meaning we will reach PPB at 1am.

(3) So we decided to go shopping. went to Old Navy cause xh wanted to buy 2 for $5 slippers. The security guard didn’t let us in. I took my handphone and show him the time 9:52pm. and then i pointed to the ‘Opening Hours: xx- 10pm’ and then i pointed to the time on my handphone. He still refuse to let us in. ZzZ.

(4) Went over to H&M. Thankfully I found the shorts I wanted to get. But, zZz. I bought one cup of bubble tea back for my friends. It wasn’t the sealed up type. It was those with the removable lid. In the fitting room, i placed it on the floor, together with another plastic bag. when i was changing, the plastic bag toppled and the whole cap came out and the whole floor was filled with PEARLS and i think it was something green ice blend. Then I panic. I open my bag, only got half a pack of tissue paper. I used up everything, the floor was still super dirty. then i used my wet tissue, realise that it doesn’t help. forget it, i needed help. i went out of the fitting room. i approached the person in charge of the fitting room. she was so busy, she just pointed to the kitchen towel at the side. i took it and cleared the mess. sighs, my new clothes kena. you know how gross it is to touch pearls. those slimy feeling. i had to clean the floor up. and no one helped me. i was like, ‘karma’. argh. Anyway, i bought my cap there. and also stickers from Borders and this reminds me that i have no idea where are the stickers =/

(5) We were arranging to meet this other girl who was in NY as well, to go back together. Her story was as terrible too. the subway got some problem, she couldn’t take it. she took a cab, there was traffic jam. So we couldn’t go back with her. the next train after the 11pm train was 1am =/ What bad luck. anyway, inside the train halfway they made announcement that the air conditioning wasn’t working in some areas. luckily it wasn’t too bad.

Oh well, the series of unfortunate events did not end. my friend who got on the 1am train, at 3am, she suddenly messaged saying that the train just stopped. and no one knew what happened. but she still came back safe and sound.

after that it was madness packing through the night, and i decided not to sleep, in order to see my last sunrise of point pleasant beach.

[25th July 2010]

the sunrise wasn’t anything impressive, but i still like the sky colour and the morning breeze. aww, my last day here. oh wells, farewells are never easy.
the last sunrise i saw @ PPB.. photo 38172_465026896208_4252983_n.jpg
 photo 38172_465026901208_6506180_n.jpg

well i slept at 730am, after i packed as much as i could. then after that, cooked our last meal there with as much things as we could use, since we were leaving.

after that, it was really the last boardwalk walk.
have you ever seen a moonlight reflection on water?
 photo 38298_465977196208_5288597_n.jpg

this was my bed. i left the (free) purple bear behind.
 photo 38298_465977206208_6727396_n.jpg

and we left the place at about 11 to catch the last train to new york. it was really super heavy to pull all our luggage over to the train station. but im glad i have four wheels luggage. everyone, please buy 4-wheels luggage. it is super useful when times are really desperate. i would have died without it.
my luggages
 photo 166116_465977226208_7571441_n.jpg photo 38264_465977471208_4450562_n.jpg
at the train station
 photo 38264_465977481208_3329704_n.jpg
domo going for his first and last train ride!
 photo 38264_465977511208_4841296_n.jpg

i think we reached ny penn station at about 2-3am? we had to transfer the airport train to the airport.
 photo 38851_465977836208_5417268_n.jpg
the famous JFK airport. with minimal chairs. (YES we sat on the floor)


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