USA Work & Travel Week 9-10 [5 day tour: 19-23 Jul]


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Alright, I’ve finally decided to continue writing after a long break. One more week till the new year. I wonder if I can finish this on time.
As much as I love to do free & easy, it was really very expensive for us to travel everywhere as the transport is freaking expensive unless you drive. Going to Boston will cost like $60 just for transport. Going to niagara will cost 80+30 inclusive of transport to new york from point pleasant. Going to phili would be at least 20-30. Washington is like totally out of the way from new jersey. After all these crappy considerations, a tour was the best option. Well, we were in the east coast and there’s ao many national monuments we had to see since we’re there already.
Gosh, this tour was really a touch and go. woahx.

we booked the tour from

5-Day USA East Coast Tour Package – From NYC/NJ
From USD$327

well there was buy 2 get 1 free promotion and we had 4 people. And we ended up paying $270 usd each. However we had to squeeze 4 to a room since their hotels come with double queens. There was alot of drama throughout this whole tour man. seriously. but then again it’s over.

[Day 1: 19th July]
We left PPB really early in order to reach NYC at 830am.
 photo 35055_464429366208_6655149_n.jpg
We had to meet at the entranace of empire state building and we waited and waited.
 photo 166243_464429381208_2298353_n.jpg
2 phone calls from 2 different numbers came. We only managed to pick up one.
Guide: are you all on the tour?
Me: Yes we are waiting outside empire state
Guide: aren’t you all supposed to meet at chinatown?
***My itinerary printed out clearly stated 830am at empire state. It was a mixture of not very clear chinese nor english. I don’t know how we communicated = =

Nevermind, after the hassle, we entered entire state building[$20 entrance fee], took photos blah blah blah.
 photo 38970_464429656208_7905821_n.jpg
it was sunny, but i had my sun glasses and my excessive sunblock! So it was fine.
 photo 38970_464429661208_7157141_n.jpg
i can’t seem to recall which floor we were on. was it the 89th floor? we could recognize a few random buildings here and there but NY looks really packed and tight. it’s like playing sims city. every inch is  photo 38970_464429666208_1220216_n.jpg photo 38970_464429676208_1674757_n.jpg photo 38970_464429686208_8031281_n.jpg photo 38125_464430016208_5335054_n.jpg

we got on the bus. it was really interesting! Everyone had preassigned seat numbers. Usually it is first come first serve? But anyway, they rotated the seating arrangement every day. Lol. Our tour was a very random mix of asians of all races. The guide had to speak in english and chinese. While he usually spoke canto. Wow. I shouldn’t complain too much.

Anyway, at 11am+ after empire state. we received another call.
Person: Aren’t you joining our tour group?
Me: WHAT?! I am in another tour group already!
Passed the phone to the current guide in the bus and all he told me was I will handle it without even explaining the situation to me. I was really really pissed off at that time. Wow. how come we booked a tour and there a two different tour guides calling me, saying that I am supposed to be on their tour. Big screw up man. zzz. and i remember i asked ALOT of times to try to find out what happen. he simply just refused to explain and brush it away by saying everything is settled. I hate the feeling of not knowing what happened. This was just the beginning.

Anyway, we continued our NYC tour by going to Rockefeller Center,
 photo 38125_464430031208_5492411_n.jpg
 photo 165232_464430156208_3797229_n.jpg
Time Square. Everywhere was a touch and go. like 20-30mins just for photo taking. Looking back now, I don’t even recall much.
 photo 39442_464430186208_3725588_n.jpg
 photo 38532_464430191208_8085122_n.jpg

After that, we went to USS Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum. We didn’t enter the museum. By the way, the tour price was exclusive of all museum charges and boat rides. we had to pay for the rest. Thus we did not visit all the attractions. We had lunch there. clam chowder and a bagel. =)
 photo 37886_464430346208_7535457_n.jpg
after lunch, we went to venture the outside of the ship. though we are not sure if only ticket holders could enter but i have this act blur mentality and we just went in. it was super sunny but super windy. lol.
it was a sunday and there was an exhibition.
 photo 37886_464430351208_7925433_n.jpg
 photo 37886_464430356208_229715_n.jpg
random display?
 photo 37886_464430371208_6205598_n.jpg
 photo 38167_464430781208_5314375_n.jpg
anyway there was this aircraft thing where the person asked to see our tickets. guess what i said. my friend is holding on to the ticket! and he just let us pass. lol. but there was nothing much inside.
 photo 166539_464430386208_1008724_n.jpg

