USA Work & Travel Week 9 (12th July 2010 – 18th July 2010)


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Alright, I’m finally on my week 9. at this rate i’m going. I think I will be able to finish it in a week’s time!

I guess some highlights for this week is that it is my last week of work, and i requested for 2 days week to go for a short getaway to Boston!

12th July 2010

went to the chinese restaurant for lunch again. the snapple was awesome. haha.

 photo 35336_461575146208_6766288_n.jpg photo 34469_461575151208_4634387_n.jpg

it comes with complimentary spring roll.

 photo 34469_461575156208_5767793_n.jpg

well, since my boss hates me, i had to do all the crappy job and even though i did such a fabulous job, i don’t think she ever complimented on my work. anyway, my awesome job is that i cleaned all the window displays inside out. they used to do it only once each summer but while i was there, i did it TWICE. seriously why am i so hardworking; or rather why do i get arrowed = = anyway, here is the showcase of all the awesome chocolates! sugar free!
sugar free chocolates! photo 34670_461567136208_2243480_n.jpg
disgusting licorices which i refused to even try a bite.
the showcases i spent 2 hours to clean.. omg and licorices are gross. photo 34142_461567141208_1553250_n.jpg
gummies! my favourite. i seriously like the more than chocs. haha. chocs will eat until dowan to eat. gummies won’t! my fav is the black and red raspberries and the cola bottles. some taste really gross. im serious.
gummies! photo 34142_461567146208_2600962_n.jpg photo 35233_461570511208_482195_n.jpg
fruit slices are awesome but really sweet.
 photo 35233_461570516208_7139134_n.jpg
i love nonpareils! and their almond buttercrunch!
 photo 35233_461570521208_3912440_n.jpg
the awesome triple-dipped apples made mostly by me 😀
 photo 35233_461570526208_913987_n.jpg
omg my marshmallow men! have i not showcased them?
 photo 35233_461570531208_7164712_n.jpg
i swear i made more than a dozen of them. but you know what? i spend a really long time on them and i get sarcastic remarks sometimes. who cares. people love them, people buy. i love doing them. you know how much they cost? 3 USD each. and people buy them because they look simply awesome. but it’s so sad that kid’s don’t even say bye to them before popping the whole thing into their mouth. argh. my poor creations get eaten up. oh wells.
 photo 34979_461570536208_921351_n.jpg
i created quite a few DOMO too! always get sold out pretty quick! but it’s really a hassle. especially the red part. you know what’s the red part? it’s the leftover candy of the candy apple’s candy. the white part? it’s the bits and pieces from the nonpareils when we pack them. the colourful one too. the hoola skirt is the shoestring licorice. and the eyes are mini m&m. 😀 i love making them.
 photo 34670_461573551208_7737301_n.jpg
i did this randomly at work one day but it got destroyed by my enemy. zZz. accidentally though. but annoying.

we are entitled to free soft serve ice cream every break. it was nice at first but obviously i got sicked of it somehow and always when i take the ice cream, the lucky person whom i meet along the boardwalk will get it! of course, most of the time i just walk over to someone’s shop! and sometimes they give me humongous portion of ice cream (i have no idea why) but then again im not always the one who finish it. hahah. everyone’s jealous of the free ice cream we get to eat.

i shall continue with the showcase of the shop. this is the cotton candy where everyone keeps asking for the price. and the fudges! i managed to make some of them in the last 2 weeks before i left. but everything was mostly prepacked. all i had to do is to add water, stir and all the nonsense. once, i put crazily alot of marshmallow for the marshmallow chocolate fudge! ahahah.
 photo 35233_461570546208_706454_n.jpg
 photo 35233_461570551208_4163379_n.jpg