the surrounding area was really nice.
 photo 38167_464430796208_1719270_n.jpg
really a nice place to chillax. i love the sky.
 photo 38167_464430801208_4209252_n.jpg

after that was the boat ride to see the statue of liberty[$26 boat ride]! this was it. lol. the iconic statue on an island. we fell asleep during the boat ride. under the hot sun. it was scorching hot but sitting on the deck gives you a better view. sunblock and sunglasses ftw!
 photo 38884_464431011208_2623678_n.jpg
interesting skyline. all buildings. not very neat somehow.
 photo 38884_464431026208_4383248_n.jpg
if i didn’t remember wrongly, the commentator was really interesting and had alot of funny jokes. but i was really tired that day. hardly slept the night before =/ it was a saturday night and there was a party.
 photo 38884_464431046208_4220863_n.jpg

well, next stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Arts whereby we decided not to enter as it was $18 or $20. But then again i went to Guggenheim the following week.
 photo 38884_464431056208_7611270_n.jpg
well we didn’t waste our time. obviously we had to venture somewhere and with a map and iphone, you will never be lost. we had ice cream and venture the other side of central park. gosh central park is really huge. anyway, not sure if i mentioned but new york was like a grid. there was like just avenues and streets. streets run horizontal, while avenues run vertical. i think central park had the span of 20-30 streets.
 photo 38555_464431341208_6233529_n.jpg
and it was walking and even more walking. im sure they hated me some point during that awfully hot walk. to some monuments which i didn’t knew existed. photo 38555_464431356208_2411661_n.jpg
 photo 38555_464431351208_6817330_n.jpg
alice in wonderland! finally found it!
 photo 38555_464431371208_8334264_n.jpg
and, we found the boathouse too! i can’t remember which drama they said it was, gossip girls? it’s a really interesting place. but there was a long queue. it was a sunday by the way.
 photo 38555_464431381208_8131780_n.jpg
 photo 38147_464431741208_6623228_n.jpg
There are really beautiful fountains.
 photo 157039_464431746208_2054713_n.jpg
awesome car.
 photo 38147_464431766208_1487373_n.jpg
we had to walk all the way back to the museum.

our next stop was UN. but guess what, it was a sunday. and this was all we saw.
 photo 38147_464431771208_6604751_n.jpg

following that, we went to wall st. i could never imagine what it looked like.
 photo 35216_464432001208_2209361_n.jpg
and this was the icon of wall st.
 photo 165199_464432006208_4835412_n.jpg
 photo 35216_464432026208_3215489_n.jpg
didn’t manage to take the picture of the bull because the are was so small and there was so many people.

anyway, something was really wrong this whole trip. it was not following the itinerary which i had read online. according to the itinerary, we were going to boston right after empire state building. i keep questioning myself it we were on the wrong tour. we were supposed to go madamn tussads instead of moma. questions burning in my head, and the tour guide refused to address them. all he told me was, everything is okay. you will visit all the locations. he didn’t even bother to give me the itinerary when i requested from him a few times. wow. so for the whole trip, i did not know where i was going next. and maybe i was really on the wrong tour. and no one cared to check. grr. it was only after i talked to another tour member, that i found out where we were going next. seriously, why so screwed up? because it was.. budget?

after that, the bus drove out of new york, into NJ for our hotel. i think it was holiday inn for the first night and we had dinner at the nearby (15mins walk) macs.
 photo 38644_464432091208_3729982_n.jpg
and of course i’m eating.. snack wrap!
 photo 38644_464432096208_1478131_n.jpg
it was only $3.77. inclusive of the 2 for $1 baked apple pie! it’s different from the one in sg.
 photo 38644_464432106208_5251303_n.jpg
and that ended our first day. what a mess.

[DAY TWO 20th Jul]

After the free hotel breakfast, we rushed to Philadelphia. the land of the cream cheese. lol. we had to queue up to see the liberty bell (FREE) but it started raining. and raining and raining. it was so cold.
 photo 38047_464533961208_4761539_n.jpg
and the highlight of the bell was that it cracked.
 photo 38047_464533971208_1793170_n.jpg
 photo 38695_464534006208_44521_n.jpg
 photo 38735_464534021208_2590737_n.jpg
i guess it must have been really symbolic in the past and maybe present.
 photo 38735_464534031208_3752618_n.jpg photo 163806_464534136208_5405037_n.jpg

we went to National Air and Space Museum [FREE] it was really quite interesting inside.
 photo 37681_464534171208_2646649_n.jpg
i guess such stuff is the pride of the nation.
 photo 35348_464534201208_1852557_n.jpg
 photo 35348_464534211208_1974099_n.jpg
i felt this was really interesting.
 photo 34944_464534271208_405718_n.jpg
 photo 63637_464534281208_8353461_n.jpg
 photo 34944_464534296208_8282195_n.jpg

and i regret not buying this.. i really ate it when i was young!
 photo 34944_464534311208_4495026_n.jpg
and we had mac’s for lunch again. the only cheap choice.
 photo 38421_464534331208_2878940_n.jpg
and i decided to splurge on the agnus. gosh. fantastic!
 photo 38421_464534341208_1758978_n.jpg

and next was the 2 famous buildings
 photo 38421_464534356208_2861415_n.jpg
 photo 39148_464534391208_6177087_n.jpg

and even more memorials!
 photo 163113_464534411208_7488909_n.jpg
 photo 38702_464534416208_5836049_n.jpg
Jefferson memorial. I felt it was really really pretty in a way.
 photo 38702_464534426208_3530695_n.jpg
he was really huge.
 photo 162791_464534561208_6726495_n.jpg

this was the vietnam and korean war memorial. sobs. (i just watched forrest gump last night)
 photo 39148_464534656208_7903676_n.jpg
i really love this place. it’s really a nice place to sit and relax. i really wonder if locals visit this place just to chill.
 photo 39148_464534681208_3571555_n.jpg photo 38093_464534701208_5761073_n.jpg
doesn’t it look like the image on a bill?
 photo 38524_464534781208_346308_n.jpg
 photo 38524_464534791208_3206586_n.jpg
we ended the day by taking the washington dc cruise ($22)
 photo 38524_464534801208_805776_n.jpg
it was a really windy ride.
 photo 38524_464534806208_7927284_n.jpg
we went for a $15 buffet dinner after that.
 photo 38622_465058211208_1816130_n.jpg
i was so happy when i saw soya bean.but mine was rather tasteless because i didn’t know how much syrup to add.
 photo 37716_465058256208_7967333_n.jpg
 photo 37716_465058266208_6416553_n.jpg
 photo 37716_465058271208_4564390_n.jpg
 photo 37716_465058276208_7393444_n.jpg

to be continued.. alright i’m back a day later. gosh. im getting lazy.

[DAY THREE 21st Jul]
it was a boring day. there were only 2 places on the itinerary. hershey world and corning glass centre.
well we went for the free hershey tour whereby they show you how chocolate is made. quite interesting. i really wonder if they got the inspiration from charlie and the chocolate factory. but then again, everything was fake. but it was very nicely decorated. photo 35257_465060136208_3125688_n.jpg
 photo 37673_465059581208_4686188_n.jpg
 photo 38831_465059966208_7429168_n.jpg
 photo 38831_465059971208_3517089_n.jpg
LOL. CSR. sounds so familiar.
 photo 38831_465059991208_2670765_n.jpg
i should have bought this.
 photo 166112_465059996208_6194598_n.jpg photo 47592_465060001208_7435278_n.jpg
so interesting ain’t it. i really wonder how people actually finish it. won’t they get bored of it somehow. i mean how can you not get bored of something =/
 photo 38831_465060006208_1062562_n.jpg
and there was the offer. was it 4 for 11 or 3 for 12 or i can’t remember. there were alot of flavours and i regretted not getting more. and i think it was a tax-free state!

after that, we went on the bus for another long ride to conning glass centre.
it was the famous produce of corning ware but honestly i felt that it was a waste of time. anyways, we had to pay for entrance tix and obviously we didn’t want to waste money. however, we saw that under 20, kids enter free! so me and justina decided to try our luck and they didn’t even check our passports or anything. LOL. but that place was really not interesting.
 photo 164525_465060156208_6766365_n.jpg
but we ate some snacks there. which were not cheap. $8 just for that o.0
 photo 35257_465060171208_6183504_n.jpg

after that we went on a long bus journey to Niagara falls.
 photo 38316_465060291208_5676783_n.jpg
 photo 38316_465060306208_5286046_n.jpg
we stopped by somewhere for dinner but we didn’t want to eat. i think it was indian food buffet. so we went over to the supermarket to eat. and i can’t exactly recall what we ate. probably some food on offer. on a side note, i remember talking to some locals after dinner. asking where we were from and all that. really friendly people.
 photo 38316_465060311208_2655517_n.jpg
 photo 38316_465060316208_1898695_n.jpg

one of the 7 wonders of the world: Niagara Falls!
 photo 38316_465060321208_4397276_n.jpg
 photo 38691_465060411208_597735_n.jpg
canada was just across the river..
 photo 38691_465060431208_6493654_n.jpg

we stayed in this really really ulu hotel. i remember i was feeling quite sian because we didn’t really do much that day but sleep on the bus. wanted to go somewhere near the hotel but there was no where. it was like a really small motel in the middle of nowhere and it’s darkness everywhere. i remember i went to use the computer to print our airtix confirmation in the lobby. and there was wifi internet. woah! the reason why the iphone users usually sleep later. wahax.