chocolate strawberries! im dead serious. they taste really awesome. price ranges from $2 tp $2.50 depending on the size.
 photo 34513_461571466208_6266971_n.jpg
caramel nut apples!
 photo 34513_461571471208_5507123_n.jpg
i still love apples i guess. but sometimes i rather eat the apples. haha it’s green apples btw. nice.
 photo 38499_461573541208_3997285_n.jpg
this is taffy island. irritating sweet which gets stuck in your teeth all the time. that’s why i only eat half at a time. and i don’t bite. didn’t buy any back because it ain’t anything fantastic.
 photo 35063_461573571208_1824509_n.jpg
this is really worth mentioning. u know what it is? it is just ice and flavoured syrup. how much does it cost? 6 USD. you know what it means? ice kachang without any ingredients. no red bean, no jelly no nothing. just ice and flavouring. and it cost the price of a meal at astons. or even more. zomg. and people do buy it =/ this is the stupidest thing people buy on boardwalk. zomg. money money money; not for me.
 photo 37913_461574651208_1128420_n.jpg
Haha after work, kind of cheated and went to the arcade to change for my carousel! finally. don’t ask me how I cheat. you just need to be thick skin. Then again, i overspent my budget.. So i think i deserve the toy. which was probably 1/5 the price of what I spent. but it’s okay. at least i had a target and i almost reached it with a little help. thanks to those who helped. ha ha ha.
 photo 34307_461575421208_7789366_n.jpg
at least i managed to fulfill my wish of winning a toy at the arcade some day. ha.
 photo 34307_461575426208_4435039_n.jpg

it was one of our friend last day too, so we went over to ob diner’s for supper.
food was awesome as usual.
 photo 34307_461575441208_120029_n.jpg
 photo 34307_461575446208_6139571_n.jpg
 photo 34307_461575451208_4660074_n.jpg photo 34307_461575456208_7575182_n.jpg
that night was a crappy night. i didn’t sleep at all. had to plan for the boston trip the next day. book the hostel and plan what to do. but it’s okay because we had 7 hours of train + bus ride the following day.

13th-14th July 2010 – Boston getaway

like i said, i didn’t sleep. we left the place at about 5am. took 2 hours train ride to new york, grabbed breakfast at some convenient shop.
 photo 35062_461690531208_4773087_n.jpg
and off we went on our long ride. i’m not sure if we had wifi on our trip there but on our bus trip back we had wifi. we took bolt bus if i’m not wrong. purchased it the night before. the bus was rather full. anyway, including the hostel and the bus to and from new york, it cost $60.75 per person. we went in a group of 4.
first stop was to harvard. i kind of expected more, but; everything from the films and movies are really overrated.
 photo 35233_461690741208_4113711_n.jpg
 photo 37685_461690751208_15996_n.jpg
 photo 35358_461690761208_2899858_n.jpg
 photo 35233_461690766208_7419838_n.jpg
the famous.. steps? somehow i think real students don’t sit on the steps. LOL.
 photo 34631_461690851208_7488893_n.jpg
the good thing about free and easy is you get all the time to take pictures; especially when there are lesser people. the tour i went was madness. 40mins or less for each place =/
 photo 37835_461690981208_7574909_n.jpg photo 37961_461690991208_989061_n.jpg
however, the co-op was super nice.
 photo 34461_461691106208_3609797_n.jpg
 photo 34461_461691116208_2674851_n.jpg photo 34461_461691131208_4845940_n.jpg
however, the feeling of being in boston is really pleasant. i don’t know why. it just had this very nice feeling.
 photo 37933_461691361208_4261004_n.jpg
there were alot of people busking.
 photo 37933_461691366208_1779687_n.jpg
we went to this burger place our friend recommended. you can’t get lost with google maps on iPhone! many places have free wifi!
 photo 37933_461691381208_465721_n.jpg photo 37933_461691386208_2489247_n.jpg
root beer!
 photo 38238_461691546208_2485069_n.jpg
oh wells.
 photo 38220_461691556208_8085778_n.jpg
awesome food.
 photo 35254_461691566208_5122767_n.jpg
obviously not mine 😀
 photo 35254_461691571208_8058456_n.jpg
 photo 37645_461691681208_6097286_n.jpg
omg i’m hungry.
 photo 37645_461691686208_2300609_n.jpg
more buildings!
 photo 37552_461692986208_8073811_n.jpg
 photo 38257_461693226208_2059334_n.jpg photo 38257_461693236208_6235326_n.jpg
pretty chairs. imagine they put it in NUS. it would be too hot to even sit outside. HAHA.
 photo 38257_461693266208_3967131_n.jpg photo 37840_461693486208_3964451_n.jpg
after that we went to our hostel; fernway hostel. it was a really nice place. it’s a real hostel for students of boston university. we had a 3 bedded room for 2 people.
 photo 37840_461693506208_4991669_n.jpg
forgot to take photos of the room but it was really spacious. a toilet inside each room (3beds) and your bed will be on top, ur desk will be below.
not forgetting my favourite,
 photo 37840_461693511208_2842596_n.jpg photo 37840_461693521208_766442_n.jpg
after that, we went to boston park. didn’t stay long though.
most parks have fountains! as a.. landmark to meet people? ha!
 photo 58076_461693696208_4661542_n.jpg
omg we saw this inside the park!
 photo 37740_461693701208_3204191_n.jpg
i like this photo alot!
 photo 37740_461693711208_5643815_n.jpg
random cinema.
 photo 164834_461693721208_4958665_n.jpg
our next stop was by request of our fellow friend who wishes to visit TD garden. the venue for alot of NBA matches. and so we took a train there.
just for this sign.
 photo 37740_461693726208_7932606_n.jpg
everything inside was closed.. lol. but there was my fav machine.
i have no idea how much money i spent on such pennies but i even bought a book to display the pennies. hee.
 photo 34234_461693901208_5446636_n.jpg
after the dismay from the place, we headead to quincy market. we were told that you can just eat samples and get full. however we were really late and most shops were closing and didn’t bother giving us samples. but it was shopping! at quincy market.
 photo 35205_461694031208_2769149_n.jpg
 photo 35205_461694036208_2136805_n.jpg photo 35205_461694051208_7676857_n.jpg photo 35205_461694056208_3815504_n.jpg
went over to victoria secrets and grab my 6 for $30 =D it was the state with the lowest tax!
we had dinner at cheers, a famous place featuring some drama. lol.
 photo 37832_461694181208_4291794_n.jpg
we didn’t eat much.
 photo 37832_461694186208_1903250_n.jpg
 photo 37832_461694191208_3465021_n.jpg
after that we decided to see the city skyline so we walked one big round back to the mrt station, got out and realised that we took the train in the direction form the place we were before. zomg. but it was cold and damp since it rained. we took photos at some random bridge.
my cam sucks at night mode.
 photo 38255_461694316208_6264275_n.jpg photo 38255_461694326208_6646787_n.jpg
went back after that. took a shower and stayed up late playing crappy card games. haha. it’s been a long while since i played those stupid card games. can’t recall what time we slept that night.
i managed to do 4 layers!
 photo 39895_469575826208_474414_n.jpg

14th July 2010

the next morning, we went for breakfast at a random bistro. i always make food looks better than it taste. ha.
 photo 38347_461694456208_4358716_n.jpg
we walked over to fernway stadium for the stadium tour. it cost $12. my first time entering a baseball stadium. first time even bothering to know more about baseball. i bought myself a baseball kitchen in taiwan to make myself remember that i was ever once interested in baseball. LOL. and i hang it on my pencilcase, pretending that i’m so baseball freak when i still don’t understand the game.
 photo 38060_461695636208_5745691_n.jpg
hi my friend.
 photo 156991_461695841208_7898988_n.jpg
 photo 162732_461696006208_2479376_n.jpg
this tour is really popular.
 photo 34162_461696016208_7819244_n.jpg
somehow the place looks really really really impressive!
 photo 34162_461696031208_3533609_n.jpg
 photo 35048_461696196208_2500058_n.jpg
 photo 35048_461696221208_6756038_n.jpg photo 37891_461696361208_4430939_n.jpg photo 35048_461696226208_7425592_n.jpg

anyway, i really don’t get this advertisement =/ photo 37891_461696371208_663472_n.jpg

after that, we decided to go for the sameul adams brewery tour. crap. i’m not 21. my hand couldn’t get stamped and i couldn’t drink the free beer. but guess what? they gave me root beer. LOL!
 photo 37891_461696376208_5937859_n.jpg
no one there bothered about the explanation, they were only there for free beer. anyway, we met some asians there and they turned out to be taiwanese! lol! the world is small i guess.