[DAY FOUR 22nd Jul]
breakfast was awesome.
 photo 39211_465060521208_3927919_n.jpg
Today was another sleep on the bus day. It started with the really interesting maid of the mist ride whereby you enter the boat, anad everything you see is just water splashing on you. and water everywhere, and it makes one round and that’s it. HAHA. but it was still a nice smurfy experience.
 photo 39211_465060546208_4726196_n.jpg
well we didn’t pay to watch the movie. and i bought my penny book here because it was on offer! but it was still $4. and i bought a postcard which i only mailed home when i was in san fran. one day before i flew off. and the funny thing is, when i reached home back in sg. on the very day, the postcard arrived in the mail. LOL.
 photo 39211_465060556208_1717259_n.jpg
you know i thought i was really lucky to be able to see a portion of the rainbow. until i saw my friend’s photo which had like a super long rainbow. much longer than this!
 photo 39084_465060806208_2783357_n.jpg
 photo 39084_465060826208_6697925_n.jpg
 photo 39084_465060861208_4538354_n.jpg
yea the water was terribly strong and powerful.
 photo 37830_465070766208_6691326_n.jpg
and it was hard to keep your camera not wet.
 photo 37830_465070771208_8137950_n.jpg photo 37830_465070791208_7004390_n.jpg photo 37830_465070836208_3293686_n.jpg photo 37830_465070846208_1331945_n.jpg photo 37830_465070851208_475867_n.jpg

we had lunch there. and we set off for our 8 hour bus ride to Boston.
 photo 37830_465070886208_2910748_n.jpg
 photo 37830_465070891208_2292280_n.jpg

they dropped us at chinatown in Boston. giving us the option of eating a luxurious lobster dinner but we decided to save money and explore the place on our own!
 photo 38436_466401066208_4735006_n.jpg
 photo 38660_466713926208_199412_n.jpg
dinner! duck and char siew and porridge. i was greedy and i want everything. it was only $5.75!
 photo 38660_466713941208_574233_n.jpg
of course with my beloved teh-bing!
 photo 38660_466713961208_4149717_n.jpg
and i think i have a talent in making food look better than it taste. gosh i’m hungry and its 1.48am. growl.
 photo 38660_466713966208_990347_n.jpg

with that we ended the day!

[DAY FIVE 23rd Jul]
Gosh this day was a MAD rush. to summarize. we had to visit MIT, Harvard and Quincy Market, go for some cruise which we didn’t go, and rush to Boston airport, and reach NYC at 8pm. how did we do it?

30mins for each university, and 45mins for quincy. but then again im thankful to have went to Boston last week already.

 photo 63466_466715076208_6670177_n.jpg

don’t all LTs look the same.. hmm.
 photo 38584_466715106208_4028190_n.jpg
i didn’t even had time to absorb this. all i know it’s the world largest or oldest calculator or something.
 photo 38584_466715111208_6674996_n.jpg

the river cruise we didn’t sit. oh well, we already sat 3 boat rides this trip. liberty cruise, washington cruise and the maid of the mist.
 photo 37818_466715781208_1842155_n.jpg
 photo 37818_466715786208_1629794_n.jpg
quincy market
 photo 37818_466715806208_7544715_n.jpg photo 37818_466715821208_8197723_n.jpg

i don’t know where i took this picture from but it looks good.
 photo 38429_466715866208_6258545_n.jpg

that was the end of our mad 5 day trip. we had to pay $30 for tips. so although we paid 267+.. i think after everything, we paid almost 400.. oh wells. it was still cheaper than free and easy.

with that i conclude my 5 day tour post! hurray.
let’s count how many more i have to go
(1) last 3 days in PPB
(2) 5 days in LA
(3) Disneyland & Universal Studios
(4) LV
(5) SF
(6) Taiwan

oh gosh. even if i write one each night, can i even complete before 2011. zomg.

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