 photo 37891_461696381208_787991_n.jpg photo 37891_461696386208_1384513_n.jpg
after that we went to the museum of science. it didn’t exactly interest me but the, give and take.
my camera went flat.
but i had the toy camera!
 photo 39056_469576601208_1419074_n.jpg photo 40112_469576281208_6662403_n.jpg
it was very messy after that. one friend left the camera at the penny machine in museum of science. went back but it was gone, left our contacts there and everything but guess no one returned. after that we were really late for our bus ride back to new york. omg we ran and ran and ran and ran and ran. omg, it was like non-stop running from the train terminal to the bus terminal. if we were to miss the bus can really cry but in the end we managed to catch the bus! it was a crazy experience =/
after that, it was another 4 hours back to new york.
went to f21 for shopping! bought my shades (the one that is my profile pic :D) and macs for dinner (cause we needed their toilet) ha! and after that it was a 2 hour train ride back to point pleasant beach. and that ended this 2 day getaway which was, really tiring but enjoyable i guess.

15th July 2010

my 3rd last day at work! had to train the new turkish girls. went to the beach in the morning. obviously not for sun tanning.
 photo 35250_465025991208_3882385_n.jpg
haha. it was the day i took the picture with the action sampler. the one with me and my new sunglasses, and the other half with the sky. that nice picture. haha. am i being a pro with selca. zomg.
i think i walked over to whack a mole, no no, the bball booth and snap snap the pictures. haha. judging from the sequence of my photos. zomg, if that’s worth mentioning.

16th July 2010

2nd last day at work! i wrote that i had free supper from the police, but the funny thing it was a jie hua xian fuo present. lol. it was actually from the person who hates me the most at work! but nevertheless it taste great! haha. free supper!

17th July 2010

omg finally the last day at work! it took me so long for this day to come. well, we went to reward ourselves with jersey mikes before we started work. i went over to CVS to develop my photos. bought a lot of nonsense, as usual. a girl can never walk out of a shop without digressing away from the main objective. LOL. my purpose was to develop photos and i walked out of CVS $29.35 poorer.
on the last day, had to take photos with people i didn’t want to take photos with. ha. joking. anyways, the person who hated me the most didn’t even say bye. zZz. zZz. but i shouldn’t really bother much. i don’t really care. not that im going back to the same place again. LOL.
bye bye shop.
 photo 35250_465026021208_4804240_n.jpg photo 38511_465026261208_4070367_n.jpg photo 38511_465026266208_1310061_n.jpg photo 38511_465026291208_232399_n.jpg
it was a hectic day as we had to pack for our 5 day trip. ohmy, you know what? before we left for the 5 day trip, our room was in complete mess! and i shall leave the last day of the week, an a new post, dedicated to the 5-day tour!
on a side note, she who hates me so gave me this! she found it abandoned on the boardwalk and brought it back to the shop. she convinced me that i could bring it home if i took out all the Styrofoam bits; which i did. and it took me like 2 hours. but, now piggy is safely in my room! haha! stuffed with cotton! it was the first thing i did once i came back. i have no idea why. wanted to dedicate it to my bro (pig) but seems like he didn’t want it.
i took one hour to squeeze it flat to bring it back.. photo 163270_465026701208_2963684_n.jpg

18th July 2010

in the next post! (omg i dread the day i have to blog about the 5 day trip. i think it would take me 3 hours =/ this took me slightly less than 2 hours. haha.) seriously, why do i go through all this trouble?

and amazingly, i don’t know who actually reads this. wordpress stats said that i had 65 views since i started. and i only posted this once on fb. i don’t really think much of my fb friends actually bother about this. lol.
till next time~ and if im ambitious. i will blog about my 09 taiwan trip too! but i might just be, too lazy.

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